Systemless Villain

Opening his eyes, Long Tian finds himself in a scene where he's beating up a protagonist. He's confused, until a deluge of foreign memories assaults his mind, leading him to a chilling realization: He has died... and transmigrated. But there's a problem - he's become a villain! At first, he's okay with this. But the more time passes, he notices something. Why doesn't he have a system?! This worries him. Going up against a protagonist without a system feels like a suicide mission. But of course, he doesn't lose hope. He looks at his own identity. The young master of an ancient family, check. Rich and good-looking, check. A genius with extraordinary talent, check. Awakened the martial spirit of a dragon king, check. With all of these, does he have any reason to complain? "Goddamn protagonist, I will make you suffer!" ------------- Harem or not? I haven't actually made a decision about that. Let the storyline unfold, and we'll see in the future.

abinn · Eastern
Not enough ratings
277 Chs

Surprises in the Classroom

Lin Fan positioned himself in front of the blackboard, his eyes sweeping across the faces of the students.

"Okay, Lin Fan, it's your turn to introduce yourself," Yu Qing'er instructed.

Wearing a confident smile, Lin Fan began, "Greetings, everyone. I go by the name Lin Fan, and I'm 18 years old. Though originally hailing from Beijing, I've been residing in Tianzhou for the past four years, having moved here with my uncle," he elaborated.

The students were all ears, though a hint of puzzlement lingered on some faces, questioning the arrival of a new student so close to graduation.

Observing the students' reactions, Yu Qing'er hastened to clarify, "Well, Lin Fan has been a part of Tianzhou High School since his freshman year. However, due to a technical glitch, he found himself in need of a class change. Given that our class has relatively fewer students, he's now a part of our cohort."