19 Injury


Marcus could tell, that the bones in his tail were fractured. It had taken the brunt of the damage that Garuka's attack had given him.

Garuka had duck and used the butt of his spear to send him flying with great force!

Earlier, Marcus had wanted to repeat what he did to the previous Goblins from yesterday. Take a bite on the neck, and then immediately retreat before Garuka could grab him.

And with Marcus's recent upgrade from last night's potential energy and his usage of recent potential points on legs strength, he was confident in dealing a great amount of damage and even perhaps killing Garuka before retreating.

However, Marcus didn't expect that Garuka would be able to react in just a short moment. Marcus didn't even have enough time to use his legs to push himself away from Garuka.

And when Marcus realized what happened, he then realized how he had disgustingly underestimated Garuka.

Marcus survived!

However, only because he was lucky! Garuka had used the butt of his spear and not the blade!

Marcus didn't know the reason why, but if what went to his tail was the blade then he would probably be sliced in half!


What happened earlier was very dangerous.

Spinning on the air, Marcus swallowed the chunk of meat that he managed to take from Garuka's neck as he then tried to correct his posture.

In Marcus's mind, he wanted to imitate how the cats balanced themselves on the air when they fell down in high places. However, Marcus gloriously failed and only managed to make himself looked like an upturned Gecko that fell from the ceiling.

When Marcus fell down, the overgrown grass had cushioned his momentum, but even then, he could still feel the pain on his back from the impact, paralyzing him for a few seconds.

'Shit! Stand up! Marcus!'

Paralyzed on the ground, Marcus even rekindled the helplessness he felt when he was paralyzed from the car accident. The feeling of despair trying to grip his heart.

However, right now, it was different. Unlike before, when he couldn't move his legs due to them being missing. Right now, he still had them and could still move it despite the pain.

'Move it! Fucking legs! Don't give up on me again!'

After a time, with great will, Marcus had managed to stand up but afterward, he then felt the great pain from his tail's injury welcome him.


Withstanding the pain, Marcus looked at the direction of Garuka's group.

He was only a bit of distance away, so he could still hear the alerting goblins.

Why are they not running after him?

Marcus then thought of the variant lizard with him.


Marcus then began moving in their direction.

With his every step, he could feel the vibration of his body irritate the injury on his tail. But despite that, he gritted his jaws and tried to move with everything he got.

Marcus could feel his injury heal a little bit, but it would probably take hours to recover fully.

However, he could still use his legs, and as seconds go by, he could probably run as fast as he could again after a few minutes.

He just had to withstand the pain.


Garuka uses his left hand to feel the damage he had received on his neck. He could feel the blood still flowing from it.

If Garuka was a moment late, the wound would've had been deeper, and by then his bleeding would've been even more dangerous.

That's why, earlier, when Garuka felt the pain from his neck, he had then immediately twisted his spear behind and stopped the attack as fast as he could.

Garuka saw the attacker from before fly from his spear, and it looked just like a small animal.

However, despite the size of the creature, it still managed to injure him.

"Keep calm and stand guard!" Looking at his alerted followers who moved clumsily before, Garuka ordered them.

The fact that he, the leader was attacked should be the reason why his followers aren't moving the same as usual.


He was one of the strongest hobgoblins in the tribe. Even when he was just a goblin, he was already strong and smart. The only reason that he wasn't taken to the expedition this time was that the old head needed a smart and capable assistant while the main force was away.

Garuka had fought with his group all the time, and he was rarely damaged to this extent. It had been a long time since he was injured.

Moving toward's the center of the goblin formation, Garuka then thought of the old injury on his leg.

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Sneak attacks had been his weakness. Last time, when he was still a goblin, they had tried to tame the wolves on the neighboring territory from before.

During the battle against the wolves, one wolf had managed to sneak behind him and bit his right leg. At that time, Garuka was caught off guard and was about to be attacked from all sides.

If not for the king saving him in time, he would've died.

Still, to Garuka's regret, they didn't manage to kill the wolf that bit him sneakily. However, though the wolf was still alive, Garuka had managed to slice its right eye at that time.

Garuka thought of the wolves. The goblin head had been telling stories of goblin riders which had picked the king's curiosity which had started the whole event. They had killed a lot of them, but they had failed to tame them.

They captured a lot of adult wolves and even tortured them many times, but they still won't be loyal to them.

Only due to the king's genius, thinking that they should just groom wolf pups instead did they managed to have the legendary goblin riders.

Still, right now, due to the main force bringing all the adult wolves this time. Only pups are left in the base.

On the center of the formation of goblins, Garuka went for a small pouch on his waist and took out a small coconut shell. He then used the ointment on it and spread it on the wound on his neck.

However, no matter how much ointment Garuka used, the bleeding still won't stop.


He got had again by a sneaked attack. And this time the damage was even more fatal!

Garuka got angry. He had thought of a lot of things to avoid being sneak attacked. However, it seems that they are all useless.

Even the healing ointment that the goblin head gave seems to be of no use!

Garuka then thought of the small creature that attacked him.

It must've been the one that killed the four goblins from before.

Garuka looked at the direction in which the creature flew away.

They should capture it and offer it to the goblin head, he might've known what kind of creature it is.

But before that.


With a great shout, Garuka jumped in front of the formation and sliced an area of overgrown grass.

Right now, Garuka is on the height of his alertness. He couldn't underestimate the small creature. If another one managed to sneak towards him like before, he might've even lost his life. That's why he had been alert for any small movements on the surroundings.

And this time he had felt the grass moved strangely.

Garuka had grasps the size of the creature from before. And his attack should've have sliced the creature hiding on it.

However, when Garuka saw the result of his attack, he didn't manage to kill the creature. For some reason, the other creature this time was tinier than the previous one, evading Garuka's attack by a hair's breadth.

And as Garuka looked in surprise, the creature then starts running away.

Seeing the creature ran away, the group of goblins was about to start running after it when suddenly Garuka stopped them.

'Is it luring us away?' Garuka thought.

Garuka's mind then moved back towards the creature that bit him, in the direction opposite towards the latest creature's direction.

The creature that bit him had received his attack, so It should've been reasonably injured. It probably couldn't even move right now.

Garuka then started moving toward's the direction where the creature fell.

He didn't know if the smaller one is luring them away. But he had learned from the fights against the wolves. Sneaky creatures are fond of ambushes and ganging up. So, they might even be lured towards many more of such numbers.

At least going after the injured one was safer than going after the new one. He would then retreat back to the base afterward. He had to report such discoveries to the goblin head at all costs.

The king had trusted him to assist the goblin head. And for Garuka, the goblin head is much smarter and better when it comes to thinking about all these confusing things.