26 Chapter 26 – Nihao, Uncle

Hao Ritian waited patiently. He knew it wouldn't be long before either Ou Yu came knocking on their door or Mu Rou compromised. As for which result he would get, that depended on whether Fong Qi informed Ou Yu of the facts first or if Mu Rou made up her mind first. No matter the outcome, it was all the same to him. There was no harm in this.

Feng Qi received the DNA identification result from the hospital the afternoon he left the Mu House. The result proved that Mu Ziwen was indeed Ou Yu's biological son. Mu Ziwen's looks were a combination of Ou Yu's and Mu Rou's best features. His appearance was beautiful and handsome, but his slightly round eyes made him appear quite cute. He was an exceedingly remarkable young man.

If not for the eccentricities brought about by his condition, his frequent avoidance of eye contact and his hair which he left a little long, covering most of his bearing, his looks alone would have garnered him a lot of good impressions. However, his gloomy temperament and the unhealthy paleness of his face made him very unpopular. Under a combination of many factors, Mu Ziwen was an unnoticeable existence in school.

The hospital identification Feng Qi had would simply serve as a piece of evidence and nothing more. After seeing Mu Rou, he was already sure beyond doubt that Mu Ziwen was Ou Yu's son. But maybe, because of his job, he preferred to speak with evidence, which would also save a lot of time.

Since he had wanted to obtain the results quickly, Fong Qi even used his contacts in the hospital. His aim was simply to use the quickest and most efficient means to solve, what was to him, an unexpected matter. However, since leaving the Mu House, he had had a slight change of heart.

In particular, immediately after receiving the DNA identification results, he actually proceeded to drive to Ou Yu's company. According to his habits, calling Ou Yu to inform him would've already been loyal of him. Such an active behavior was really unexpected, especially coming from him.

Feng Qi was still mystified by his own behaviour when he sat down in Ou Yu's office. When did he become so active and passionate?

But since he came, he shouldn't waste the trip.

Holding his chin with one hand, Ou Yu looked at Feng Qi with surprise, "What brings you here? For you to actually come to the company to find me, is anything wrong?"

After all, of what he knew about Feng Qi, he wasn't an easygoing man. He really couldn't think of another reason, besides work, for him to actively seek him out.

Feng Qi didn't respond. Instead, he turned his sharp eyes on Ou Yu's face, and didn't let go of a single detail. Although Ou Yu was in his 40s, he took good care of his health and looked cultured and refined. He didn't look at all like a man experienced in the world of business, but rather, like someone from a literary family. The fine lines around the corner of his eyes didn't make him seem old. By contrast, it increased his charm as a mature man. His pair of fox eyes always seemed warm and soft, causing people to unconsciously let down their guards. If those who did business with him didn't pay attention, they might fall into a trap, for his tricks were not as gentle as his eyes.

His figure was also very good. He hadn't let himself go as he grew older and became fat, but was instead, very healthy. Come to speak of it, the 40s was still a man's golden age. Compared to young people, those who had been around the block would be even more attractive. In order to not be disliked by Mu Rou for being too ugly due to old age when he found her, Ou Yu wouldn't let himself deteriorate too much. Relatively speaking, he was a man very conscious of his personal image and health.

As he looked at Ou Yu's face, another younger face came to Feng Qi's mind. It was similar to Ou Yu's face, but had the spiritedness of youth, and the outline of his facial features were also softer than Ou Yu's. The most dissimilar area were the eyes. Feng Qi found that he preferred those eyes. Especially when they were wide-eyed and teary, they melted hearts.

Aware that he had let his thoughts wander, Feng Qi calmly recovered his state of mind. Facing Ou Yu's bemused gaze, he straightforwardly threw him the kraft paper bag in his hand, "Take a look inside."

Ou Yu was still perplexed, but he knew Feng Qi didn't do pointless things. Despite not understanding, he still complied and opened the paper bag, retrieving the documents inside and browsed through them.

At first, he was still puzzled but held a relaxed attitude. But as he read on, his mien became obviously tenser. His flipping motion became several times faster, and was both a little chaotic and shaky. Once he finally went over the last page, he was clearly shaken.

Forgetting himself, he jumped to his feet and walked from behind the desk to Feng Qi. Eyes wide open and his emotions unstable, he eagerly asked, "Where is my son? His mother is Mu Rou, isn't it? Feng Qi, quickly, tell me!"

There shouldn't be a mistake with the paternity test, and Feng Qi wouldn't use such a thing to play a joke. Plus, he had only ever been with one woman, and that was Mu Rou who he'd been looking for all these years. If he had a son, then he must be Mu Rou's. Mu Ziwen was his son and his surname was 'Mu', no way was it this coincidental!

So, although he phrased it as a question to Feng Qi, his heart already had an answer.

At that moment, the emotions in his heart, shock and ecstasy and more, tangled until he didn't know where one ended and the other began. He didn't expect to hear news about the woman he'd been searching for so many years, and to have a son appear. The two heavy news had long thrown him off his usual shrewdness and calm.

After all, so many years had passed. He had, in fact, been ready to grow old alone. When all was said and done, he was uncertain. Maybe the woman he was searching for had gotten married a long time ago and had completely wiped him from her mind. Nevertheless, he was not reconciled. He wasn't willing to let his feelings die or willing to thoroughly part ways when they hadn't spoken properly back then. The end of a relationship when its feelings were at its best was always unforgettable.

Ou Yu knew that the reason he had persisted till now, other than due to the perseverance of his feelings, was largely because he had become used to it.

Just when he was ready to die alone, he received news not only of the woman he was searching for, but also of a blood-related son—how could he not be shaken?!

He felt as if all the blood in his body was boiling, and his temple throbbed like a drum. He urgently needed to do something. He desperately wished he could race to Mu Rou and his son's side at once.

Feng Qi's current cool-headedness was sharp in contrast to Ou Yu's excitement. His eyes were piercing, drawing out a sense of oppressiveness. Even difficult criminals felt pressured in front of him. Under his careful regard, Ou Yu soon cooled down and regained his composure.

He slapped himself hard on the head, and vexedly said, "Sorry, my reaction was a little extreme."

"Understandable." Feng Qi, contrary to his expectation, nodded in understanding at that moment, "You look a lot calmer now. Hear me out."

Ou Yu picked up his spirits when he heard him say so, his mind focused. He didn't want to miss a word. However, in the wake of Feng Qi's narration, the expression on his face didn't lose to the one Mu Rou previously had. It changed in succession several times, more marvelous than a color palette.

Feng Qi wasn't talking about something else, and was almost repeating what he spoke to Mu Rou exactly word for word. Once he was done, he waited for Ou Yu to respond.

One had to say, Ou Yu was more astute than Mu Rou. He was able to grow his company bigger and better after separating from his family, and occupy a place in the upper echelon of the Imperial capital. Hence, his capability was most definitely nothing to sneeze at. Moreover, so many years of making a living in the business world had made him much more mature and given him much more depth than at the beginning.

As quickly as possible, Ou Yu sorted his state of mind, all previous loss of control gone. His sharp eyes met Feng Qi's and his voice was heavy, "Let's not talk in circles. You saved my son and by logic and feelings, I should be grateful. But I also know how strong your self-control is, so I don't believe you had relations with Ziwen because you couldn't control yourself. Since Ziwen is my son, according to seniority, he should be calling you 'uncle'. You are an elder but you went to bed with Ziwen, what were you thinking?"

If it wasn't that Feng Qi was his friend, that he knew Feng Qi didn't sleep around and that, more importantly, Feng Qi saved his son, his attitude wouldn't be as it was now.

At that moment, he was just a father who was simply demanding an explanation for his son. Even if he had never met his son, even if his standing wasn't enough against Feng Qi, no matter how many thoughts he had, they couldn't beat back his most direct one—to seek justice for his son.

As for how Feng Qi would regard him afterwards, how he had to thank Feng Qi and apologize for his aggressive attitude, those were matters for later.

Feng Qi didn't appear guilty in face of Ou Yu's interrogation. If he truly had a guilty conscience, he wouldn't have honestly spoken the truth. However, he had no intention of looking down on 'Mu Ziwen' either. Under Ou Yu's watchful gaze, he told the truth without concealment, "No matter how much I speak, it won't hide the fact that I had intentions at the time. The matter has already happened so it's meaningless to say anymore."

He naturally wouldn't lament over the things he'd done. Honestly speaking, this current situation was a bit of a headache. It was impossible for him to pretend it never happened. But if he was asked to take responsibility, first let's not mention the opinion of the parents, Ou Yu and Mu Rou, he himself couldn't rashly make that decision.

Although, he did think that the young man was somewhat special. When all was said and done, they had only known each other for the short duration of last night and this morning. They didn't have even the most basic understanding between each other. He wouldn't make empty promises without an absolute guarantee.

Immediately after Ou Yu finished listening to Feng Qi, he wore a choked expression on his face. The keen look on his face turned into one of indescribable strangeness. For a while, he didn't know how to respond.

Fortunately, he had been through many great storms. Ou Yu was quick to readjust his expression, "Anyhow, you helped me a great deal this time. Ziwen, that boy, escaped thanks to you."

Speaking of this, his face became stern, but this time with a touch of fierceness and a murderous look, "I absolutely won't let the person who wanted to handle Ziwen, off. I hope you can investigate this."

It wasn't that he didn't want to investigate it himself. However, he knew that with Feng Qi's contacts, it would be more efficient for him to do it. Moreover, since Feng Qi had already taken over the matter, he couldn't causally interfere, that would imply distrust in Feng Qi's abilities. It wouldn't be too late if he waited until after the investigation findings to make a move.

Feng Qi nodded wordlessly, but suddenly changed his tone, "From what I've seen of Mu Rou, it's obvious she hasn't decided whether or not to accept you. Ziwen doesn't even know of your existence. Have you thought of what to do?"

The word 'Ziwen' was spoken very smoothly out of his mouth, as if he had said it countless times. Heavens knew they hadn't even known each other for a full day.

At that moment, however, Ou Yu didn't have the energy to notice that small detail, because what Feng Qi spoke now were his exact thoughts. His brain couldn't stop itself from scrambling again. After so many years, on learning of Mu Rou's whereabouts, he was instead feeling nervous.

He was, of course, overjoyed about having a son. But at the same time, he was flustered. His son was already an adult; he didn't know if he would acknowledge him as his father. Would he blame him for not participating in his upbringing for so many years? In a flash, he was once again distressed for his son's autism, and what's more, his son's condition was indirectly related to him. All kinds of questions rolled around his head, making his head hurt.

Right then, Ou Yu wasn't the ever-ready president of 'Chengwen Science and Technology', nor was he the business magnate known for being a cunning fox in the business world. He was simply a man flustered and uneasy about the woman he liked and the knowledge of his son's existence.

Feng Qi's voice, once again, cut his daydream short. This time, Feng Qi's tone carried a hint of warning, "If Ziwen hadn't experienced this matter due to his or Mu Rou's own problems, have you ever thought that it may have something to do with you?"

Leaving that word of warning, Feng Qi stood up and adjusted his cuffs. He said insipidly, "I'll be leaving now. See you again."

Long after Feng Qi left, Ou Yu was still chewing on what Feng Qi said before leaving. After all, what he said wasn't improbable. But if that was truly the case, how would he face Ziwen and his mother?

The results clearly hadn't come out yet, but a deep sense of guilt already gutted Ou Yu's heart. He didn't even respond when someone knocked on his office door.

The knocker may have felt that something was off. After knocking a couple times to no response, he pushed open the door. On seeing Ou Yu sitting behind the desk in a daze, he let out a sigh of relief and raised his voice to speak again, "What's on your mind, Second Uncle? You didn't even hear me knock!"

Only then was Ou Yu pulled away from his reverie. When he saw who came in, he answered without a thought, "Ah, it's Siyang, I was just thinking about something."

When he finished, his expression froze for an abrupt moment before quickly returning to normal. He watched his nephew come near and asked in a normal tone, "You should be graduating soon, right? How are you adjusting to the company these days?"

Ou Siyang replied, "It's alright. I still don't have much experience, after all. I'm going to slowly accumulate some first. I can't disgrace Second Uncle."

Despite being only in his twenties, his temperament seemed steady. He was also close with and hero-worshipped his uncle, Ou Yu. Otherwise, he would've had his graduation internship at his own family's company, instead of going to Ou Yu's 'Chengwen Science and Technology'.

Ou Yu smiled and used a joking tone to say, "Are there any juniors at school who you think is outstanding? After all, Imperial University is a famous school, maybe some Imperial University graduates will be suitable talents for our company."

Ou Siyang smiled, "Second Uncle, you're really flattering us by saying this. My classmates in the same grade all know of Chengwen Science and Technology's name. Many of them were envious when they heard I was here. Those who can work here are all elite. Our school may be well-known, but those who graduate from a famous school aren't necessarily talents. Second Uncle should be very clear about that. As for juniors, I'm really busy in the student union so I really haven't had much time to notice."

He was acting as the president of the student union in his junior year. He wasn't being modest when he said he was busy.

Ou Yu thought he was being paranoid after Feng Qi departure. He couldn't help but doubt his nephew when he saw him and remembered how he and his son both attended Imperial University. After all, according to Feng Qi, his son quite resembled him. If his nephew met him, he would surely be somewhat suspicious.

Shaking his head, he temporarily calmed down. With his current frame of mind, it clearly wasn't suitable for him to think too much.

"Second Uncle, I came to invite you out for a meal. My pay cheque for last month has been issued and this is the remuneration for my first job. I want to treat you." Both hands propped on the desk, Ou Siyang looked expectantly at Ou Yu, like a child wishing to obtain the acknowledgement of his elder.

Ou Yu conveniently tidied up the documents on his desk and, not disappointing him, immediately stood up, "Let's go, then. Should I feel honoured for being able to get Siyang to treat me with his first pay cheque?"

He'll use this break to carefully think about what to do next.

The two, uncle and nephew, left the office laughing and chatting.


After a whole day of struggling and thinking, Mu Rou finally decided to wait until tomorrow to find out who'd been out to get her son from Feng Qi, and then consider whether or not to let her son meet Ou Yu. Things would have to come one at a time.

Mu Rou didn't speak to Hao Ritian about his father before he went to bed. He understood right away. It seemed it would still take some time for Mu Rou's side to come around. Comparatively speaking, Ou Yu's side might be progressing much quicker.

He didn't believe Ou Yu would still bide his time after learning news about them from Feng Qi. Once he surmised that, he unknowingly slept until early morning.

His guess was soon confirmed. After the mother and son duo had breakfast, Mu Rou received a call from Feng Qi. The look on her face was extremely complicated after she hung up. Hao Ritian didn't pursue and waited for her to tell him on her own.

Mu Rou didn't struggle for long this time and, like Hao Ritian thought, came to him on her own.

"Ziwen, Mr. Feng invited us for lunch at noon, and…" She paused. Nevertheless, she completed her sentence, though her expression seemed a bit difficult, "And your father will also be there. Mom hadn't deliberately concealed things about your father. Can you forgive Mom?"

She felt her face burn as she said this. When it came down to it, her son was the most blameless of them all, yet she wanted her son's unconditional forgiveness. After she finished speaking, she cupped Hao Ritian's face and asked with a serious expression, "Do you want to see your father?"

Hao Ritian looked dazed, but reflexively responded in a general way, "If Mom wants to go, I'll go."

Mu Rou's heart ached again at his reply and she suddenly held her son in her arms, her voice choked, "Let's see your father at noon. He is a very gentle man. Ziwen is such a good boy, he'll certainly like you very, very much."

It was precisely due to her son's reaction that the struggle in her heart faded away in an instant. Feng Qi was right. No matter whether it was her son or Ou Yu, they both had the right to know and choose. She couldn't be so selfish.

Feng Qi had called to say that results had come out of the investigation, but suggested that since Ou Yu wanted to meet them, the findings would also be laid out in front of the two of them. When the time came, they could discuss how to resolve this.

As Mu Ziwen's parents, they indeed had the right and authority to do that.

After a long consideration, Mu Rou agreed. Which was why she had that conversation with Hao Ritian.

Hao Ritian knew he was going to meet Ou Yu at noon, but didn't display any special behaviour. He wasn't expectant, nor did he cower. He was no different from usual.

A majority of those with autism were immersed in their own world, and Mu Ziwen had been autistic for so long, even when he heard about the father he had admired and yearned for when he was young, he didn't have a very big reaction. Even if he did, it wasn't easy to see. Hao Ritian had to do well to control the degree of reaction. His performance made Mu Rou breathe a sigh of relief yet feel an unspeakable disappointment.

Although she didn't want her son to be snatched away by Ou Yu, even more, she didn't want her son to have no reaction at all. If Ou Yu's appearance could cause her son to slowly recover, she would be happy despite her reluctance.

But now, it appeared she was expecting too much.

Forget it, it looked like she still had to take it slow. She was being too hurried. So many years had passed already, what was a little more time? She could afford to wait.

So, despite her son acting the same as usual, she still helped her son match clothes that would reflect all of his advantages, in anticipation of their meeting with Ou Yu at noon. The father and son were meeting for the first time. She hoped her son would be impeccable in Ou Yu's eyes.

In this regard, Hao Ritian endured as a matter of course. Whatever Mu Rou asked him to wear, he wore.

Time flew by, and at eleven o'clock, Mu Rou set off with Hao Ritian. The place Feng Qi told her was a ** high-class private restaurant. It was nearly 12 when Mu Rou and Hao Ritian arrived. After reporting their room number, they were taken to a private room by a waiter.

Mu Rou stood at the door of the private room and adjusted her expression to an invulnerable state before opening the door and entering together with Hao Ritian. Ou Yu and Feng Qi were already waiting inside.

When Ou Yu saw the mother and son pair enter, he was so nervous he could hardly speak. His eyes brushed carefully over Mu Rou's face, then stopped for a while on Hao Ritian. Back and forth, he looked at the two several times. No one in the private room spoke. For a moment, the atmosphere was so quiet.

Still, it was Feng Qi's light cough that snapped Ou Yu out of it.

There was no expression on his face and he appeared very solemn. But Feng Qi, and even Mu Rou, knew that this was a manifestation of his extreme nervousness. Mu Rou was even a bit surprised. She thought she had forgotten, and in fact, when she first saw Ou Yu she indeed felt somewhat unfamiliar around him, but she didn't expect to be still so awfully familiar with Ou Yu's emotional reactions.

"Ah, you've arrived. Come, have a seat and let me introduce you all. This is Feng Qi, my good friend. Ziwen, yes? Say hello to your uncle Feng!" Ou Yu took the initiative to pull the two chairs next to him and greet Mu Rou and Hao Ritian.

Mu Rou brought Hao Ritian over to the seats. She had a strange look on her face when she heard Ou Yu's last sentence, but still tapped Hao Ritian on the shoulder and echoed Ou Yu, "Ziwen, say hello!"

Hao Ritian looked down at the table top in front of him, his hands unconsciously pinching the tablecloth draped over it. Urged on by Mu Rou, he didn't raise his head, but murmured, "Hello, Uncle Feng."

Inwardly, he was about to piss himself laughing. He really wanted to see what expression Feng Qi had right now.

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