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Swordsman of Teyvat (STORY REVAMPED)


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The cruel world punished this man. He gave to people, and they stole from him. He supported friends and they paid him back with betrayal. Even in his final moments, he persisted that his own life was meaningless. But what if he is given a new chance. A new lease on life. Will he be able to learn the meaning of self-importance in a world of Gods and Visions, or will he persist in his self-hatred and go down a dark and self-destructive path? ----------------------------------- New Author's Note: Welcome to the new rewrite! Just gonna keep this short and say that hope you enjoy a (hopefully) less cringe version and better version of my previous story. ----------------------------------- *WARNING* This is my first time writing a fanfic novel on this website so please bear with the amateur writing and grammar. *Disclaimer* I do not own Genshin nor its characters, and the cover for the novel. If the artist who made the cover wants to take it down, just contact me. The only characters I own are the OC's that will appear in the story (Including MC) This story will try and follow the main canon of Genshin's main story, but I won't always follow the main story and will deviate from the main canon later on into the fanfic. I'm planning on adding romance later on into the story, but I want to give each of the characters in this story some good development. Also, stuff that happens in the story might not completely follow logic and physics, but I will try to keep some stuff as realistic as possible (Even tho MC is in a fictional world lol) If you have any suggestions for the story, just type in the comments of each chapter as I will try to read them all. But for any personal requests or messages, you can message me on my discord Speedwagon Drip#9279 Again, this is my first time writing any type of novel so I hope you get to enjoy this story. I will also try to improve later in the story if there are any mistakes I make.


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