1 #Rebirth: Prologue.

Sunlight invades the boy's room, illuminating the place and which naturally bothers him. Awake by the light he gets up in a bad mood, dressed only in black night-suit he takes the sheets off him, checking the time by the cell phone that was at the head of the bed, 10 am, almost in time to go to school. Hurriedly he goes to the bathroom, where he does his needs, brushing his teeth and taking a shower. Finally he leaves his room, walking directly to the living room, he sees his father lying on the couch, without any worries and thus laughs, noticing the dirt spread all over the house.

— Hey, dad! I think you're going to be beaten today, huh. Did you forget that mommy will be back from her trip in about twenty minutes? Hey, go to sleep in the yard today. — He hears his father growling, probably saddened by his tragic fate. Wolfgang's mother hates filth and his father is too lazy to pack things up in the house, he always ends up being chased away, beaten up. Leaving home he walks through the streets and soon he sees an old lady crossing the road, not taking the lady's slowness he goes to her.

— Madam, let me help! This street is dangerous, there were many accidents around here. — He speaks as he starts to help the old woman when he hears a horn and instinctively he pushes the old woman forward, throwing her on the sidewalk. The boy's body had been crushed by the collision with the runaway truck, losing consciousness almost instantly.

In the middle of the emptiness a small spark of light kept shining, in the midst of infinite darkness it remains. Didn't that little ball of light know how much time he had spent there, 1 year? 100? All of that was meaningless. That ball of light knew that he had died, a tragic death, he was Wolfgang, a 15 year old boy and was very fond of animes and many other things in the geek world! Unfortunately he died saving an old lady, being hit by a truck while on his way to school, when he woke up he had taken that shape, unable to speak and move, trapped in this dark space, creating stories for himself not to to freak out. A crash resounds all over the place and in front of that little light, a being appears before it. A man dressed in a suit, standing about six feet tall, with golden eyes and long silver hair, golden horns protruding from his forehead, pointing upwards. He watches that orb of light with interest and so he smiles.

— Wolfgang, you were given the chance to reincarnate in a fantasy world because of your good deeds in the past life! In addition, you can make three wishes that will be fulfilled by me, Canaban, the god of rebirth! Well, continued ... — The orb is silent for a few seconds, processing events and so the silver-haired man speaks again.

— Ah right, you can't speak that way! Wait a second. — He points his finger at Wolfgang when a light comes out of it, resuming its human form.

— Okay, now you can talk. — Shocked, the boy looks at the god with a certain curiosity.

— Are you really a god? And how am I going to reincarnate? Will I lose my memories? — The god was very used to dealing with mortals and so he did not bother with these questions and so he answered them calmly.

— Yes, a god! I take care of the rebirth, it is my job. Yes, you will be able to reincarnate in a world that you desire, after all, you have accumulated a lot of positive karma. Ah, those worlds you see in anime exist so you can go there using one of your wishes to go to a specific world you want. In your case, yes, you keep your memories. — The boy explodes with enthusiasm and lets out a laugh.

— Then I would like to go to the world of Hunter X Hunter! This is really incredible ... — The god sighs, a little impatient.

— Okay, you chose to be reborn in the world of Hunter X Hunter! Is your second desire to have a physique that has all kinds of Nen, leaving your affinity for them to a maximum? All good! Your second wish ... Quirky but okay! You will have a system that will guide you in this world and in the next ones as a bonus. Is your third wish to have the ability to travel to other fantasy worlds? Okay, this is simple! Everything is in order, you can go! I hope you have fun in this life. — The boy still shocked screams.

— Wait a second!

The man disappears and all that space full of darkness shatters like glass, filling that whole place that place with a shining light. Falling unconscious he hears something, [System starting! 1%... ]. Again he was in a dark space, without light, his last memories were something about the system being started, then a light invades that place and something warm surrounds him, opening his eyes to a giant face with a smile, looking at him gently! A brunette woman with green eyes, very beautiful.

— Amelia! Her son was born, he is a small boy. — Said the brunette, handing Wolfgang to a red-haired woman with blue eyes.

— Sophia, he's beautiful, isn't he? Little one, your name will be Wolfgang, Wolfgang Bechstein. - With a warm smile she watches Bechstein with love. Wolfgang had finally started his new life as Amelia's son in the world of Hunter X Hunter. Thrilled and somewhat confused, he begins to cry, sleeping soundly in his new mother's embrace.

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