1 Chapter 1 WTF just happened




That was what I awoke to thunder and lightning they had never seemed nearer. Considering the frequency in which the sky was lightning up and how much it was thundering, I was right in the middle of a storm. I should be used to it living out in the middle of nowhere on a farm where it rains frequently in the summer, but this time it was different. I was literally smoking and I felt paralyzed. Yep being struck by lightning will do that to you.


But I had to get up and get out of the storm it was a miracle I wasn't dead.

Crawling with every ounce of power I could muster, I crawled my way to a strange red tree for cover. It was then I saw it.

Name: Oswald H.S Gray

Titles: The King of the hills, he who tempted death, son of the god eater, etc.

Class: unassigned

Race: descendent of man, descendent of titans, nightmare monarch, ?????, ??????

STR: 10-100

INT: 90

WIS: 1-50

DEX: 40

CON: 5-200

CHA: 10-200

LUK: 10-?????


Passive- System in progress, Gift of the titan, the curse of the nightmare monarch, Unfinished sum of human knowledge, Hybrid mess, ???, ????, ?????

Active- Monarch's eye, beginners swordplay, ??, ???

Blessings <father to son><?????>

It was a strange screen it was like a small white floating window. I could only rub my eyes in response to what I was seeing. It was like something out of a dream I tried to touch it but my hand passed through it. Great I guess I did get brain damage from that lightning strike and now I'm stuck with this strange RPG-like screen taunting me about one of my greatest desires, forever just floating there like a hologram. Suddenly a thought comes to my mind. What if I focused on certain things would that work.

I try focusing on the one part that confused me the most.

System in progress -

Hello sorry to be the bearer of bad news this system is still a work in progress lacking many features but on the bright side it can grow and Improve alongside the host.

YESSS !!!!!

I screamed trying to contain my own excitement I'm not crazy or brain-damaged I have something impossible I have a system, I quickly calm down though realizing it's broken. okay let's see what can else can I do. Focusing on one of the question marked items.

??? -

Error please reload

Okay that was weird I know this thing is unfinished but it doesn't have to give me error screens let's try again.

??? -

Phone database -

The system's core data comes from the host's phone it will adapt and fix itself based on its database integration level and external factors. Current level.5%

Okay so that explains nothing what does it mean Phone database I know I had a lot of stuff on my phone but the rest is strange. Also, I just realized where the heck is this information coming from if the system is unfinished. Just then the screen changes.

Unfinished sum of human knowledge - your phone had access to the sum of all human knowledge and a rather basic AI. those two functions fused and carried over creating me.

Okay so Siri mixed with the internet on steroids, so can you explain the Skills Phone Gaming database and System in progress.

Then the text window changes again, new function created HDW or Help desk window has been successfully made.


To answer your previous question you had a heaping mess of things on your phone a ton of strange games and even viruses so during the creation of the system it became a mess and many things are unfinished in the system due to the sheer amount of incompatible and messy data.

Wait how did this even happen it doesn't mak-


But before I could continue my rant a red lightning bolt the size of a bucket came down and struck the place before


Host In danger executing emergency protocol b

New function created

Quest menu-

Escape from storm

Importance rating: EX

Difficulty rating: B


Creation of two new system function based on hosts specifications

EX potential grade skill creation ticket


The host is currently in extreme danger a high-level cultivator is breaking through nearby. Get to safety or out of the tribulations range before you die.

I wanted to but I couldn't even move crawling to this tree exhausted me already and I was still smoking. Then it came to me, system isn't there some sort of beginners gift pack I could open?

Error 404-

Not found

£rror rectifying

Congratulations you have received a beginners gift pack would you like to open it.

YES, I screamed inwardly!!!

Congratulations you have received

Phoenix rebirth ticket X 3

Silver Phoenix sword X 1

Red death armor X 1

Essence Harvest skill X 1

At first glance none of this looked useful but then realizing the implications I zoned in on the first item

Phoenix rebirth ticket-

A host exclusive item, let's host use any materials found in a three-mile radius to undergo a rebirth, this process can increase talent and restructure and fix any faults in a physique but it is extremely painful so take caution before using.

Oh boy, this was probably going to hurt like hell but I needed to get out of here, and right now I couldn't move so it seemed like I did not have a choice.

System use Phoenix rebirth ticket

acknowledged scanning area for suitable materials

I felt a wave spread out around me in all directions

Then it stopped somewhere leaving a reddish-gold bubble surrounding me, objects started to gather in front of me like they were being drawn by a magnet.

Suitable Materials found-

Skull of demon titan

Heavenly Tribulation lightning

Ancient blood oak

Broken low-grade spatial pouch

Low-grade cultivator corpse X 3

Fallen star metal

Broken low-grade Dragon skin leather

The items gathered were strange, to say the least, the Skull of the demon titan was a giant crystalline skull with horns, I couldn't see the lightning but I assumed it was around somewhere, and the ancient blood oak must've been the tree I was sitting under, the pouch was obvious I guess just a small purple pouch with a tear in it, the fallen star metal could've only been the big gray rock that shot up from underground, the dragon skin was actually shaped like an old worn-out armor with tears in it, but the cultivator corpses were by far the strangest things in the pile one was an extremely large and buff man with tan skin, another was an extremely pale and skinny man whose body seemed to be radiating a sharp piercing cold, and the last one was an enchanting looking girl wearing a long black robe. These corpses all looked extremely different but the common theme among them was that they were all extremely good-looking. I sighed and then Asked the system how this was going to work.


select the materials and what they're going to be used for and I will do the rest, also it is highly recommended that the host uses his new Essence Harvest skill to treat the materials before use. The host must hurry up though as the tribulation is getting stronger.

Okay, I decided to deal with the corpses first so I didn't have to look at them. The skill was strange it opened up a black hole that floated in midair when I was using it I didn't even have to do anything the materials just floated to it.

From the muscular corpse I got

Demon body refining manual

refined muscle essence

The skinny guy gave me

Sword heart essence

Ashura general bloodline

But when I got to the corpse of the beautiful girl I stopped because...