1 Chapter 1 – Just One Word: Refreshing

Hao Ritian, "Fuck me!!!!!"

The system became anxious, "What's wrong? What's wrong?"

Hao Ritian, "I have fucking rabies!!!!"

System gave a sigh of relief, "Didn't you already know that? What's wrong about it?"

Hao Ritian, "No, there's nothing wrong, I just got too excited. Rabies is great, you can bite whoever approaches. How delightful!"

System, "…"

Now it was its turn to want to curse!

"I like this world a lot. I'd be grateful to you if the worlds in the future are more or less similar. Really." Hao Ritian felt like this system was truly an angel.

But the system felt like its heart was so tired—Don't ask it where its heart is, thank you!

Its task was to select a suitable host to change the fate trajectory for those who had either died a wrongful death or fallen into a miserable ending, since, according to the original fate trajectory, they shouldn't have ended up that way. After thorough consideration, it had chosen this current host.

The host's car brakes had been tampered with and an accident occurred as he drove off the highway, resulting in a car crash. It was also then that it bound the host and requested him to complete missions with it. Of course, there would be rewards after finishing the missions; when he accumulated enough points from completing missions, it would let the host return to the moment right before the car accident happened.

The host had agreed with no hesitation whatsoever.

Afterwards, the system spent less than ten minutes interacting with the host before regretting its decision a little. Its considerations for choosing hosts were only based on comprehensive data. It didn't have a detailed understanding of the host's personality and personal character.

It still remembered asking, after successfully binding, what the host's name was and for him to maybe introduce himself as well. The host had smiled and replied with three words, "Hao Ritian."

It should be known that systems, nowadays, also kept up with the times. Don't assume it didn't know what those two words 'Ritian'1 meant. It had a bad premonition then, and now, it was coming true.

With the attitude and reactions of the host, it felt like it would have endless worries in the future.

"Since you like it, then you better finish the missions well. Don't forget, the missions will affect whether or not you can go back to the moment before your accident." There was no place for regret. The system could only comfort itself, luckily, the mission worlds it received are all rather strange. As long as its host continued being even stranger, the completion rate for the missions surely won't be low.

Hao Ritian's expression cooled, "Of course I'll complete my tasks well."

Actually daring to tamper his car and want his life, if not for the system, the other party might have really prevailed. Whoever made him unhappy, he'll make them ten times, a hundred times unhappier.

Yan Qi's life and his had a nearly 80% overlap, giving him a sense of similarity. However, the difference between them was that, compared to Yan Qi, he was brainier and more ruthless. Yan Qi was played into running in circles, but he would make those who displeased him run in circles instead.

He lowered his eyes. Even so, he was still pitted by that mindless dunce. He might have been laughed at behind his back and called him a 'poor sucker' if it weren't for the system.

He curbed his thoughts for a moment and began to recall the short life of the original host.

The original host seemed like an impulsive and irascible teenager, but his inherent character wasn't like that. He'd become like this only because, within a few days of his mother's death due to illness, his father brought home a new wife along with a son and a daughter. She may have been called his new wife, but who didn't know that she was the mistress his old man had kept outside? Moreover, Yan Qi and her son were born merely a couple of days apart.

That was to say, around the time Yan Qi's mother had gotten pregnant, his old man's mistress had gotten pregnant as well. Quite obviously, this derailment hadn't been accidental, but intentional.

This blow to Yan Qi, when he found out the truth, was not any less devastating than the early passing of his mother. The teenager who was originally living in a privileged environment, all of a sudden found himself facing such a cruel reality. Yan Qi's personality transformed from cheerful and sunny to impetuous and irascible almost completely overnight.

This was still only the beginning of his tragedy.

His father was a man from a rural region who married into the family of a city girl. Because of Tan Qi's maternal grandfather's foresight, all the shares of the family company were actually in his mother's hands, and before his mother left the world, she transferred all the shares to Yan Qi. However, worried that he was too young, his mother deliberately stated during the transfer that Yan Qi needed to be 20 years old for the shares to be given to him. Before the age of 20, they would be handed over to a guardian to manage temporarily. And since his biological father was still around, that guardian would be him.

Yan Qi himself didn't know about all this. According to the law, the day he reached 20, the equity would automatically register under his name. All of this was humiliating for Yan Yongan, Yan Qi's father. When his father-in-law had been around, the equity shares of the company were in his hands. When his father-in-law was gone, they were in his wife's hands. When his wife was no longer here, they were in his son's. From beginning to end, it had nothing to do with him. They were practically guarding against him like facing a thief.

Afterwards, Yan Yongan and his mistress, ah no—new wife, began plotting to seize the equity shares under Yan Qi's name. The new wife would act like a kind and gentle stepmother, and though Yan Qi never felt appreciative of it, she would be insistent. Her son and daughter, on the other hand, would use every opportunity to mock Yan Qi and get in his way, causing the impetuous and irascible Yan Qi's temper to grow worse and worse.

In less than a half a year's time, Yan Qi changed from a sunny and open teenager to a mad dog that bit anyone he saw. Even those who sympathised with him at first thought he was like a patient with rabies, and avoided him like the plague.

The opportunity for the stepmother to seize Yan Qi's shares came when Yan Qi realised he was actually gay. No matter what, he was still just a teenager after all. Suddenly discovering his sexuality and having no one to talk to, his anxious emotions worsened his temper. By accident, the stepmother found the webpage that Yan Qi had browsed through but pretended not to have seen it.

She found a distant nephew to pretend to be a caring and gentleman and approach Yan Qi. That man was an experienced playboy and under his deliberate deception, the already confused and lacking-in-love Yan Qi soon became besotted, going so far as to personally sign the transfer of shares in the end.

When he realised everything, it was already too late. That man accepted a large sum of money from Yan Qi's stepmother and dumped him, while his biological father drove Yan Qi out of the house. He wanted to appeal to the court to recover the things that belonged to him, however, he had no money, no connections and was being watched by his father's men. Eventually, Yan Qi became a poor man who had nothing.

He died from illness before reaching 30. Sad and pitiful.

After looking back on Yan Qi's life, indescribable gloom and coldness covered Hao Ritian's expression.

System, "Host, are you alright?"

His expression was a little frightening!

Hao Ritian raised his eyes and like magic, a smile as refreshing as the spring breeze hung on his face, "It's nothing, I'm just very happy. Those fools who cheated Yan Qi should be left to me to handle."

System, "…Good."

It's good if it's nothing.

Hao Ritian, "And that Cheng Nian, if I don't bite him till he calls for his daddy, I would be letting down my name."

Cheng Nian was that scum who played with Yan Qi's feelings, then dumped him after receiving money. Half of Yan Qi's tragedy originated from his deceit.

Although the system was happy to see its host return to normal, he still tiredly and dutifully reminded, "Dear, do you still remember that you're human? You hadn't been bitten by a dog so could you please not go around biting others?"

"Oh right." Hao Ritian suddenly realised, "Biting him would dirty my mouth. I have thousands of other ways to make this kind of scum kneel down and shout 'daddy'."

After saying that, he asked with a slightly surprised look, "How come a system like you are actually using such a Taobao customer service tone? Do you shop at Taobao a lot? Can systems browse Taobao too?"

System, "Please don't discriminate against us, thank you."

Hao Ritian smoothed its ruffled feathers, "Okay, I was wrong. It's right of you to ignore me, don't be upset."

System, "…"

It isn't upset—okay, fine, It is a little upset.

Just then, there was a knock at the door, and a gentle voice whispered, "Qiqi, food is ready, come out and eat."

This was clearly the voice of that stepmother, Yuan Wenyu.

At this time, it had been one week since Yuan Wenyu arrived and currently, Yuan Wenyu still liked to act like a gentle and loving stepmother in front of Yan Qi. What she was the fondest of doing was display her tolerance and consideration towards his legitimate son in front of Yan Yongan.

Hao Ritian playfully raised his brow. When he got off the bed, his expression rapidly changed and there was a noticeable hotheadedness between his brows and a fierceness in his eyes. With one glance, one knew that he was difficult to approach.

He walked over to the door and opened it. Yuan Wenyu's knocking action halted in midair, but her face revealed obvious joy in seeing him willing to respond to her and come out for the first time. Smiling, she said, "That's right. No matter how upset you are, you mustn't treat your body…" like a joke.

She didn't get a chance to say the last three words.

Hao Ritian's eyebrows were heavy with gloom. He glanced at her as if she were a fly, his eyes full of disgust, "Buzz off. Also, who allowed you to call me by my name? Call me Young Master Yan, understand?"

Yuan Wenyu, no matter how good she was at pretending, showed obvious signs of stiffness then — Call him Young Master Yan?

As far as status was concerned, she was Yan Qi's stepmother. Even if Yan Qi didn't call her mom, he should still call her Auntie Yuan. Why should she call him Young Master Yan? Wasn't that derogating her own identity?

Moreover, what Yuan Wenyu hated the most, was people bragging about their status.

Spotting a familiar figure from the corner of her eye, her face immediately revealed a expression of embarrassment and grievance, but also of strong tolerance, looking as though she wouldn't bicker with a child.

"Yan Qi, what impudent things are you saying? Your mom had well-intentionally prepared a meal for you herself, and came to call you down once she was done, and this is how you treat her?" Yan Yongan who'd been ill at ease and came to take a look at the situation in person happened to overhear the dialogue very clearly. He immediately charged over to point and bellow at Hao Ritian.

Hao Ritian swatted away the finger that was pointing at him, bitterness and disappointment flickering past his eyes. He roared back even louder, "My mom's already dead. This woman isn't my mom. You really make sick."

Yan Yongan stared disbelievingly at Hao Ritian, "What did you say?"

He couldn't believe that the son who used to worship him and yearn for his recognition the most would say he was sickening. He even thought he was hallucinating.

The corner of Yuan Wenyu's lips hooked up imperceptibly but soon stiffened again with Hao Ritian's next line.

"You found a mistress outside and even brought her and her bastards home after my mom's death, you are just disgusting. Disgusting, disgusting, absolutely disgusting!" Hao Ritian burst into tears as he roared, giving a vivid performance of a hurt, disappointed and irrational teen.

Yan Qi himself wouldn't do this, but Hao Ritian's purpose was to alter Yan Qi's life trajectory. And before Yan Qi's life trajectory turned around, he had to count on himself.

Hao Ritian definitely wouldn't be unfair to himself in order to make others happy. His purpose was to make the scum who nauseated him unhappy.

After yelling, Hao Ritian promptly made a run for it.

Snapping back to his fury, Yan Yongan threw a slap at Hao Ritian, yet his slap touched nothing but thin air since Hao Ritian had already run away. He himself nearly lost his balance from the heavy force he threw out, but was supported by Yuan Wenyu at the nick of time.

Hao Ritian: Hehe, if you wanna beat this master, it depends on whether or not this master will give you the chance.

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