1 Chapter 1 "Small dream"

In a cold rainy night my family went to the hospital , In a hurry and excitement...well the experience of having your first child must be a very special moment am I right? and although it was a hard time for both my father and my mother...specially my dear mother but their happiness and excitement took over their fear it was around 9 PM and they were waiting for the doctor at that time

Mary : "with fearful eyes" Josh I do feel really scared for our daughter

"Josh took her hands lovingly to comfort her"

Josh: Come on Mary our daughter is waiting for us don't worry about her at all let's go

They went towards the doctor and for your information the doctor was my father's friend what a small world I guess

The Doc : Hey Josh long time no see how you doing man..hello Miss Miller "smile"

Josh : It's good to see you too doc "smile"

The Doc : First congratulations about the coming kid

Mary : Thanks doctor Jeff but she is a girl not a boy "smile"

The Doc : Oh..congrats..Josh I remember when you told me that you wanted your first child be a boy so badly "chuckle" I guess its not your day

Somehow my mum got mad at that point because honestly...that's RUDE!

Josh : "smile" No I am glad that I have a daughter and I hope she come to us safely

The Doc : Nice..and what will you call her?

Mary : Lorraine...her name will be Lorraine

Josh : That's true

The Doc : Very nice..now Josh you can rest till we finish don't worry about them shall we go Miss Miller

Mary : Y-Yeah sure

she was a bit scared when Josh took her to his embrace kissing her forehead

Josh : Don't worry at all Mary I am waiting for you

Mary : "teary eyes" alright...I love you!

Josh : Love you too!

The Doc : Miss Miller come on don't you wanna see your daughter?

Few hours later Josh was walking worried waiting for us each 5 min he go and check if she finished or no and then he stopped when he heard a baby's voice...crying...he rushed to the operations room the doctor came out holding a baby giving her to her father with a smile

The Doc : Congratulations Josh your daughter looks so beautiful similar to her mother "soft laughs"

He was tearing up smiling widely while playing with her little hand

Josh : Hello Lorraine you look so beautiful my little angle...oh doctor what about Mary is she okay?

The Doc : More than okay don't worry she need some rest..

He looked back to the girl between his hands she smiled a little made him giggle like kids he went with me to my mum in excitement

Josh : Look..Look Mary she looks similar to you , don't you think "smile"

Mary : "weak voice" Oh my god...she looks so pretty......I feel like...like I don't need something else just you and our daughter "sigh" I hope we never change Josh...I hope we stay like this

Josh : Don't worry babe I am here with you hmm I won't leave your side...no matter what..

Mary : Promise me..

Josh: "smile" I promise!

Days had passed and my life was pretty normal with my family....I didn't know...that one day all this will vanish...all this will change....all this will go...like a beautiful dream that I wanna go back to it!

Three years had passed and I remember a lot of....memories....that I should not save it because it's hard for most of the kids in that age but..they say children are too pure and clear they express their feelings a long with their sharp memories too!

the love...and promises...didn't last for too long...and I had to face a terrible childhood with my parents..

Mary : Lorraine you have to finish the whole plate...yes here you go "smile"

Innocently playing while eating when I heard the main door opened and closed harshly , the same thing as always when my father get back home the fake painful smile on mother while he take off his jacket carelessly

Mary : How was your day honey?

Josh : Fine..

Mary : You must be hungry..do you wanna me to prepare-

Josh : I already had my dinner no need

Mary : Oh..with who? "smile"

Josh : Is this an investigation or what?

Mary : "sigh" Lorraine go to your room sweetie mommy will be right back go.. I couldn't hide my intense curiosity , although I knew that what would

happen is not good...so I was watching silently from the peek of my door

I found my mother taking a deep breath and tearing up

and I think I heard her sobbing too!

Mary : Remember Josh....when you promised....when you said you will love us and care about us.....that we will not change and we will stay together

Josh : Stop drama that makes me wanna throw up...I wanna sleep now goodnight!

Mary : Josh wait!

what happened to you ha? what made you acting coldly and carelessly like this!....when I ask about you in your job they answer me we haven't seen him today and ALWAYS come back drunk late at midnight , and this in case if you came because most of the time we don't see you what's wrong?!

Josh : Are you following me or what?

Mary : I haven't YET....till when you will act like this you forgot totally about Lorraine and how much we need you THEN WHAT!

Josh : WHAT DO YOU THINK! you think I like the way we are living? and you always think that I am the only wrong one.....Lorraine and the job took you we barely get time for us...AND THEN YOU NEED ME TO BE READY..WHENEVER YOU WANT!

Mary : "chuckle" Are you aware from what you are saying you are talking about Lorraine...your daughter! and why you didn't talk from the very start instead you acted childishly and dropped your responsibility as a father

Josh : Oh yeah we are equal because you dropped your responsibility as a wife!

Mary : Are you aware from what you are saying!!? I am doing all this for Lorraine...FOR US!

Josh : Enough now Marry....enough!


Josh : SHUT UP!!

All that happened in split second a hard slap from my father made my mother fall down on the edge of the table and quickly I saw pool of blood under my mother I couldn't scream no reaction just tears falling down freely my father hurried to the lifeless body shaking and crying a mess

Josh : Mary!!...Mary wake up it's not time for your jokes...M-Mary I am sorry "sob" please wake up I am sorry darling..WAKE UP!!

Lorraine : Mommy?

He got shocked and ran towards me hugging me to not see my mother

Josh : It's okay...Mommy is okay sweetheart

Lorraine : "sob" Mommy!

Josh : shhh listen Mommy is just....taking a small nap okay don't make noise so your mommy can sleep let's go I will get you some ice-cream walk a little and then come back home alright angel?

I just nodded my father went so fast to my room took few clothes for him and me stuffed it inside a bag and then we went out...I remember that this was the last time I saw my dear mother...and then everything changed

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