5 Chapter 4: 911

Why was the hospital calling me? Had something happened to mom.. or Alice?? I have to pick up but why is my body not letting me. I tried to reach for the phone again and I answered the phone..


"Hi yes. Are you (y/n)."

I gulped.

"You are speaking to her how may I help you."

"Well you are listened as one of Mrs.Blakeer's emergency contacts and we were wondering if you may come stop by the hospital. We need to talk to you and a few other family members."

My heart started to beat really fast. I started to feel dizzy again. I hadn't gone to the hospital since.. my father.


And Mrs. Blakeer was one of the closest people I had when he died. She checked on me everyday. She came to the house and comforted me and my family and she really became one of us. Even her husband started coming around.

3 Months Ago

"Hey girlie. How are you feeling?"

Mrs.Blakeer said as she entered the room.

I felt my tears resting on my cheek. I felt my face all stuffed up and I knew if I said anything I would start crying again. And I wouldn't be able to stop. So I just looked up at her. My eyes started to fill with tears again. She walked to me and sat down next to me. Gently she put one arm around me and her other hand in my hand.

"This is hard. I know how you are feeling right now and I just want to say, he is always with you. No matter where you go or what you do he will always be watching you from above and he is always staying in your heart. And listen I know you probably have heard this from everyone but look at me.."

I looked up facing her.

"When you think about him, or if you feel like you need to talk to him, you will feel him beside you. Take a deep breath."

As she said that I let in a long shaky breath.

"Good, and now think about all the good moments you had with him. And take another deep breath. Feel the presence, feel him in your heart."

Slowly my memories of all the family trips we had flooded in. The game night we had when he ordered pizza just to stuff it in moms mouth. All the jokes he made and all the things that he did for me. All the birthdays I spent with him. Everything came back. But behind all of it I felt what Mrs. Blakeer had told me. I felt the warmth. Silent tears rolled my cheek. They turned into loud sobs and all Mrs. Blakeer did was hold me. And that was all I needed..


I shook my head.

"Yes I am on the way. Thank you."

I texted mom and told her I'm going to hospital for Mrs. Blakeer. I notified her everything that happened today. She told me as soon as she gets Alice they will head over too.

When I finally arrived at the hospital I rushed into the main entrance.

"Hi yes I am here for Mrs. Blakeer."

"Ah Mrs. Blakeer... That would be room A204."

I walked down the hall a little fast and turned the corner. There I saw Mr. Blakeer standing outside of the room. His face had been red. I slowly walked towards him.

"Mr. Blakeer.. How is she.."

He looked at me. His eyes were covered with a red coating and tears were falling down his face. He slowly turned towards me and I opened my arms. He started crying harder and hugged me. I wrapped my arms around him and gently rubbed his back. I felt tears forming in my eyes as well.

"I-I can't r-really say.. please g-go in there and talk to them.."

He said through a mouth full of tears. I nodded and walked over into the room. There were doctors monitoring her rates. The main doctor looked at me.

"Ah you must be (y/n). Please take a seat."

I looked over at her. She looked pale. Like really unusually pale. I looked at all the tubes going into her body and extracting her blood. Then the tubes putting in new blood.

"We were hoping we could catch the poison before it got to her system but it doesn't seem like we did."

My heart dropped. My eyes filled with water.

"What are you telling me.."

The doctor's gaze dropped. But he quickly looked back up.

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"She isn't going to make it."

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