13 First Night

Marcus and his followers' feast lasted for a while that before they knew it, the sky was already dark.

The one-horned rabbit's meat was so delicious that Marcus had forgotten to control himself! To his shock, he had found himself even eating other parts of the rabbit beside the brain!

That just shows how the one-horned rabbit was of the highest quality... It was even to the point that the next tasty meal he had eaten, which was the donkey's couldn't even be compared. If the one-horned rabbit was a dish from a nice restaurant, then it was like the donkey's would be cheap fastfood's. But still, when Marcus realized that it was already dark, he had to forcefully stop himself from eating any further.

The meat was delicious, but it had a temptation that was almost akin to an addicting drug. Marcus calmed himself and shifted his eyesight towards his followers.

They could be seen still eating even with bloated stomachs resembling pregnancy. They were so addicted to the taste of the rabbit meat, that they are even forcing themselves to fit more food even when they are already at their limit!

Their stomachs are even three times more bloated when they have eaten the donkey's meat before!


Seeing such a scene, Marcus then roared.


If they fit more meat towards their stomach, it would make it hard for them to move. By then, if some kind of beast were to ambush them, that would then be a big problem.

However, despite Marcus's roar, there were still some who appeared hesitant. A larger lizard than their average could even be seen trying to sneakily move its head towards a rabbit inch by inch.


Ever since from the start, Marcus's followers were really obedient to him. However, deep within Marcus's mind, there was always the existing possibility that they would start having some sort of dissatisfaction towards him by time and would then start rebelling.

However, never had Marcus thought that he would see such a rebellious act due to their gluttony!

With a disciplinary intent, Marcus then roared out deep within his throat with great strength.


With his roar resounding, everyone could clearly feel their leader's dissatisfaction. A few could even be seen shivering from the fright. Right now, Marcus's eyes were staring daggers at his followers, even making the larger lizard from before teary-eyed.

Noticing their sorry state, Marcus sighed in his mind.

Marcus tried to understand them. Even he himself had lost for a while due to the addictive taste of the one-horned rabbit's meat when he should be the mentally adult and the supposed leader. What's more of these lizards who were just born and being hard-lined by their inborn carnivorous instincts.

'All of us are guilty of being such pigs, but still...'

They had pick Marcus as their leader, so he had to act like one. As the leader, for the better of the group, he had to limit things that could danger themselves. So he must be strict when it was time to be one.

"Follow..." Marcus then led his followers on a distance, it was hard to move due to their overeating, but he could at least lead them a bit away from temptation. They should let their stomach rest for a bit first before they start to move again.

Looking at his followers' current behavior, Marcus had thought that there will be some who would still remain a little hesitant, but this time, the followers obediently followed him without even looking back at the rabbit meat.

They are currently very behaved and quiet...


This was the first time that Marcus felt like this... Like, for some reason, he felt like he was the bad guy here.

'Well, forget it'

Laying on the ground to take rest, Marcus could feel that it was getting colder. But since it was still tolerable, he put it away in his mind.

Afterward, Marcus then immediately bought the [Night Vision] trait from the system. A second of delay is a second of danger. This was very important, so he shouldn't delay any further. If it weren't for him thinking that he had to prioritize the group first, he would have bought it the very time he realized that it was already dark.

Confirming the purchase, Marcus then saw the system's notification.

['Night Vision' Trait has been bought... 30 potential points have been consumed!]

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However, after a few moments, blinding pain in his eyes welcomed him.

'Ah! Shit!'

He had already prepared himself from receiving the painful side-effects, but the pain had still exceeded his imagination. Due to the pain, Marcus had even subconsciously let out a growl, frightening his followers, making them think that their leader was still angry.

With his eyes forcefully closed in an attempt to lessen the pain, Marcus could then feel a refreshing feeling replace it bit by bit. After a bit of time of cooling down, the pain was then all gone.

Successfully recovering from the pain, Marcus opened his eyelids to test out his [Night Vision] trait.

Though a bit of dimness exist resembling a bit of dark cloud covering the sunlight, what used to be dark became almost as clear as day to him

Looking around the area, Marcus could see far better than the previous darkness-covered view.

Gazing towards the sky above, even with the [Night Vision] trait on, he could still enjoy how beautiful it is.

The night sky above was solemnly dark, but the countless stars shone as brightly as ever- twinkling as if trying to cheer up everyone looking from below.

However, a conspicuous large red moon could be seen in the northern sky and a blue moon in the south, telling Marcus that he wasn't on his previous world but on a foreign one.

This would be his first night in this new world. Marcus had already gotten the [Night Vision] trait, but he was still thinking that it was not enough.

He would have to rest too, so of course, there would be a time when he had to sleep. But what if something attacks them during that time?

That's why a good base would always be better than having to sleep out in the open.

Marcus could only relax a little due to his sense of smell. He could smell that the odors of the goblins and the scent of blood from their kills here are far too strong that it had concealed Marcus and his follower's subtle natural scent. If there were a predator around, they would be more than likely to be attracted to those.

Temporary Sleeping somewhere far from those points shouldn't be that bad, thought Marcus...

'We should have rested enough'

Thinking that they had already rested enough to get moving, Marcus then stood up and started leading his followers towards another area.


On the way, they had even stopped for a while and started rolling on the grass before continuing.

Afterward, Marcus had then, at last, finally found a place to settle down...


Somewhere in the overgrown grassy area...

Marcus lays on the ground and started ordering his followers.

"Here! Sleep!"

Afterward, his followers then started moving orderly making Marcus wondering.

'What are they doing?'

However, after a while, Marcus finally got to know their purpose.

'The night was getting colder, but it seems that the cold wouldn't be a problem after all.'

With his eyes on them, Marcus could see his followers lay around him in a circular formation. With the followers on the edge closer to snuggling together.

With such a formation, they would be protecting each other from the cold...

And with such a formation... if there's a predator around, the leader would always be the last one to be attacked...

Marcus closed his eyes.

With such capable followers, what more could he ask for?

He had decided, to sleep well and then in return lead them better tomorrow.

'Tomorrow, let's hunt some goblins again...'


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