1 Chapter 1:the deal

Man:plzzzzzz I will do anything plzzzz don't take him away from me plzzz

???:then what else do you have

Man:I will give you my house but not my son

???:don't worry your son will be in good hands heh

Man:plzzz don't hurt him I don't want him


???:alright then

Man:thank you.....

*the man went to his car and drove home

???:now I wonder who is this boy

*at the mans house

Man:jimin are you home....

Jimin:father your home *hugs him tight

Man:*hugs him back

Man:jimin you must pack your things.....


Man:I will explain later jimin......

*four men came to the door and grabs jimin

Things and grabs jimin nicely


Man;I'm so sorry.....


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