2 System

Marcus read the information written in black text and realized that it was talking about the giant squirrel.

Stage completion at 3.4% in stage 1, with no name available. It was just like a game, though not as detailed.

However, there is some kind of contradiction in the information written. Based on the remark, the creature in front of Marcus is a normal average squirrel when in fact it looked like a giant squirrel to him.

But when Marcus shifted his eyes on the giant nut the giant squirrel is currently sniffing, he suddenly thought of another possibility.

Trying to prove his recent hypothesis, Marcus shifted his sight on the strand of grass near him. He could see much more details on it compared to seeing them with his human eyes in the past, it was like seeing a strand of grass in a magnifying glass. Then what pushed the final nail in the coffin is the big dew of water he could see on it. It seems that he was right.

'Damn it'

The squirrel isn't a giant squirrel at all, it was just that Marcus is very small!

He should have thought about it when he saw how big the nut is. But he couldn't really blame himself. Since he accepted the fact of the impossible becoming possible, the logic of nuts being gigantic in another world doesn't seem so illogical after all.

Looking back at the squirrel strangely, Marcus suddenly felt hungry. Drool even began forming on his mouth as he began having an instinctual lust after it.

'This must be my carnivorous instinct taking over my body'

Base on his own understanding of squirrels, Marcus thought that they shouldn't be dangerous to him.

The greatest impression Marcus has of squirrels is seeing them moved cunningly in an obstacle course trying to get bird food in a popular video in his past life. And the only strong squirrel he knew of is a fictional karate squirrel dressed as an astronaut under the sea.

There shouldn't be any problem trying to attack it.

Now seeing the squirrel start eating the nut, Marcus is growing hungry by the second.

'I will hunt it down!'

Marcus began to slowly move towards the squirrel. And as Marcus did so, he could feel that the soles of his feet are somewhat built specially. That if he were to move in a certain way, he wouldn't make any sounds, making the sneaking towards the squirrel much easier.

'Slowly... Slowly... Slowly...'

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As Marcus began to move closer towards the squirrel, he had even begun to reminisce about his childhood past. He used to sneak behind stray cats this way in an attempt to catch those cute furry creatures when he was a child. Though they would always manage to notice him at the end and ran away.

'Don't move... Don't move... just keep eating...'

As Marcus slowly cut off the distance between him and the squirrel, he was now about a couple of alien meters away. Marcus didn't know what the length of real meters is right now since he is currently very small, so instead, he decided to use his sight as a way to measure his own alien meters temporarily for convenience sake.

Suddenly, Marcus saw the squirrel stopped eating. Its ears began twitching as if trying to discover strange sounds.

'Did it discover me?!'

Marcus measured the current distance. Based on the feeling of his legs, he could probably reach the squirrel if he were to leap.

Bending his knees, Marcus readies for a hunting leap. The squirrel had stopped eating and acting suspicious so it was probably a bad idea to make a move right now. He didn't know how fast he is compared to the squirrel, and it would be very disappointing if the squirrel managed to escape if he alerted it. The best thing to do right now is to wait for it to begin eating once again. Though if he were to be discovered right now, he would have no choice but to start leaping towards it without holding anything back.

Looking at the squirrel, it even began to shift its head left and right, making Marcus hold his breathing. However, after a while, as if noticing nothing wrong, it then continued nibbling on the nut.

'Right now!'

Not waiting for the squirrel to notice him further, Marcus took the opportunity to make a giant leap!

As power left his legs, Marcus could feel himself launch into the air towards the direction of the squirrel.

And the squirrel as if noticing the danger of Marcus's attack suddenly turned around in his direction! For some reason, the squirrel managed to detect him!

However, everything is already too late!

With the squirrel looking at him in shock, Marcus used his body and claws to tackle the squirrel down as his sharp jaws began to reach towards its neck!


With his body's mass and the force from the leap on the squirrel, Marcus had successfully knocked the squirrel down, pinning its shoulders with his claws. Right now, Marcus's sharp jaws are currently holding into the squirrel's neck akin to a grip of death. Surprisingly, the squirrel's fur only gave little resistance.


The squirrel tried to make big moves to escape and was wriggling with all its strength, but the more it moves, the easier it is for Marcus's jaws to dig deeper.

Blood was gushing from its wound, and as Marcus savored it, it tasted like some kind of fruit juice, making him eager to bite harder.

'More! More! More!'

And as Marcus bit harder and harder, in the end, he had then managed to bit off a huge chunk of meat from the squirrel's neck as a fountain of blood rained down on him.


After a few twitches, the squirrel had then stopped moving. Now, Marcus was eager to taste the meat. But before he could swallow the chunk that was on his mouth, he suddenly received something.

[Successfully killed the creature. 2 Potential Points received!]

Seeing the strange words made Marcus swallow the raw meat in his mouth. It was savory and sweet... very juicy.

[Data Received...]

As another array of words could be seen in front of him after eating the meat, Marcus could then feel another throb in his brain as he received a bunch of additional information.

Taking a while to absorb the information, after a bit of time, Marcus finally understood everything.

'I see, so that's how it is...'

The reason why Marcus could see the strange words was because of a System!



[Stage Completion] 0.2%

[Stage:] 1

[Name:] N/A

[Potential Points:] 2



A carnivorous tiny bipedal lizard.

You can be considered as a predator, but only for small animals like squirrels and bugs!


Marcus could see information about himself. The same stage completion rate, stage, name, and remarks that he had seen before from the squirrel. The only difference is the potential points that he has, the details of the remarks, and the existence of a 3d model of himself that he could rotate whenever he wanted.

It was a 3d model of a dinosaur-like creature portraying his current looks.

Marcus doesn't really have that much knowledge about dinosaurs. He was only familiar with the popular ones and even knew a bit of names like T-rex, triceratops, stegosaurus, and velociraptors. From the 3d model, Marcus looked like a tiny velociraptor with bigger arms and have sharp long claws. But considering how tiny he was, he was probably closer towards the tiny dinosaurs that move in packs in Jurassic park. Those that could only eat bread and a small girl together.

Marcus focused his mind on the Potential Points and was then taken towards a new panel. On the panel, he could see a bunch of data. Enhancements, Traits, and Skills/Knowledge.

Various enhancements like sharper jaws, sharper claws, enhanced regeneration, harder scales. Traits like night vision, bladed tail, poisonous claws, mana stone. Then skills/knowledge like Pack leader, prey sensing, the art of hunting, basics in attracting female lizards, etc.

There are lots of variety on them. Enhancements are self-explanatory. But in regards to traits, Marcus couldn't find things like wings, and humanoid body, things he would like the most right now. And in regards to skills, he couldn't find magical things like fireballs and Thanos snap.

Everything costs potential points. The cheapest of them are a bunch of enhancements that cost 1 potential point. While the current most expensive thing is the mana stone trait which costs 500 potential points.

Marcus then looked at the top of the panel, the current page is named as 'personal' page, and at the top, there is another page named 'others' where he could see the word 'new' inside a parenthesis beside it.

Marcus then selected the page and could see 1 knowledge available.

[48 ways to seduce female squirrels (100 points)] (new)

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