System : Philandering King ( 嬉皮王 ) Book

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System : Philandering King ( 嬉皮王 )


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Hello , this is My First Book I'm a new Writer This is an original , please don't copy or plagiarism Please forgive Me for grammatical errors Thank You Dear Readers ( I do not own the cover picture, its from Pinterest ) ================================================== He has died with vengeance, on top of losing His Lovely Wife, Just when He is about to lose hope. He appears... A System, or will it be a Friend? a Family? - In a White Room. "Arghhh!!! My Head hurts , didn't I die?" said a Silver Haired Male in a silver room. "Hello Host 3629 , My Name is Phylandering System. Well You died, in the hands of Your lovely Mistress. " said a round white ball in the corner of the white room. "Is this real? I should've killed that woman!" "Its Real Host 3629." said the round white ball again. "Stop calling Me 3629 ( free sex tonight ) I'm not interested in a System!" said the Silver Haired Man. "Your whole family is 3629! My name is Lucas! Stupid!" shouted Lucas. A Fun Thrilling Journey begins !