4 Chapter 3: Will she Survive?

My first reaction was to dive for my phone that was laying on the desk to call 911. I type in the numbers and another student tries to take the snake off of our teacher.

"911, What's your emergency?"

"Hi yes! I am a student at Lokina's High School. Our teacher has been bitten by a venomous snake right in the neck. Please get here as soon as possible."

"Of course ma'am, we have an ambulance coming your way now, would you mind telling me what room you are in."

"Room A 26"

"Thank you."

Bella was able to cling onto the snakes head and put pressure on it so it let go of the neck it was clinging onto.

She walked towards the cage and put the snake back gently to it.

All of the student's gathering around Mrs. Blakeer had tried to inspect the wound on her next. All of a sudden she started to shake and her eyes rolled back. I pushed everyone out the way,

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"She's having a seizure! She probably went into shock someone get something to push down on her tongue, like a spoon or something!"

I rolled Mrs. Blakeer over and some girl gave me a metal spoon.


I said and then I shoved the spoon in her mouth. I shoved the spoon down and white foamy spit rose up to the top. I gently patted her back.

"Someone take my spot with the spoon. I can hear the ambulance. When you have the spoon push down in her throat hard. This is so she won't choke on that foam. It should stop soon."

Chloe came and took the spoon from me,

"Please hurry and find them, this venom can spread through her body quickly."

I nodded and ran out of the room. And soon as I turned to the front door I saw them. I ran towards the ambulance.

"Please follow me!"

I saw other students start peaking out of their classrooms. Great that is just what I need.

When we got bad to the room they tried to see how deep the snake bit her. Quickly they lifted her and took her away to the hospital. One of the medics stayed behind and asked,

"Who put the spoon down her tongue?"

Everyone looked at me and I slowly rose my hand. If anyone gets in trouble it had to be me.

"Good work. You saved her from chocking to death."

I couldn't help but smile..

The rest of the day went by really fast and finally at the end of the school day our teacher made an announcement.

"Hello students of Lokina High School. For all of you that know the zoology teacher, Mrs. Blakeer, I would like to inform you that the hospital said she is stable! They are testing her on the venom tonight and will let her close ones know as soon as the results come in. Everyone have a great rest of the day! And if you have zoology please report to study hall in the meantime for the next week. Thank you."

I could see relief in a lot of people eyes. And I knew that I felt it in mine too.

I started heading home when my bad feeling started happening again. I knew I didn't leave anything at school and momma is picking up Alice today.. so what was it. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. When I looked at the screen my heart dropped. It was a call from the hospital...

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