System: King of MonstersSystem: King of Monsters

System: King of Monsters

by UnseenLurker

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Marcus's life was nothing special, and he had accepted that it would always remain that way until the end. But then, however, a miracle happened... _______________ [Stage Completion] 0.2% [Stage:] 1 [Name:] N/A [Potential Points:] 2 ---------- Remarks: A carnivorous tiny bipedal lizard. You can be considered as a predator, but only for small animals like squirrels and bugs! _______________ When Marcus met the end of his life, he was reincarnated in a body of a monster. And together with it is a foreign system of unknown origins! A system! that enables him to absorb traits and skills from whatever he had eaten! Sharper claws! harder skin! enhanced muscles! and many more! As long as he had enough points from killing strong enemies, he could have it all!

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