11 [Goblin Cave Map]

'Low-quality meat' thought Marcus as he licked the brain fragments on his lips, cleaning his mouth.

He is currently in front of the corpse of the first goblin they killed. Marcus had led his group back after he ate the brain of the latest goblin since base on the potential points he had received, it was of a higher quality giving him 18 points, while the others gave less with two 17s and the latest 16.

Checking the System, Marcus could see the new traits and skills available from the two goblin brains he ate.

6 Traits; [Goblin ears (25)], [Goblin Nose (10)], [Flat Goblin Nose (30)], [Goblin Phallus (30)], [Minor Disease Resistance Up (200)], [Minor Virility Up (250)]

9 Skills/Knowledge; [Minor Club Arts (25)], [Stone Throwing Art (50)], [Goblin Language (250)], [Pee Shooting Expert (150)], [The Secret to Currying the Favor of the Old Goblin Head (10)], [Gweurgi's weakness (5)], [Goblin Cave Map (10)], [How to make baby goblins (5)], [How to steal food at night (10)]

Marcus didn't expect much from the goblin's traits and was surprised to see the [Minor Disease Resistance Up]. Although the trait is currently expensive to him, it should still be noted that the skill would be useful for his survival and would be up there in his planned to buy in the future traits.

Then the skills/knowledge...

It should be said that time and time again, excluding a few exceptions, lots of useless knowledge had decorated the system from the things Marcus ate. And this time, due to the enhanced intellect of the goblins, it made their thinking more complicated and in turn converting the useless knowledge that Marcus received into a much more complicated useless knowledge.

However, even then, it seems that he finally got lucky.

[Goblin Cave Map] - A mental map of the goblin cave that the goblin, Grugi, remembers. Includes a vague knowledge of the traps inside.

Although it's not a forest map, it was still considered a lot for Marcus.

The goblins gave him a lot of potential points, and of course, Marcus would want to hunt more.

However, the Goblin Cave is enemy territory, and Marcus didn't know if there are traps of any kind there, and how many goblins there are.

He wanted to attack the cave, but he was thinking that he should only do so after ambushing a few more goblins that goes outside.

With the current potential points, he has. Marcus could buy [Attack Sense] and [Night Vision].

Since Marcus is always the one leading the group, it would always be him at the center of danger. But with the trait [Night Vision], he would be able to see inside the dark cave more easily, and with the [Attack Sense], he would be able to sense any sneak attacks.

The only problem he had would be the mechanical traps should they exist. But with the [Goblin Cave Map], that would be taken care of.

Marcus took note of the 'Vague' from the description of the [Goblin Cave Map], it should be noted that the knowledge isn't complete, and he should still have a little caution even if the map says its currently safe.

Calculating the number of points needed, Marcus is still a little short of them. 2 potential points to be specific if he wanted to go with the minimum; [Attack Sense (30)], [Night Vision (30)], and [Goblin Cave Map (10)].

But if he wanted to be safer, a few more points wouldn't hurt. He could buy the [Pack Leader] skill and even enhance [Agility] a few times to be able to work with [Attack Sense] better and at the same time enhance his fighting capability.

'But how do I get the needed points?'

Should he wait for a few more goblins going outside? or just hunt for other animals?

Thinking about hunting more goblins. After enough time, with the 4 dead goblins still not returning, others might search for their whereabouts, giving Marcus his chance to ambush additional goblins. By then, Marcus could get his points and he would even lessen the goblins inside the hideout at the same time.

Then Marcus thought about hunting other animals. Marcus remembered the Goblins' actions earlier. They were also searching for something in the current area. Something... could be hunted nearby.

Thinking that he wasn't in a hurry, Marcus had then decided to search the current area first before trying to hunt other goblins. For he might find a little surprise.

'But first, I should buy the [Attack Sense] right now'

[Attack Sense] - Detect any malicious attacks targeted at the individual. Instinct-based.

Marcus confirmed his trade.

['Attack Sense' Skill has been bought... 30 potential points have been consumed!]

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This time, the painful side-effect came from the throb that he felt in his brain. But it had then disappeared immediately followed by a refreshing sensation.

Afterward, Marcus becomes curious about the change. However, he couldn't really feel the changes clearly. It wasn't the same as the previous enhancements that he could test out easily.

'What now? What's the change?'

Does this mean that he has to let someone attack him just to find out?

If his followers could understand complex orders, he could probably try it out with them, but he could only give up on that part. It seems that he could only take his time understanding the skill for the time being.

There was even the 'malicious attacks' point at the description. Marcus is thinking that if those assassination skills he had read on stories exist, where the assassin could hide their malice, the [attack sense] probably wouldn't work.

Still, for such a handy skill like [Attack Sense], Marcus felt that the cost was too cheap. Not that he was complaining, he was even lowkey wishing for everything to be free instead, so he could just keep on eating until he ate the whole universe.

Moving on, thinking about other things he could buy right now, the [Night Vision] could probably wait. It's not like he needed it right away since it was still daytime.

Marcus then moved his gaze on the surroundings.

The followers are already bored with the goblin meat. They had eaten a bit of the last goblin, but excluding the one-armed follower, they didn't even try eating the goblin in front.

The followers right now, are currently chilling using the goblin's body as a bed, probably following Marcus's example of laying on the head. The others which couldn't get on could only lay on the ground nearby.

Marcus could even see the tiny variant beside him sleeping.

'Are they tired?'

Marcus is curious, he still doesn't feel tired from the things they had done since he had seen to it that they took a break from time to time. These lizards are probably just lazy.

Marcus stood up. And seeing him do so, the followers too slowly stood.


'They are probably just mimicking me... Meaning, they'll only be lazy if I was.'

Seeing them follow, Marcus thought that it's now time.

It's time to find the things the goblins were searching for.

Marcus started sniffing around the area.

The smell of the goblins is strong distracting him, but there is a subtle wild scent in the air. It was hard to distinguish but further north, he could sense the wild scent became a minute thicker, attracting his attention.

With a serious expression, Marcus then started moving his legs towards the direction.


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