Swordmeister of Rome
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Swordmeister of Rome


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What is Swordmeister of Rome

Swordmeister of Rome is a popular web novel written by the author ALLA, covering Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.6M readers with an average rating of 4.29/5 and 112 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 226 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Born of a great family, world shaking genius. The man who had shaken the world. The story of the Swordmeister.

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This author is fantastic. He is so great he can write 40+ chapters and still have NOTHING going on in this story. There is no point to this story at all yet. The MC does NOTHING.


This is actually suprisingly good reminds me of the lazy swordmaster finally, a good novel has been released. some of the crap web novel has been pushing out lately has been really bad


Firstly no idea why people are hating on this book and why it is so unknown. Secondly only just realised this is writin by same author as Reincarnator(I think, seeing as author name is the same, making an assumption here though). And lastly amazing book so far only read 40+ chapters though, but seeing as it’s already finished at 200+ chapters I’m quite far though it. Recommend to read if you have the stones for it.


This is one strange novel, I don't know what got in to the head of the author but I'll say this now. This is trash, the very first thing you would read would be some boring **** you wouldn't understand because they literally explain what should be uncover slowly as the story goes deeper to the plot, he just shove it on your face like "oh this is what the mc is going to face" you just spoil the story. As a writer the very first thing you should write about were interesting thing that would induce the reader with the idea that what you're writing is interesting and entertaining that would hook the readers but what you did their, damn one of the worst I've read so far. You didn't even give the mc a scene, you just prioritise your explanation more that the actual MAIN CHARACTER and what's worse is that the mc wasn't even mentioned or what the hell is he doing since he is born in your time skip of 17yrs, there literally weren't any mention of the mc. Another thing is what the hell are you thinking creating your own terminologies and weird sounding name?! Hell, do you know that creating your own terminologies turn off readers? The reader won't understand ****, you're only making it difficult to understand what you're trying to convey. Man this is very basic dude, you should know about this already.


I was stuck there a few times wondering if the author was crazy. I mean really such an op character being that seemingly cowardly and lazy. Oh god was I wrong. He was beyond epic. The level of epic increased to such heights that it even made Goku going super saiyan for the first time seem only kinda cool instead of the r4pe fest it was. But in all seriousness, a great novel. The number of plot twists are truly splendid. The characters are overall well fleshed out. Those who should die, do die, and those who you want to win, always win, but are very frustrated by it haha. Great story.


I just started to read this novel and can't find anything about it. Can answer 2 questions: 1. Why swordmasters are called swordmeisters? Isn't "schwertmeister" a more correct naming then? 2. Is there a Rome in the novel? Or it was called after "When in Rome, do as the Romans do"?


I'm giving full stars just because of the review bombers. Still haven't read the story, and probably won't for a long time since I am focused on my own, but it hurts to watch a fellow author getting this wave of hate for no reason. Mad respect to the author for sticking through with his project, I will definitely give my feedback once I am free.


This is a great story !! This story is really well planed !! This story worth your SS, so do not hesitate to spent it !! The only thing I feel bad about this story is there is no side story of Sian and Stiel 😥😥😥


This book is really good. I highly recommend it. The start is a little confusing at first, the first few chapters, but it all melds well together as the story goes on and becomes fantastic. There were a small number of parts where I felt a little lost, but those always cleared up later on and should not let you put this story off. This story is much better than people rate it for. I enjoyed this book incredibly much, especially the first 160 chapters. This was one of the best stories I've read in the past several months. I can't believe I put it off for so long. I'm so glad I took the time to really read it, what a fantastic ride.


This is really late bloomer story, if you really like the way of choice or the lazy sword master. YOU NEED TO READ THIS. Every sentence is mind blowing. You will never KNOW a push over MC actually is OP. EVERY MOMENT IS CHAIN STORY... A TRUTH IS ALWAYS MAKE YOU SPEECHLESS. A good story... without change the main purpose, everything is make you think I dont know anything.


I personally went into this story with a lot of doubt, but I was blown away by this story. It really is worth putting your time into it. I have sadly already finished it as of writing this review. I have now been left with the empty feeling of nothingness because of i finished said book. There is comedy but not to much. The story manages to stay serious, and is not devolved into a harem. ( For once ) so i'd really recommend this story if you have nothing else to do. I have not been left with to many questions unanswered.


This is a real gem of a short novel (relative to the mile long ones that take up most of the spots on this site). It's got just the right amount of humor, there's no redundant or repeated info dumps (or any redundancies at all, really), and it doesn't drag out the fights for chapters on end. The fights tend to be in the shorter side, so you get the picture of the action, but you're not on the edge of your seat, nor do you have time to get bored of it. Overall it's a satisfying story about growth, adventure, friendship and hardship with a healthy dose of chuckle-inducing humor that's well worth a read. Thanks


Is this a good novel because i wouldn't know due to this daily review system that has caused to type this bull*hit. I walk this lonely road.......


This was great read. I just can’t stand with the naivity. After completing Hansoo, with so much hidden trick and plot twist, I just can’t swallow this one.


Reveal spoiler


This book has lots of issues but over all it was a pretty good read. The dumb MC was hard to get used to but not following the norm cookie cutter formulas really helped with the enjoyment of it. It has been a nice ride Thanks Translator/Author .


This seems to be an outrageous novel. The MC is from start strong enough to be a god. He develops a split personality due to the increase of his strength!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf??????????????????????????????????????????????????? Can't wait to find out which personality is going to be dominant.


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If you prefer a story where the main character is overpowered and pass some enjoyable time than this is for you. I know that at the first 50 chapters nothing significant happens but man you will be up for a surprise during the end period of the novel. The plot twists was one of kind. A lot of you complain that main character is just a pushover I felt the same at the beginning but wait for the ending everything will make sense and the ending is so fullfilling that it's one of the best endings there are. Read it until the end and vote. We want more korean novels.


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