1 1.Chance encounter

He just sat down on a chair away from everyone else's booth. He put his phone down on the table ,rubbing his hand down his face in an  tired sigh.

He drummed his fingers along the table, checking his watch in impatience. Time is of the business deals,is money,is success. Yes time is very important to him.

"H-hello sir ,can I take your order?".a timid small voice said. He looked up expecting to see a small thin child with such a voice.

But he saw no one apart from a slightly oversized girl in uniform. He looked side to side and saw no one near him.

"Sir...sir? Are you waiting for someone?Should I leave the menu here?".the timid voice to his amazement came from the slightly overweight waitress. 

Taking a good look at her now,he noticed her brownish hair with dirty blonde ends,which was super curly and unruly. A brownish skin with doe dark brown eyes, a simple broad but tiny nose with full baby lips. A cute chubby face with chubby cheeks.

She was short,not more than five foot. She was very voluptuous he noticed as his eyes watched her waitress shirt button slightly open and threatening to burst at any unpresidented movement.

She was heaving, he noticed she breathed more through her mouth than nose. Chubby hands,wide hips,and curves with a stomach roll. Her short uniform making her thick legs on show. So soft to look.

The orange and brown uniform looked grand on her glowing brown skin.

"Uh...sir?".she questioned .She nervously let him have his fill. All men looked at her like that. Like a fat good for noting waitress. Usually it did not bother her. But now ,the beautiful man was looking at her,studying her from her to toe .

"Yes. What do you people sell in these types of establishments?"he asked.

"You people?".She asked confused and hurt.

He noticed her cute furrowed brows.

"My apologies. I meant people who ran in these types of establishments. I am in a hurry. Can you bring me your best cup of coffee and a chocolate muffin."he said seriously then said",Make that two chocolate muffins".he said dismissively.

He watched her behind as she tracked forward. He found her jingling body parts amusing to watch. He felt a faint smile grace his lips . He caught himself.

After scolding his features , he looked around the cafe. Few woman gave him glances and giggles.

He saw the other waitresses picking on his girl.

He scolded his train of thought.

She was sad cause the girls ,Tina and Trixy told her to stop ogling the handsome man. That she is fat. That he won't consider her. Especially when he finds out about José.

She feigned that she did not care,however,that is a lie. She too craved the attentions of a man. But for now,she wanted to nothing to do with man. Not after what happened with  the deal with José.

"Here us your order sir".She placed it on the table along with the bill onside the menu.

He grunted his thanks.

Drank his coffee. He could feel his engines restarting. He felt alive. Like a well oiled humanoid machine replenishing its reserves. This is why he wakes up early in the morning. This is what he aims for.

His eyes followed her as she worked in the cafe. He did not like how much she slaved. Or the attention she got from man who tried continuously to grope her. She timidly and politely told them all off with a smile. He smirked at that.

He glanced at his watch. It was lunch. He gas already wasted half an hour that was supposed to be used for business. Well he had no time for leisure. And if the girl in the waitress uniform brought it to him,leisure so to say,then so be it.

He put the bill under the menu. Then placed R100.00 with a muffin on the tissue and he decided to put a

Enjoy your day

He willed himself from writing anything else.

He took off . She came to his table seeing the separate settings. The Mugg and Bean menu with the bill, down to the last quarter cent. Who carries a cent in this day and age.

R76.25. Most people would just leave 77 Rands if need be what a miser.

Then she noticed the R100 tip and muffin and a simple note telling her to enjoy her day. She looked to see if maybe he made a mistake by leaving it. No doubt she needed the money. For José's sake.

She clutched it to her chest and hurried to finish her work.

He was finding himself drifting off to think about the coffee girl during the day. His employees saw him but refrained from banter.

"Where is Ashley?" he asked his secretary.

"Sir she called in sick. Again".the short nerdy looking man bobbed his head.

"Call her in ,Mr Gibbs,right now I do not care what she is doing. Get her here now!".he screamed.

"R-right a-away sir".Mr Gibbs bobbed his hand and ran away from the seething man.

He was clearly frustrated.

Ashely bit her lip,holding the small baby in one hand,her back in the other. It was one in the afternoon. She had no choice,but to take the baby with her. The baby whined. It is okay,it is okay. She chanted in her head while cooing the baby.

She got in her car. Drove hurriedly.

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