3 Chapter 3 – Sleep First Talk Later

The crowd was exuberant. After Hao Ritian succinctly reported to the police, those with a bit of brains could tell something was off about the man through his reaction, so several tall men restrained the man for Hao Ritian, giving him no time to move about.

Hao Ritian had no intention of chatting with the man. He looked at the adorable little doll in his arms and said with some amusement, "What's your name? Where are your parents?"

The boy fixed his eyes on Hao Ritian, his face deflated, "My name is Wei Lin, my mom and dad work abroad."

Hao Ritian was stunned to hear grievance from this simple sentence. Luckily, he was free at the moment so teasing this cute kid would be pretty sweet. Very few knew that Hao Ritian was actually quite fond of children. However, that only applied to clever kids. If it was a brat, he would only act brattier than them.

The one in Hao Ritian's arms was very well-behaved, so he didn't mind talking to this cute doll some more.

"What are you doing here all alone then? Are there no adults at home?" Perhaps because this boy was so well-behaved, Hao Ritian's tone subconsciously softened.

Wei Lin bit his lips and rubbed against Hao Ritian's neck as he whispered, "Today is my birthday. Second Uncle is busy so it's just me by myself."

This was such a pitiful kid. A rare tinge of compassion arose in Hao Ritian, but before he could ask in more detail, the police arrived. Under everyone's lively explanation, the police understood the gist of the situation. Heading the group of police was a man with sharp eyebrows and a gaze that seemed to pierce through people. After learning the general situation, he let his subordinates take the man away and disperse the crowd, then came over to Hao Ritian.

"Was it you who called the police?"

Hao Ritian gave the police a short once-over and found that this police officer was quite handsome and had a particular temperament. In view of his good looks, he showed a good attitude and nodded, "That's right."

Face fanatics are just that superficial.

"Hello, I'm Ning Shi, you can call me Police Officer Ning. Could you please come with us and explain this matter clearly? As for this child, we'll ask his family to come pick him up." Ning Shi's gaze lingered on Wei Lin for a moment before returning on Hao Ritian, his tone still polite.

Before Hao Ritian could answer, Wei Lin tightened the arms he wrapped around Hao Ritian's neck and shook his head, "I'm not going. I want to stay with older brother."

Afterwards, he buried his head in Hao Ritian's arms and refused to come out. His resistance very obvious.

Hao Ritian's brows jumped higher. Since when did he become this kid's older brother?

Still, when he felt how tightly the boy was clinging to him, Hao Ritian felt a sense of 'responsibility' rising in his chest. Alright, since he'd helped the boy out, then he'll help to the very end. Hao Ritian would play with the child.

Giving the kid he was holding a pinch, Hao Ritian smiled at Ning Shi, "You see it, right? Well then, what do you want to ask? Let's uh…" Looking around, he set his sights on the cold drinks shop from earlier, "talk at that shop there."

One big, one small. One good-hearted Samaritan who called the police, and one victim. Ning Shi couldn't force them and had no other choice but to agree.

Once they'd sat in the cold drinks shop, Hao Ritian finally released a sigh of comfort. The air-conditioner blew pleasantly cool over him. The heat outside just then had nearly killed him. He let the child sit next to him and, after the waiter served their sundaes, scooped up a couple spoonfuls before continuing his conversation with Ning Shi, "Ask what you wish to know."

Wei Lin followed his example and after confirming that Hao Ritian wouldn't shoo him away, also started to chow down. He ate one bite then glanced at Hao Ritian, ate another bite then glanced at him again. His nervous little appearance as if fearing he would run away was adorable.

It was Ning Shi's first time encountering such a situation and he was between laughter and tears, yet the big and small duo opposite him were so at ease. He looked at the sundae in front of him and silently ate too. This was his first time getting such a nice treatment while on the job.

After eating two mouthfuls, the summer heat in his chest dissipated and Ning Shi spoke to Hao Ritian as if they were chatting, "Introduce yourself first. Also, how did you discover that the guy had no relationship with this kid?"

If it was another normal law enforcement officer, they certainly wouldn't be 'horsing around' like Ning Shi, but Ning Shi had the capital to do that. Besides, he felt that Hao Ritian was interesting and he had the ability to handle the case, so he didn't force it.

In view of his attitude, Hai Ritian also replied, "Yan Qi. As for how I discovered it? He looked shifty-eyed, I knew from the second I saw him that he wasn't a good guy. This little imp was struggling too and, by coincidentally, I saw it so I lent a hand."

As he spoke, his hand and mouth never stopped their actions. In a short time, he finished the sundae and waved at the waiter for another cup.

Ning Shi was speechless, did this guy happen to be in the chuunibyou1 phrase?

Nonetheless, he still earnestly listened for the things he needed to understand. As for more, he could learn about them from the man who was taken to the police station. With his cooperation, the police department could solve this case. This matter couldn't be said to be big, neither was it small. If he hadn't happened to be here, he honestly wouldn't have needed to show up for this. But luckily he did show up. His gaze once again swept over Wei Lin. He had no idea why this little young master would be outside all alone, he'd almost been caught too!

Once he got a good enough understanding, the sundae in his hand was pretty much done as well. So Ning Shi left first. He still had to solve this case as soon as possible.

As soon as Ning Shi left, Wei Lin who had been silent the whole time scooted over and reached out to clutch at a corner of Hao Ritian's clothes with his small hand. "Brother Yan."

So Older Brother's name is Yan Qi. He liked this older brother a lot. Not only because he'd helped him out but also because of Older Brother's attitude towards him. Everyone at home respected him. Even outside, others would call him 'Little Young Master' on account of his parents and Second Uncle. But he didn't like that one bit.

Had Ritian had already speedily finished his second sundae. Hearing him, he inclined his head. "Want me to send you back?"

Wei Lin hurriedly shook his head and somewhat expectantly asked, "I don't want to go back. Can I follow you?"

He would just be alone if he returned. He wouldn't be happy at all.

Hao Ritian stared at him for while and then recalled the reason and purpose he had intentionally run out. Wickedly hooking his lips up, he said, "Alright, you just said today is your birthday, right? Then Older Brother will take you to the amusement park."

A twenty-eight-year-old adult man called himself Older Brother yet doesn't blush at all. His face is really thick. The system silently retorted.

Wei Lin's eyes, however, brightened. He jumped into Hao Ritian's arms again, and gave a resounding response. "Mn!"

As he hugged the adorable doll, Hao Ritian really had simple-minded intentions. When he went to pay the bill, he learned that the police officer had picked up the tab before leaving. The corner of his mouth couldn't help but twitch. That police officer was really from the good side.

The two of them played in the amusement park like crazy, basically playing every game in the amusement park once and riding the roller coaster many times. Once they were done with their fun, the feelings between the two had deepened by a layer.

When Hao Ritian had crossed over to Yan Qi's body, Yan Qi himself had not been sleeping well for several days because of his mother's death. His body was, in fact, very exhausted already. He didn't feel it at first, but after the playing craze went down, fatigue surged up. Hao Ritian felt like he would fall asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

He wasn't the type of person to treat himself unfairly. If he was tired, then sleep. He didn't plan to return to the Yan manor at present. As for Wei Lin this kid—

"Okay, it's time you head back. Where's your home? Older Brother will call a cab and send you back." Hao Ritian carried the child, his tone brooking no argument.

Despite being merely 5 years old,Wei Lin was very good at reading faces and gauging others' emotions. He could see Hao Ritian's fatigue and didn't make trouble for him, instead he listened to him and agreed.

They hailed a taxi and Wei Lin reported his address. He then obediently curled up between Hao Ritian's arms, his hands wrapping him tightly, reluctant to leave.

Hao Ritian sat in the taxi and soon fell asleep. When he woke up, they had arrived at Wei Lin's house. Hao Ritian, who was shaken awake by Wei Lin, felt a throbbing pain in his temple. When he opened the car door, he looked up and received a surprise.

Wei Lin really was the little young master of a wealthy family. Just this district alone wasn't something a normal person could afford, not to mention buying such a large detached manor in this place. This wasn't an ordinary kind of rich. Just as he was thinking of putting Wei Lin down and letting him go back, he heard Wei Lin carefully say, "Brother Yan, how about you sleep at my house?"

"Hm?" He hummed softly through his nose, "You don't want me to leave?"

It was a first for a child to be so sticky to him, the feeling was extremely novel.

Wei Lin hurriedly nodded. "There's no one at home. Brother Yan, rest at my house tonight, okay?"

Looking at his anxious face, plus being very tired and not wanting to move, Hao Ritian also just nodded. "Sure."

This surprised Wei Lin. He hopped down the car right away and pulled Hao Ritian off, as if afraid he would change his mind. This made Hao Ritian quite delighted. After paying for the fare, he followed Wei Lin and entered the manor.

It didn't take long for Hao Ritian to feel a bit regretful. This manor was too fucking big. He and Wei Lin walked for nearly half an hour before reaching the mansion, they had walked so much that his sleepiness had almost flown away.

Entering the mansion, the steward immediately welcomed them in. The steward knew from the guard at the gates that the little young master had brought someone back, when the two of them entered the manor's main gate. No matter his identity, to be able to get the little young master to personally take him back, he must treat him with courtesy.

Hao Ritian's temper, however, was kindled but had nowhere to go. He could only greet the steward briskly then have Wei Lin bring him to his room. He needed rest right now, otherwise, he couldn't guarantee that he wouldn't take his anger out on others.

Once Wei Lin heard Hao Ritian say he wanted to go to his room, the expression on his face flashed into joy too fast for the human eye, and he gleefully brought him to his room. Hao Ritian came in and immediately said, "I'm going to take a bath, what about you?"

"I'll go with brother Yan." Wei Lin nearly raised his hand.

Hao Ritian directly picked Wei Lin up and went to the bathroom. The two of them took a short shower and after showering, Hao Ritian gloomily realised he had been too negligent when he made his decision. He didn't even have a change of clothes now that they were done showering.

But he was a master with a big heart. If he didn't have a change of clothes then simply don't change. He went straight to bed naked after showering, stuffing Wei Lin along into the covers as well. The instant he laid down, sleepiness quickly came to engulf him. He patted Wei Lin, "Be good, let's sleep first. Anything else, we'll talk about it after we wake up."

Wei Lin, a 5-year-old child, was also exhausted after a day of playing like crazy. He drilled into Hao Ritian's embrace, obediently not moving, and in a matter of minutes, the two fell asleep one after the other.

While they both slept soundly, the steward downstairs was incredibly distressed. The little young master suddenly sneaking out today had given him a great fright already, and now when he returned, he also brought along an unknown teenager. With the second master not present, he didn't know what to do.

This was seriously killing him with distress.

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