10 Goblin Hunting

Near the edge of a forest, 4 ugly green-skinned humanoids with short statures could be seen sneaking around on an area.

Ever since their main group had gone on an expedition more than 2 weeks ago, these 4 goblins have been one of the groups of goblins left in charge of managing the hideout. And right now, these goblins are trying to hunt for something.


Not finding any traces of their target. The one leading their group of four, a goblin with a flat nose, then decided to lead the group deeper, where the strands of grass are far taller than usual.

Spreading out the overgrown grass reaching as high as their chest, they had then continued their search.

The current area where they are searching for is an area known to be home to a creature known as one-horned rabbits.

One-horned rabbit, a delicacy for meat lovers. This group of goblins is planning to catch one in order to offer it towards their old goblin head, in an attempt to curry its favor.

Hoping that if they made the head happy, that they would then be granted permission to have access to the breeding room.

The flat-nosed goblin, with its cunning, had discovered the current area by sneaking behind its rival group who always succeeded in currying the favor of the old head during one of their hunts.

The groups of goblins had always been competitive with each other, and their group was always beneath others in terms of treatment. And at last, it was finally a chance to turn their status around.

Thinking of what's awaiting their return, the flat-nosed goblin then let out a vulgar laugh while drooling.


And seeing the flat-nosed goblin's state, the other goblins too looked at each other with a knowing smile and mirrored it.

"Gukkugukku! "Gukugukuku..." "Gukuku...!"

But, after just a bit of time of fruitless searching, the flat-nosed goblin had already reached the limit of its patience.

"Gaga! Gaguogo!" (Stupid! Retards!)

After blaming its followers for being useless, it then started pointing out in 3 directions, ordering the other 3 to move separately.

"Gaguogo" Muttering silently, the flat-nosed goblin mockingly sent out the others. Afterward, with the supposed idiots gone, it had then happily returned to searching.


Above, if someone were to look carefully a little distance away from the flat-nosed goblin's position. A swaying of grass resembling a subtle wave could be seen closing in...



Currently, Marcus is with his followers hidden inside the overgrown grass.

Even with their sights currently hindered, the scent of the goblins is too distinguishable for their bad odor that it made it easy for them to pinpoint where their current positions are.

Marcus and the group had followed the 4 goblins ever since they had come out of their cave. He wanted to attack them, but at the same time, he was also curious about what they are doing.

Following the goblins for a good amount of time, just a bit short to reach an hour.

The goblins had turned to the right direction of the cave following the high-angled slope's path. Marcus following them realized that the surrounding trees had been growing lesser and lesser, but they could still hide on the patches of grass littered on the area while maintaining a good distance away. After a bit of time, they had then arrived at the current area of overgrown grass.

Looking at the goblins from a far earlier. The way they sneak at first when they arrived on the area looked like they are afraid of startling whatever they are searching for, making Marcus believed that they are currently hunting for some kind of cautious animal.

Realizing that it was just a normal hunt for food, Marcus then lost his interest and just decided to hunt the goblins down.

When the goblins had gone deeper in the area, that is then when Marcus had led his group forward.

Hidden under the cover of the overgrown grass, Marcus and the group could easily ambush the goblins anytime even if the goblins are currently together, but Marcus decided to wait a little bit, trying to see if they could find a better chance.

And their waiting didn't even have to take long enough for such a situation to arrive. After just a bit of searching, the group of goblins had already separated from each other.

The chance has come!

When the other 3 goblins are a good distance away, Marcus had then immediately led his group behind the acting leader of the goblins, the one who sent the other three to be separated.

'There it is'

The current goblin is currently bending its back while spreading the overgrown grass with its hands. Because the goblin was small in stature, Marcus's height was just a quarter short on reaching its knees.

Shifting his eyes on the ground beside the goblin, Marcus could see a wooden club resting on it.

Alone, weapon down, turned back, focused... It is currently very defenseless. Using the sneaky feature of his soles, Marcus then quietly came closer and closer towards the goblin, carefully trying to avoid making sounds from the rustling of grass.

With 21 followers behind Marcus's back, the goblin's fate was already sealed. He was just trying to be perfectly sneaky as training.

Then now!

Marcus leaps towards the neck of the goblin! And with the goblin currently bent, Marcus successfully landed!

Without any hesitation, Marcus then immediately bit the neck of the goblin! Taking a good chunk of flesh on it!


The goblin cried painfully, but Marcus didn't stop. Throwing out the flesh on his mouth, Marcus then went further into digging the wound of the goblin.

Meanwhile, the followers too immediately followed Marcus's example, leaping towards the goblin. A few successfully landed on the goblin's back and went into biting.

The only reason why others couldn't be was because of the lack of space. The others who were late then couldn't do anything but surround the goblin waiting to find their chance.


The goblin feeling the pain from the follow-up attacks couldn't take it anymore and stand. Turning around with all its strength, the force threw Marcus's followers which were on its back. Afterward, the goblin then went for the wooden club.

Marcus, on the other hand, had used his claws to dig into the goblin's shoulders, gripping it using his enhanced strength. He didn't even stop biting and went in for another deep bite.

This time, Marcus's attack successfully managed to create a hole on the goblin's neck as he then felt the blood from it spurts on his face. Seeing this, Marcus then jumped away leaving the goblin alone before the goblin could grab him.

"Keep! Distance!"

Marcus could see the goblin cover the hole on its neck with its free hand as it then started swinging the club aggressively in the air with the other. With every swing of its club, Marcus's followers would then retreat.

Marcus seeing this, turned around the goblin and began to attack the back of its foot. A few of the followers on Marcus's side even began following.

The goblin feeling Marcus's attack, then turned around, but it only gave way for the other followers to attack it from behind.

With bloodshot eyes, the goblin would keep on turning, swinging its club against Marcus and his followers. But after a bit of time, its swinging could be seen noticeably getting weaker and weaker. Until it couldn't take it anymore and fell down.

As the goblin fell, Marcus's followers then went for its meat.

[Successfully contributed to killing the creature... 18 Potential Points received!]

Seeing the points rewarded by the system, Marcus could see that although it fell short compared to the donkey's rewards, it could still be treated as a good amount.

'Still, there's still the other 3, and their current position...'

Using his sense of smell, Marcus could tell that the other 3 are starting to turn around returning in this area. They must have heard the goblin's agonized cry.


The goblins are far tougher than he thought they would be. Before the goblins could regroup, they should hunt them one by one.

Losing himself on the hunting experience, Marcus is currently excited for more.




Faraway, another agonized scream could be heard.

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A goblin suddenly stopped on his heels as it heard it. The sound came from his 3rd friend. One after another, they started screaming out of nowhere.

At first, the first to scream was their leader, but after a bit of time, the others too did the same.

The current goblin, was at first planning to find out what was happening. But right now, it wasn't thinking any of that.

Something is wrong, and it can feel it.

It then turned around and started running away.

"Gwaga!!!" (Help!!!)

It threw away its club and ran away like its life depended on it.

However, after a bit of running, it suddenly started hearing the loud rustling of grass, making it afraid even further.

Something is coming!

"Gwaga!!! Gwaga!!!"

It then felt something land on its back, and as it kept on getting heavier and heavier, the goblin then fell face down.

Afterward, the screams of the goblin could then be heard in the area...


[Successfully contributed to killing the creature... 16 Potential Points received!]

'That was easier than I thought'

Marcus is currently looking at the corpse of the last goblin. Right now, Marcus is sitting on its bald head, protecting his favorite dish from his followers.

This was the last of the four goblins, the other two got ambushed alone when they are on its way towards the first goblin. Marcus had grown experienced in the hunting that he could tear a hole in their necks in just one bite, making the hunt easier.

Thinking about this last goblin, Marcus was anxious at first since he felt it turn around to ran away, but it seems he had overestimated the goblin's speed.

The goblin's running speed is very slow, they had easily caught up with it. It couldn't be compared to the donkey's speed before where they needed for it to personally slam its body on the ground before the others caught up.

Earlier, Marcus had synchronized his leap together with his followers. The accumulated weight on a short amount of time had then surprised the goblin to point of tripping down. Afterward, they had then kept on attacking the downed goblin until it died.

Marcus shifted his eyesight to his followers. This time, they weren't trying to eat the corpse immediately like they used to do. They kept on looking at Marcus as if asking for permission.

Since Marcus had stopped them from eating the killed goblins a few times, it seems that they had learned to wait for his order.

Seeing such, Marcus then roared.


As his followers happily feasted on the goblin's corpse, Marcus then checks his status.


[Stage Completion] 15.6%

[Stage:] 1

[Name:] N/A

[Potential Points:] 68



A carnivorous small bipedal lizard.

You are the leader of a small group of carnivorous lizards...


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