12 End of the Day

Marcus felt his body cut through the wind as he forcefully made his way by leaping through the grass. And as the strands of grass forcefully got sidetracked, Marcus landed on an empty area and saw a group of rabbits about his size inside a nest in front of him.

Seeing the comfy group of furry rabbits, Marcus's eyes immediately lit up.

'1,2... 7! Ah! Jackpot!'

However, when Marcus was about to leap towards the nest, he suddenly felt some kind of danger coming from the side.

'This feeling!?'

Hopping away a bit, Marcus then saw a one-horned rabbit double his size charged into his previous position with great momentum. From the way it looked, it seems to have planned to stab Marcus with its horn.

The previous dangerous premonition he felt from before should be the work of his [Attack Sense] skill. The skill had detected the malicious attack targeted at Marcus.

Then Marcus, seeing that the rabbit was still unable to recover from its great momentum from the charge, then immediately lunges towards its neck. Successfully connecting his jaws, he then took a good chunk of meat splashing blood everywhere.

Greatly weaken, the big rabbit was then left wounded on the ground as Marcus turned around and looked at the nest from before. Seeing that the group of rabbits is still frozen shock from the fast escalation of the event, Marcus then immediately joined the rabbits on the nest with a small leap, startling the rabbits away.

'Haha! Hello!'

Giving in to the bloodlust, Marcus then happily started biting and clawing the rabbits one after another. Being the unbiased man as he is, he sees to it that he had given everyone the same attention; just one bite per rabbit. The only differences they had are the parts bitten and the number of scratches they receive from his claws.

'This feeling! Hahaha!'

[Successfully contributed to killing the creature... 8 Potential Points received!]

Suddenly, Marcus received a notification from the system, calming himself from the bloodlust.

Focusing his attention on his ears, Marcus could hear the sound of his followers behind. It seemed that they had finished the big rabbit from before.

Marcus turned his attention towards the rabbits from the nest. Most had already jumped out leaving one which was heavily wounded. Marcus then focused his sight towards two rabbits the farthest distance away.

They are the only two which was unharmed as Marcus successfully wounded 5. Looking at them, Marcus frowned.

"Alive! Hunt!"

Roaring, Marcus ordered his followers to attack as he then began running after the clean rabbits. They are currently running with everything they got, but Marcus is determined to catch them right now.

Swallowing the accumulated blood of the rabbits in his mouth, Marcus then began moving his legs as fast as he can.

'Hmm? The blood tastes more delicious than usual...'


[You have successfully killed the creature... 4 Potential Points received!]

At last, Marcus had killed an unwounded rabbit, but it seems that there was no need to hunt further for the other one.

Marcus shifted his eyes on the side. After a bit of time, he could then see the tiny variant dragging a corpse of a rabbit double its size with its mouth.

It seems to be planning to drag the rabbit towards Marcus. Marcus, seeing this then looked at his game. He then bit the rabbit's tail and started dragging it, moving back towards the rabbit's nest.

Marcus had a hunch that his followers would probably love the taste of these rabbits, so he had decided to bring it back together. Slowing down his movement, he then waited for the variant to catch up to him before dragging their game together.

Afterward, two lizards could then be seen. One big, one small. Dragging rabbits side by side. Time and time, other lizards too would then join their group but then move away when they realized they are dragging their rabbits.

After a bit of time dragging the rabbits together, Marcus and the variant finally arrived. Arriving at the rabbit's nest, Marcus could see that almost everyone is here.

As the variant and Marcus put down their rabbits beside the rabbit's nest together, Marcus then waited for the others to arrive.

Meanwhile, when the other followers saw that Marcus and the variant had dragged their rabbits towards the nest, they too started dragging the corpses nearby to the place. And since a few had already started dragging theirs when they saw Marcus and the variant earlier, it wouldn't take much time if they dragged theirs together.

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Seeing his followers move, Marcus didn't stop them and just checked the total points he had.

Potential Points: 70

From the initial 38 points he had, he had gained a total of 32 points from the hunt this time.

It seems that everyone did a job well done. Marcus had received the potential points from all the kills besides the one from the rabbit the variant killed.

And though the variant had killed it without Marcus's contribution making Marcus lose his opportunity to have 3-5 additional points, Marcus wasn't really feeling regretful.

For Marcus, the presence of the tiny variant is more important than the little points he lost. It was a strong helper and an obedient follower.

And if somehow in the future, they could communicate better then at that time, he would probably gather points far greater than the lost points. The lost points could just be treated as an investment.

One after another, the rabbits are slowly being gathered beside the nest. Marcus had even helped drag the big rabbit away and moved it towards the nest.

While waiting for the last follower to arrive in the area, Marcus then looked at the sky above.

The sky was currently brilliantly red and orange. It was hard for Marcus to take note of the time, but it seems that the day is finally ending.

They had hunted a donkey, frogs, goblins, and then these rabbits. For a single day, Marcus didn't know if that could be considered as impressive, but he knew for sure that he enjoyed every bit of it himself.

Marcus could then sense a follower coming, it was the final follower. For some reason, it was alone in hunting, and even when returning here, it was a little slow.

'Is it injured?'

But looking at the follower, Marcus realized why. It was the outcast one-armed follower. Currently, it was slow because of dragging the corpse of a rabbit, looking at Marcus with a proud expression.

Marcus didn't know, but from earlier, the one-armed follower wasn't alone. A group of 3 other lizard followers had also tried hunting the one-horned rabbit together with it. Competing with each other, the one-armed lizard had successfully beaten the group of lizards in speed and tactic, killing the rabbit faster. The group of 3, then in respect turned back after they realized that the one-armed lizard planned to drag the rabbit with it.

Meaning, ever since from the start, the one-armed lizard had already been dragging the corpse even before the others started dragging theirs together.

Looking at it, Marcus could probably help the one-armed lizard in dragging the rabbit, but he is currently thinking that it was probably better to let it drag it alone looking at its proud expression.

They had all the time in the world.

When the one-armed lizard finally managed to put its rabbit together with the others, only then did Marcus roared out his order.


Marcus then started helping himself, targeting the brain of the big rabbit.

The night is coming...

But Marcus is ready. After this, he would get [Night Vision] trait. And afterward, he would then lead the group a little bit away from this bloody area.

The overgrown grassy surroundings seem to compliment well with their abilities and size. Marcus is thinking that they could spend the night together here.

As the sun sets in the forest, a group of carnivorous lizards is happily feasting themselves towards a buffet of rabbit meat…

From the taste of the meat, their tails would even slap the ground a few times.

And Marcus too isn't an exception. With every slap of his tail, the followers beside him would even be startled from the sound of the impact its strength possessed. But Marcus is too lost in the taste of meat to realize this.

'Ahh! Delicious!!!'


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