2 Arthur

The scorching sun which magically rose from his horizons and the winds flowing melodiously over the surface of the earth. The trees gently swain to the beat of the wind, plants happily absorbing sunlight the world is beginning a new day.

"Arthur,Arthur it's morning already" the middle aged man cried out.

"Okay I have heard you" Arthur said with a frown on his face.

Arthur at the young age of fifteen, was a red dragon cultivator which is not powerful as a Cyan dragon cultivator. But Ethan possessed special qualities than some Cyan dragon cultivators. Arthur who lived in Dragon fire clan. In Dragon fire clan everybody has a Dragon symbol on their forehead Arthur whose one is a red dragon symbol,and all of them according to their cultivation grows wing

Arthur's father who is a Red fire dragon cultivator.

"Good morning father" said Arthur.

"Good morning son and how was your night" said Waxstone.

"It was really fine and I felt happy that you are going to be the clan head of Dragon clan" said Arthur.

"I am also happy but remember that I have to fight against lord Chu to prove I am worthy to be the clan head"said Waxstone.

Lord chu who is the former clan head of Dragon fire clan,he is a Flame dragon cultivator. In the law of Dragon fire clan whoever wants to be the clan head must be the powerful person in the clan and at a certain age he must step down. And whoever wants to be the upcoming clan head must fight against the outgoing one to prove worthy that he can serve the clan.

" I know you are going to beat him"Arthur said with a somewhat cheeky smile.

"Thanks,but I have to go see Yang for some discussion" said Waxstone.

"Okay see you later in the day and I am also going to see my friemd" said Arthur.

"Okay don't be late" said Waxstone.

Arthur who packed some things in a bag which was hanged on his shoulder. After a few metre walk he later got to his destination which was is childhood friend Bryan. Bryan who is a red dragon cultivator and do not have much martial arts tactic like Arthur but very sharp.

"Good morning Arthur" said Bryan.

"Good morning but don't forget we have to go fishing " said Arthur.

"Okay let me go freshen up I will be back in a jiffy" said Bryan.

"Hurry up I am waiting for you" said Arthur.

After some minutes Bryan came outside and the two went to the fish in a river near the forest.

"Let's quickly set some traps " said Arthur.

"Okay but be snappy about it before the those bullies comes"Bryan said as the bullies was already at his back.

The bullies who pushed him to the back and gave him a punch as they were about to give him another punch Arthur held his hand.

"Who is this let's beat him up" said the  first bully.

As the first bully was about to punch Arthur,Arthur quickly grabbed his hand and twisted his hand and threw him on the floor. When the second bully saw this he ran towards Arthur but mistakenly fell into a trap and was stuck and could not move his right leg. When Arthur saw that he was stuck to the trap he quickly helped him.

"Thank you" the second bully said with fear grip all over his face as he ran away.

"Thank you for saving me from those bullies and that was really brave of you" said Bryan.

"You don't have to thank me what are friends for but you have to be brave and do not fear anybody" said Arthur.

"Let's quickly get going we have caught a lot of fishes" said Bryan.

"Okay let's quickly get going" said Arthur.



"Bye see you tomorrow" said Bryan.

"Bye see you tomorrow" Arthur said with a smile on his face.

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"Father,Father, Father" Arthur cried out.

"I am coming" said Waxstone.

"Help me bring some hot coffee when coming" said Arthur.

"Okay coming" Waxstone said as he was walking gently holding two cups with coffee filled in one and the other filled with hot water.

"Thanks for the coffee" Arthur said as sweat filled his face.

"You are welcome and where did you go too" said Waxstone.

"I went to fish with Bryan and we caught a lot of fishes,I dropped it in that corner there and we came across some bullies and I gave them the beating of their life" said Arthur.

"Wow,that's amazing but don't forget that you should not use your martial arts tactic for revenge" said Waxstone.

"Okay I just used it for self defense" said Arthur.

"Let's go inside to eat and there after go and sleep" said Waxstone.



"Good morning father" said Arthur.

"Good morning son and how was your  night" said Waxstone.

"It was really fine and I forget to ask you about the discussion you had with Yang" said Arthur.