14 Inhuman thoughts

Before sleeping, Marcus checked out the skills and traits he had received from the one-horned rabbits first.

From the one-horned rabbits, Marcus only received 3 traits and 5 skills/knowledge.

It should be noted that even if he had eaten a lot, Marcus had only eaten the big rabbit alone. Though, even then, the number did certainly still looked far lower than usual.

Marcus didn't know how the system decides what and how many traits and skills he will receive from those he had eaten.

Marcus only knew that the brain part gives out better numbers compared to other parts. Besides that, he was still clueless about a lot of things.

3 Traits; [One-Horned Rabbit Horn (50)], [Rabbit Ears (30), [One-Horned Rabbit Heart (150)]

5 Skills/ knowledge; [Rabbit Hop (15)], [Rabbit Charge (30)], [Where to find carrots (5)], [Daily Horn Maintainance (5)], [How to build a nest (10)]

Nothing really caught his eye much. Nothing really sounds useful at the moment.

Dismissing the system, Marcus then tried to sleep.


During the rest of the night, Marcus had found himself unable to sleep easily.

Even if he were to close his eyes, he would still worry about things and had his mind in circles.

His past life, death, reincarnation, becoming a monster, the future. Now that Marcus had his moment of peace and quiet, he found himself thinking about such things.

A new life in another world with the body of a monster.

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Are all these even real?

The last thing he knew, his body could've just been on a coma from the accident, and everything he had experienced today was just a dream. A product of his imaginative mind. When he wakes up tomorrow, He might find himself in the hospital with his broken body.

However, everything is so vivid.

When his claws slice through their skin, and when his jaws tear through their meat. Showering from their sweet-smelling blood, and feeling the tender warmth of their raw flesh.

With each of their hunt, Marcus found himself amazed by such vivid senses.

Such feeling betrayed the thought of everything being fake.

Marcus then moved his thought towards those feelings.

The taste of blood and high-quality meat.

It was addictive.

A normal person would found it hard to adapt easily in such circumstances.

Goring the bodies and gorging through them raw like some kind of wild animal.


Marcus had eaten raw fish in his past life before but that was it.

Marcus recalled that he had immediately felt hungry when he saw a squirrel after hatching. Ever since tasting its flesh once, everything then escalated very quickly.

Right now, Marcus wasn't even feeling that it was that bad. Those donkey meat and rabbit meat in particular! He would never regret eating those.

He was even excited to do more hunts in the future, looking forward to more blood and meat.

Is something wrong with him for feeling such?

Marcus didn't know if this was the work of his current body's instincts or he just had a fucked up mind from the start.

The closest he had been to such bloody scenes was when he suffered from a car accident.

Marcus recalled his memory...


One day, when Marcus was walking on a safe lane on the way home, a large truck suddenly appeared behind without him realizing it.

At that time, hearing the approaching sound, Marcus had subconsciously shielded himself with his arms to protect himself.

He was training his body, so he was considerably built. But even then he found himself with broken arms.

He had saved himself from dying instantly from the point of impact but it wasn't the end of his suffering.

From the impact, his angle at the time pushed him towards the side which got his legs caught up on the wheels.

Because of the fast flow of events, by the time Marcus realize what is happening, he was already laying on the ground with a paralyzed body.

Unlike his arms where he could at least feel the electric numbness, he couldn't feel his legs which got him feeling a bad premonition. Bending his neck to look on the side, what greeted him by then was his legs crushed like mincemeat.

Blood was everywhere, and the flesh from his legs was spread on the road like some kind of meat butter.

However, neither scream nor groan left his mouth. He was silent. Surprisingly, at that time, he wasn't even feeling any pain.

He was just so devastated, he stopped thinking.

When his mind returned to him, he was already in a hospital.

The rest would then be history...



Suddenly, Marcus felt a little conflicted with himself.

'Did I really just think about that?'

Thinking about his past, he should have been thinking about his regrets and grievance. Or even anger towards his killer at the end.

And though such feelings did in fact exist a little. But, just now... He had thought of something outrageous almost reflexively.

Recalling his past, when Marcus thought of his crushed legs... He didn't just feel the loss.

He was also, curious!




...How do they taste?...

Shock, disbelief, and realization!

Marcus realized that something is wrong with him.

Such thinking should be unacceptable! It was inhuman!

But surprisingly it was one of the things he thought of when he recalled it!

Should he be disgusted with himself?

He should!

However, Marcus didn't think so!

Reincarnating right now with the body of a monster...

Marcus thought of things before his death.

Once, he had thought that remains are important. That all people deserved to have a proper burial for themselves.

But now, because of his reincarnation, he found himself not caring about what is happening to the corpse he had in his past life.

Don't get him wrong, Marcus respected the act of burial and treasuring of a lost love one's memory. He just thought that the people who had reincarnated and go towards another world probably won't care.

It was not because he was salty because he was alone and no one would care.


Confucius once said, 'Don't do unto others what you don't want done unto you.'

Although sometimes, Marcus would become hypocritical. Marcus would try his best in respecting this quote. He wouldn't do something he couldn't accept happening to himself. It was his way of life or some kind.

That's why when Marcus thought of the possibility of fighting humans in the cave. He was already prepared for the possibility of dirtying his hands.

He thought he could kill hostile people to survive and grow strong due to him accepting that anyone could kill him too anytime. Just like how the person from his past life killed him without any rhyme or reason.

Eat or be eaten...

Just like right now when he would try to eat everything he had hunted.

The question would then follow, could he accept having his body eaten after being killed?

That, he could accept.

Even to his past life's body. He doesn't really mind if the person who shot him even ate it right then. Marcus doesn't care.

Fucked up?

The question once again popped up in Marcus's mind. But right now, he already knows the answer.

'Yes, I am'

In a foreign world where he is a monster leading a bunch of monsters. Where other monsters far stronger than them could exist anytime anywhere.

He didn't know if he could get reincarnated again if he died. And certainly, he wouldn't just throw away the new life that was given to him.

Perhaps, being fucked up in the head a little would make him have a higher chance of survival.

Even though he was given the body of a monster. Surprisingly, he had grown to like being one...

'I might be more of a monster through and through...'

Marcus then felt his eyelids turning heavy. Its been a bit of time and his body was already tired and sleepy. Closing his eyes, he was then finally taken to dreamland.


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