6 2nd Kill

Unable to reach the back of its neck, Marcus only managed to land on the sides. The donkey, feeling something on its neck, however, only got curious and wondered what is happening. And Marcus, seeing this moment of inaction, took his chance to find a better position, immediately climbing up until he was on the back. Only until then, did he use his claws to dig on the sides for stability.

When the donkey felt the pain from Marcus's claws, only did it realize that something is wrong. However, everything is already too late by then. The donkey had then felt a few more pain from the right side of its body and realized that it was under attack by a group of small aggressors! In fear, it then immediately took off running away.

As the donkey took off. On the back of its neck, Marcus started attacking it with ferocious flesh-digging bites. And in order for his attacks to do more damage, he had even foregone eating the meat he dug, focusing on removing flesh faster.

Meanwhile, while Marcus is doing his attacks, his followers too, are doing their part.

Earlier, when Marcus launched himself onto the donkey, the bunch of lizards following him had also followed up, launching their selves towards the creature they saw in front. The body, thighs, legs... 7 of Marcus's followers had successfully managed to plaster their selves into the donkey's body before the donkey took off running.

Clinging by using their claws to dig into the white donkey's skin, the 7 followers had then also started taking bites on its flesh. However, unlike Marcus, their attacks are somewhat slower.

There are two reasons why the attacks of the other lizards are slower. First, is because they kept on eating the flesh they bit off, taking a huge portion of their time. And second, is because their jaws and bite strength aren't enhanced like Marcus. Still, they were still doing damage, and it's hurting the donkey!

The donkey could feel agonizing pain from the wounds it is currently receiving, especially from the one attacking at the back of its neck! The attacks on the back of its neck were accumulating pain far faster than the attacks it was feeling on the sides, and because the enemy kept on attacking the same area, the wound has been getting deeper and deeper!

The pain doesn't lie. Realizing that it would be bad to leave the enemy on its neck alone, trying to throw it away, the cool donkey then started shaking its neck aggressively like its life depending on it.

Feeling the donkey's aggressive shaking, Marcus kept calm and just tightened up his claw's hold. And for added stability, Marcus had even used his jaws to hold onto the deep wound he made.

He should stop attacking for now and wait for the donkey to get tired of shaking. Just like fishing, only reel in the line when the fish get tired from struggling.

After a bit of time, as the donkey felt the attacks on its neck stop, it had then halted its shaking. And Marcus seeing this had then resumed his attacks again.

The donkey then, as if greatly annoyed started shaking again but with much greater fervor than before!

However, after several halting and shaking, the donkey had then started to realize the growing threat of the other lizards on the sides. They had been left off for a while, and have been biting the donkey without stopping. The damage from their attacks had been slowly accumulating, and it is now getting painful and painful for the donkey.

The donkey finally greatly fearful of its life, suddenly decided to do a big move, tilting its body on the right! It had finally decided to just slam the lizards down!

Marcus, realizing the donkey's plan, had then turned around on the other side while roaring, "Retreat! Danger!"

And then with a loud thud, Marcus felt the great impact from the slam... He then looks at the donkey as if looking at a dead thing and then roared, "Everyone! Attack!"

It was a wild ride, but the donkey finally committed a fatal mistake. It might have taken care of the attackers on the side for a while, but there is one thing it forgot to take note of...

"Food!" "Foood!" "Food!"

"Food!!!" """Food"""

"Food! Food! Food!"

One after another, lizards jumped on the donkey's body. However, this time, there weren't just 7 of them but a whole lot more!

The other followers running after Marcus and the donkey have finally managed to catch up! And all that due to the donkey's mistake!

Uttering a harsh cry, the donkey tried to stand up. However, with several lizards attacking its legs, a few finally managed to cut off its tendons. The donkey tried to use its fronts leg to stand and crawl its way out, but with several lizards putting their weights on its body, it finally couldn't gather any strength and drops on the ground.

Finally, the donkey couldn't do anything but let the lizards eat it alive...


[Successfully contributed to killing the creature... 27 Potential Points received!]

Marcus finally saw the System's notification, signifying the donkey's death.

A refreshing feeling then arrived on his body, as he felt the growth taking place because of the change in his completion rate.



[Stage Completion] 8.0%

[Stage:] 1

[Name:] N/A

[Potential Points:] 27



A carnivorous small bipedal lizard.

You are a small leader of a small group of small carnivorous lizards...


For a while now, Marcus had been focusing on attacking without bothering to fill his stomach. He might have great self-control, but his instinctual desire for meat has been in objection for a while now. Now, it was finally time to appease it. Swallowing the donkey's flesh on his mouth, Marcus then thought of his current points.

27 points!

'What should I upgrade first?'

Thinking about upgrades, Marcus looked at the head of the donkey and thought that at least he needed to upgrade his jaws for a bit.

The bones from the donkey's neck gave him a bit of resistance, and since the skull is one of the hardest bones of the body, it would probably much harder.

Marcus could pass all other meat, but he couldn't pass the chance to eat the brain of the donkey. It might be a rare creature, and there could be a rare trait or skill awaiting him.

And since brains are much more effective in gathering traits and skills, it would be of course Marcus's priority target.

Marcus spends 2 potential points and confirmed the purchase.

[Jaw Sharpness has been enhanced... 1 potential point consumed!]

[Bite Strength has been enhanced... 1 potential point consumed!]

Marcus felt the teeth aching and the cramping of muscles once again, but this time, he didn't feel his teeth falling.

Recovering from the painful side effects of the system enhancement, Marcus then moved towards the head and started digging his way into the donkey's brain.

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Testing his newfound biting strength and jaws, Marcus could see that the skull was still somewhat hard to break immediately. Still, seeing that at least his bites could at least damage it visibly, made it somewhat acceptable.

Marcus then took his time to make way until he finally managed to have his way onto the donkey's savory fat brain.

"Food…" As the tantalizing scent of the meat entered his nose, Marcus had even subconsciously spoken the same words his followers were chanting earlier. However, Marcus was too focused to realize this with his mind currently on the meal awaiting him.

'Time to dig in!'

Afterward, the sound of eating then filled the place as everyone filled their hungry stomachs.

[Data Received…]

[Data Received…]

[Data Rec…]

Burping in satisfaction, Marcus filled his hunger once again. Compared to the squirrel's meat, donkey's meat is almost a hundred times better. Well, it might be because he only ate the brain, making him have a skewed judgment.

Marcus thought that he wouldn't be able to finish the brain by himself, but to his surprise, he did. Though his stomach is currently bloated because of it. It seems that it wasn't just his height and size growing up during the fast-paced growths, his stomach too was growing.

Marcus then checked the new traits and skills the System has received from the cool donkey.

4 Traits, [Donkey Tail (50)], [Donkey Ears (25)], [Donkey Teeth (15)], and [Triple Vertical Horns (100)]

And then 5 skills/knowledge, [Precise Ramming (50)], [Donkey Kick (30)], [How to Differentiate Quality Grass (25)], [How to be an Independent Donkey (100)], [Donkey Language (150)].

Some of them are worth thinking about; [Precise Ramming], [Donkey Kick], and [Triple Vertical Horns]. Though they're not really that important right now, he could think about them in the future.

Marcus currently has 25 potential points, and he had already decided which things he needed to upgrade first.

Marcus then selected the 3 enhancements he had chosen on the System.

[Scale Hardness has been enhanced… 5 potential points have been consumed!]

[Muscular Vitality has been enhanced… 10 potential points have been consumed!]

[Agility has been enhanced… 10 potential points have been consumed!]

As the series of upgrades got confirmed by the system, Marcus suddenly felt pain all over his body…

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