1 Chapter 1: Life As a Symbiote

[Klyntar POV:]

Life as a Klyntar can be two things, complicated or easy. For example the high tiers like our old king Riot, lived simply taking control of any host they bonded to and discarding them when they felt like it.

Then you have us few low tiers "symbiotes" who have no choice but to work together with our host who just happens to be compatible. Life for us is NOT simple. At all. Get rejected by the body, you die. Stay outside a body too long, you die. Get the interest of a high tier? You die... at least that was until Venom, my grandfather, came along and changed all that, he bonded with Eddie Brock and even managed to defeat Riot. Venom was definitely no high tier, being renowned as the loser of our planet but could just about choose the host he liked.

My name is Virus. My father carnage and I don't get along well since he tried to kill me for being weak unlike my now deceased brother Toxin the arguably strongest Klyntar there is, at least in our family tree that is, then there's my older sister scorn with her tech rep, was for a while my Klyntar idol since she was one of the few Klyntar that used their powers for good. That said They both mainly feed off of other chemicals relating to anger and adrenaline anyways though, Toxin was the worst by far, well before he died that is.

I am different from them, I don't have any desire to bite people's heads off which makes feeding very difficult. Currently I'm just about surviving off of host jumping, never able to stick to one person for too long thanks to their pesky immune systems rejecting me. I needed a host. A permanent one and soon else my father's wish for my death will come sooner than even he anticipated.

As for my previous hosts, I often would try to find hosts that love chocolate thanks to the amount of endorphins they cause the brain to release, basically They make the host happy and happy equals serotonin which trust me is delish. However, sometimes I'd have to make do with whoever was close enough to escape immune rejection. My first host shaped who I am, she was my nana. A sweet old lady unfortunately at the end of her life, she raised me like a child.. Like her son and in return I kept her body running as long as I could, I only wish that were longer.. I was too weak. The ones after that never matched up even a little.

For the last 2 months I've been Inhabiting in a midlife male named Jerry thanks to my prior host becoming depressed and suicidal in front of him and probably because of him and let's just say staying with him is no option. Serotonin is the last thing you'll find in this sleazebag other than when he's cheating on his wife with a random hooker or beating her as well as their daughter. I have planned to kill this scum and inhabit his step-daughter instead; Mia.

Mia was a bright young Lady of age 16, when her step-father wasn't abusing her, she had an energy you couldn't beat and a mischievous side to match. Jerry's memories of her were both beautiful and utterly sickening, the amount of abuse he subjected her two made me tempted to kill him on the spot. She was to be my host, assuming her body wouldn't try to kill me like the last 28. I've had a bad run..

The family lived in a small rundown apartment, no living room, just a bathroom, kitchen and two bedrooms. The kitchen was a state mold everywhere, bags of partially used drugs. God the stuff is disgusting, makes his brain chemicals go all over the place and then I end up spending the next day cleaning the crap outta him, which of course makes him take more thinking he is some immune superman. He isn't, should've died 15 times by now.. I should've let him.

Oh and fair warning, this guy has one potty mouth.


"But Hun, there's nothing in the fridge and there's no more money.. Y-you used it all..." This was not gonna go well, I could feel him trying to muster "his" strength, but I repressed it. I liked this family, well the mother and daughter at least. Emily, Mia's mother, was the kindest mother you could meet, but she was beaten and abused to the point where she was too afraid to fight back even a little. I was surprised she had even spoken up for herself.

"YOU UNGRATEFUL-" he swung a hot pan full of cheap tinned noodles at her. I was not going to let that happen.

[3rd person POV:]

Out of Jerry's arm came a red and metallic silver tendril that wrapped itself around his arm, Jerry stopped dead in his tracks as shock filled his rotten mind. The pan had stopped its trajectory, but some of the oils hadn't and found their way onto Mia's face burning her with a deafening scream. The oil had hit her directly in what used to be beautiful Grey eyes, likely blinding her for life. The Klyntar made a jump for it, leaving his body whilst impaling his demented heart. He would plague this world no more. Virus had latched onto Mia who was too busy cradling her head to notice the little Klyntar diffuse its way into her. Now all he had to do was hope her body wouldn't try kill him as well.

Emily was the slowest to react to the situation just missing the scene of Virus's transgressions, due to cowering her head. She had always tried to take the abuse instead of Mia, but sometimes the fear would beat her caring motherly mind and cause her to freeze.

"OMG baby come here I'm sorry I'm so sorry.." she was crying her eyes out in worry not even bothering to check on the now blood smothered filth a few steps away. She fell to her knees and cradled Mia in her arms not letting her eyes taste the bitter truth

Inside Mia, Virus was spreading out his reach, fusing himself to every cell repairing everything he could. The damage to her eyes was permanent and he couldn't get too close thanks to the intense heat, but he at least healed the surrounding tissue to minimize the pain. After a minute of rocking her now blind daughter, Emily finally felt a cold liquid at her knees and looked to find the source. A sickly red fluid had been flowing out of her stomach. How? She looked up to see the cause. Her husband, who was somehow standing whilst bleeding to his death, had stabbed her with a knife.

"If I die, You're both coming with me" she immediately became worried not for herself, but her daughter.. He was gonna kill her as well, was all she could think.

"MIA RUN! RUN NOW!" she screamed louder than she had in years. Mia in her confused state could only stumble away from the source of the sound, barely missing the blade that was aimed her way.

[Virus's POV:]

I wish I could save her mother but for now Mia was my priority. We can return later, a knife to the stomach is not fatal should she keep the knife in. I popped my head out to see where we're going and began directing her to safety.

[Mia's POV:]

'Go left!' I could hear a voice in my head, but everything was happening too fast and it was too dark to see anything… I had to get out.. No, I had to save mum!

' GO LEFT!' The voice was much angrier and left no room for argument. I turned 90 degrees to the left and ran passing what was probably the living room. praying my mother was ok while tears streamed down my face.

'RIGHT!' I simply obeyed and ran into what I guessed was a door, I frantically felt around for the handle. Fear and panic filled my whole body, finally I felt the cool smooth surface of the doorknob gripped and turned it, freeing myself to the bright outside world… Only It wasn't bright.

All I could see was a cold endless void of black.

[Virus's POV:]

Finally the girl had listened to me.. I was getting tired, healing her injuries, including old ones from the days prior. I had to rest but I also had to get Emily help.

'You are blind' I know not the most subtle of ways to tell her, but communication was hard.

"Wha? What? Who are you? Where are you?" Understandably she was confused, but her mothers injuries didn't have time for confusion and holding back the pain from her eyes was getting annoying. They needed to be cooled so I could get to work. There was a fountain just ahead of the house. Emily may have been poor but they owned a home in a nice close with a fountain at its centre. Not many people either, which worked in my favour.

'Ahead put cold water on face, heat hurts' again communicating with a new host is hard, especially while simultaneously repairing 12 years worth of abusive injury. I only wish I could remove the scars as well, but I'm too weak for that right now.

"Who said that! Show yourself! Why is it so dark?!?" Why do they always panic and never listen to the answers given..

'I'm part of you now. You are blind. Forwards to Cold water, stop the burning' I let a little of the pain slip through so she'd get the message and listen. She screamed in pain since I had let a little too much through, but sure enough she ran forwards. Right into the low fountain wall after a moment of orienting herself with her hands, she felt for the water scooped a handful up and doused her face with it, being evening time the water was cool but not freezing perfect for the wound.

As soon the area had cooled down enough I surged on to the site repairing any dead cells that I could, as suspected the eyes were dead and not even Carnage could repair them; not that he ever would.

"I'm blind aren't I?" she had calmed down a bit, surprisingly so as well after what she had just been through.

'Yes' she sighed and sat by the fountain's stone wall holding her head. I would console her but we had a mother to save.

'Mother, help' He should've died by now and if not I had just enough energy to finish the job, even If I didn't he'd only kill himself off with a swift Overdose in less than a week I bet.

"MOTHER!" she stood, started running, forgetting that she is indeed blind and has no clue where she is even facing. Humans can be stupid sometimes…

'Turn around' luckily she obeyed and turned a full 180 on the spot and continued running again into the door. Hard. That had to hurt.

"Could've told me the door was there!" I was more surprised she wasn't still questioning who I was or even more. what i was.

'Sorry' she opened the door and burst in her memory of the building taking over her sense of direction and leading her back to the kitchen. It was impressive to watch.

"Mum? Mum! Where are you?? Are you ok?" I looked around on her behalf, her mother lay on the ground. A subtle pulse of her chest indicated she was breathing but a new injury to the head suggested further struggle and conflict. But there was no sign of the father, had he survived? Had I missed the heart? If so, where was he? I looked around and saw a blood trail leading to the door, he had escaped. I wanted to chase him, wanted to kill him for what he had done to my new host.

I may have only known them for a couple months, but they felt the same as nana. And so I'd grown attached, but sentiments aside I had to check on Emily.

"Is she ok? Hello? Voice dude?" voice dude? What kinda name is that? Then again she named her late hamster pet bobo. It was tasty tho.

'Alive, injured. Need phone' as much as I'd love to kill myself healing her. I don't want to kill myself healing her. By the looks of it, human tech could heal most of it. I'm not a healing klyntar, healing uses me up literally and I'm too weak to regrow fast enough.

"Ok.. umm where's the phone kinda blind" she adapted to this a little too fast. But that was a good thing, hopefully being blind and holding an alien inside you aren't too far different in shock. I had another look around the room in all its messy gory glory. Blood.. Drugs.. Blood.. Drugs.. Some spilt oil.. An old mouse I've been watching aka my dinner… the house phone was on top of a cabinet just behind her.

'Table behind to right. Waist level' she turned around and felt around for the phone passing her hand over an exposed knife.

"Ah, dammit what the hell was that?" It wasn't even a big cut barely parted the skin and took me seconds to heal.

'Knife, careful. Get phone further back' I can't have my host killing herself now can i?

"Alright alright mister bossy voice dude" I do not like that name.

She, carefully this time started patting around towards the back immediately feeling it. She grabbed it and dialled 999, lucky it was a house phone with physical buttons instead of a smartphone.

"Emergency, which service do you require? Fire, Police or Ambulance?" I could feel her nervousness and so gave her a nudge.

'Ambulance' she was stunned for a second before speaking.

"A-Ambulance" she was stuttering hard, the situation had become that much more real now the emergency services were involved.

"What is the exact location of the incident?" I tried my best to calm her down, a skill I learned from helping nana whenever she had night terrors from the wars.

"I'm at home… in the kitchen with my mom" she told them the address and postcode all while her unease was increased as the worry for her mother did as well. To think she, who was blinded not minutes ago, is only scared for her mother.. Truly like nana, I made the right choice.

"What has happened?" I had to interject, She could not be seen as injured at least nothing that would require that machine thing that hurt venom. And being blinded would warrant just that, the tricky part would be fooling them.. I couldn't keep my head out while they were here and so she'd be entirely on her own.. Am I going to be exposed?

'DO NOT MENTION BLINDNESS! WE WILL BE FOUND!' It was risky phrasing it like that, but I hoped our interactions so far would make her trust us. She was shocked and frightened by it, but it seems she trusted us. I then told her of the injuries her mother had and where she was.

"M..my mother was stabbed by my step dad in the stomach, she's on the ground but i think she is breathing.. She also has an injury on her head that's bleeding… Please hurry!" she was handling it well.. They exchanged some more details and an ambulance was dispatched. Giving me a timer to figure this out and finish healing any visible injuries to the face.

The eyes were the hardest. I could not repair them but making them look real wasn't too hard, next was the scalded skin surrounding it.. It was successful leaving only a few scars that, if not looked at closely, appeared like rings from fatigue. All that was left now was how to fool them. I could move the eyes so that wasn't a problem, but I needed to see them myself without them seeing me. Perhaps I could be sneaky enough, but that was risking a lot.

Then I had an idea. Little dinner-i mean mousey. I split a tendril off and scooped it up before it could scatter away and placed it on her shoulder, simultaneously invading it and completely taking over it, my unique ability multiple invasion. I was Still mostly bonded to Mia via a thin tendril acting like a data wire. It was a pure white mouse that could be passed as a pet and fit the state the house was in but most importantly, it could see meaning I could see through it.

My ability was a sad joke for a peaceful Symbiote Klyntar like me. I was more like a virus than any other. Capable of invading multiple creatures at once and completely controlling them.. But they had to be connected by tendrils and would die after. My ability was hostile and lethal while I was not. I hate it.

Still it was useful for this situation. I started relaying the plan to Mia.. leaving out how I could see and how they wouldn't see me.. She was still too fresh in shock to question it.

Now all rests on her acting skills and my directions.. I hope we can pull this off.