1 A souls journey

I was walking back from a grocery store near my home humming the lyrics of bon Jovi. The suddenly I slipped how I didn't know ,I felt pain in my head next second I blacked out. After some time I stood up looked around I found no one I didn't feel any pain on my head well that was good I suppose that's what I thought. Next I tried to pick up my groceries cover,but I couldn't it just slipped from my hands then I looked around I found a body near my foot. It looked exactly like me with blood flowing out around his head.

I shouted for help but no was around. Then everything became cleared to me I was dead and became a ghost . I panicked thinking about my family . But nothing I could do nothing about it. I just stood there near my body for sometime. Then a lady who was walking with her dog saw my body on the street.she shouted for help few people came then called the police.

Suddenly I thought how the hell did I fall and how was I dead. I know I slipped so I looked near my legs to find the reason.i found a banana peel ,I thought seriously I died because of a banana peel . What will people think of this the will make joke out of it. But all I thought shifted towards my family what would happen to them . At least I was paying for three insurances and had good fixed deposit. Even though I was dead they will feel pain but at least they have my sister who can cover the void created because of my death. I had wish I prayed to god's that I could see my family one last time before I was taken to heaven or hell. So I found out I couldn't leave the street where I was dead as I tried to follow the police who were taking my body in ambulance. Then I thought may be ghost stories are true . Few days later I found my family who were vacating my house. I cried but the were no tears. After packing all my stuff they left . I was just watching them leave I tried to follow but I couldn't cross the street.

.... Within seconds I started fading and then all I felt was void complete blackness.i didn't know what to do is this hell to be in void for eternity.

After unknown amount of time.i felt light in front of me. Then I heard a voice

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