4 Chapter 4 – Wei Zichen

Hao Ritian had a very satisfying sleep, to the point that when he woke up, he was confused about what day it was. He was holding a warm body to his chest and the room was enclosed in darkness. He groped around for a while before finding his phone. Looking at the time, it turned out to be 2 in the morning.

It should be known that he and Wei Lin returned just around 5 p.m. He'd slept for about 9 hours continuously, and his body felt slightly limp and sore. But to tell the truth, this amount of rest was far from enough for a body whose nerves had been on the brink of collapse for several days.

The reason he woke up was simply due to thirst. Hao Ritian pressed his temples and carefully pulled away from the child in his arms. He casually put on some slippers and found a bath towel to wrap around his lower body loosely, then came out of the bedroom.

At this time, the mansion had long become empty, and the servants had all gone to rest. But there were still some hazy lights lit up in the corridors. Hao Ritian felt no sense of embarrassment at all. Even though he was really naked under the bath towel, and had no clothes on his upper body either, he was still as comfortable as if he were wearing silk and satin.

In essence, Hao Ritian was this sort of an unruly and bon vivant fellow. He wouldn't wrong himself for the sake of how others looked at him, and he always put himself first. Even if in the eyes of others, he seemed sick and excessively whimsical when dealing with people, Hao Ritian was perfectly pleased with that. His identity and everything he possessed allowed him to squander capital, regardless of how others judged him.

If he didn't have clothes to wear, then that was still fine. In any case, it wasn't cold.

Not soft, yet not heavy taps emerged from his slippers as he went down the stairs. Down the stairs, without the light from the floor above, it seemed darker. But Hao Ritian, in a seemingly skilled manner, pressed one of the living room switches, thus, turning on the lights in one of the areas. Then, he felt his way to the refrigerator and opened it. There were a lot of beverages inside.

Hao Ritian directly took out a bottle of iced beer, and after a couple tries trying to open its cap, he chugged it down. A few big mouthfuls of cold liquid entered his body and his sleepiness dissipated.

"That hits the spot!" Wiping his lips, Hao Ritian felt content.

But the system could watch no more. It, who had kept its silence all this while, could no longer keep quiet. "Host, can you find some clothes to wear?"

It, just a system, felt a bit spicy-eyed seeing its host like this. Although there was a towel wrapped around him, it didn't really play that big of a role in covering him up. How come the host, as a human, had no 'sense of shame'? The host said he had a handle on the progress of the task, so it wasn't concerned about it. But it really felt that this host was way too capricious.

Hao Ritian had also become accustomed to the system suddenly speaking in his head. He smirked wickedly when he heard its meaning, "What, I'm letting you appreciate my figure for free and you're still not satisfied? My figure is pretty alright, isn't it?

After saying that, he even striked a pose. With one hand on his waist, his head tilted up and drank a few mouthfuls of iced beer.

System, "…"

So shameless!

Despite its thoughts, the system couldn't say that his figure was bad, with a good conscience.

Yan Qi himself had always lived a life of riches and honour. What's more, he was the sole heir of the Yan family. It was a given that his everyday food and clothes were excellent. He had fair skin, long, straight legs and a tall stature. No matter from what angle you looked at, you couldn't say his figure was bad.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" Perceiving the system's silence, Hao Ritian teased it again. He always felt it was amusing to tease this somewhat rigid system.

The system was a bit sullen, wanting to retort yet not knowing what to say. It paused and suddenly warned, "Someone's coming."

It's tone of voice would've been a tad better, if there wasn't a gloating element in it.

The system's voice fell, and before Hao Ritian had time to react, the door was pushed open. So just like that, a man appeared in Hao Ritian's sight.

The man was tall and large. He wore a simple white shirt and suit pants. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, revealing strong arms. Looking upwards, the facial features of the man were clearly embedded into his eyes. At that moment, Hao Ritian was stunned.

This man was practically a perfect product, everything about how he looked was in line with his tastes; deep brows and eyes, straight, tall nose, thin and cold lips. Especially the gaze with which he was looking over at him, his eyes gave him an electrifying feeling.

That's right, Hao Ritian was gay. A virgin gay, no less. Although he had never concealed his sexual orientation, no one had ever caught his eye; his standards were too high. Now that he suddenly saw a person so suited to his taste in the mission world, he wanted to immediately wage 300 rounds of war with the other person.

His mind came up with this thought and the eyes that he looked back at the man surged with a scorching heat.

The system who detected his thoughts because the host's emotions were too intense, "…"

It really wanted to yell 'shit!'.

Even shittier, was that these two mutts actually didn't say another word, and quickly hooked up together. Hao Ritian was directly carried into a bedroom by the man, and by the time he woke up again, it was already the next day.

The next day.

Wei Lin looked at his second uncle's door for who knows how many times already. Brother Yan still hadn't come out. When he woke up in the morning, he thought Brother Yan had left before he woke up. He washed his face and brushed his teeth as quickly as he could, wanting to go after him. It was his Second Uncle, who he almost crashed into, who told him he was sleeping in his room and to not disturb Brother Yan's rest.

Wei Lin couldn't be bothered to wonder why his Second Uncle hadn't gone to the company yet. He peeked over several times and now it was soon to be noon, but Brother Yan was still asleep. He was getting a bit worried.

"Second uncle, can I go and see Brother Yan?" Unable to endure it at the end, Wei Lin implored his uncle. Though, he was rather puzzled as to why his Second Uncle didn't go to the company today.

The owner of this mansion, Wei Zhichen, also Wei Lin's second uncle, turned over a page of the financial and economic newspaper. He looked at the time and saw that it was past 11. The man who made him wild the whole night should be alright by now, so he agreed with his little nephew, "Go ahead."

Wei Lin beamed on the spot, his little legs ran so fast that they seemed to be flying and soon, he disappeared into Wei Zhichen's bedroom on the second floor.

With the curtains not drawn, the bedroom was a bit dark, but Wei Lin paid no mind to that. His eyes went straight to the bulging bundle on the bed. Quietly, he walked over and then leaped onto the bed, throwing himself on Hao Ritian and crying out, "Rise and shine, Brother Yan. Get up."

Hao Ritian who was 'borne down with the weight of Mount Tai' immediately blinked open his eyes, his expression slightly suffering. After seeing the child on top of him, he stretched his hands out to grab the kiddo's noggin and shake it. "Get down, you almost crushed my lungs in."

Seeing him awake, Wei Lin was all smiles. He rolled over to the side, looking even more chipper.

Hao Ritian was also up by this time, but his whole body ached when he moved. Just one strand of hair moved and his whole body was affected. He felt like he was exactly like a crippled fish at the moment, not one place wasn't in pain.

Contrariwise, last night was extremely satisfying. But because he stopped fasting and enjoyed himself, today he was suffering.

However, he still only thought about eating more, and didn't learn his lesson. He felt a bit restless just thinking about that man's roughness last night. He liked that sort of wildness.

Sighing, he bopped himself on the forehead. Hao Ritian tried to move, but settled on sitting up instead. He glanced at Wei Lin. "Whose room is this?"

In fact, he already had a guess in his mind. This was just to verify it once more.

As expected—

Wei Lin climbed forward, clasping his own face with his hands, "This is my second uncle's room. Wasn't Brother Yan sleeping with me last night? Why did you suddenly run to Second Uncle's room?"

Hao Ritian, "Er…"

How should he say it? Should he say he got up in the middle of the night and did the deed with his second uncle?

Forget it, he didn't want to lead the child astray.

Looking around, all of a sudden, he found that he had no clothes. The ones he took off from last night's bath were in the boy's room, and he didn't want to wear dirty clothes either. He reached out to pat the boy's head. "Go to your second uncle's wardrobe and help Older Brother get some clothes."

Wei Lin very obediently complied. With his feet going 'pitter-patter', he ran to his second uncle's wardrobe and randomly picked out a shirt and a pair of pants. Then, hearing Brother Yan call out, asking him to grab a pair of underwear as well, Wei Lin opened the drawer of the wardrobe and pulled out a new pair of underwear. He carried the clothes and underwear and scampered back to Hao Ritian.

Receiving them, Hao Ritian smoothly praised him, "Good boy."

When he lifted the covers to dress himself, Wei Lin stared at the blue and purple traces on his body, stunned. Trembling, he asked, "Brother Yan, did Second Uncle hit you?"

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