1 Chapter One

Chapter 1: Creed Silver

"Where Am I? The last thing I remember is that I was playing a game in my room" I looked around I was inside the forest.

"My body feels light somehow and I've never seen this place, When I came to this place? Maybe this must be dream" I started walking I do not know where I am going as long as I just walk the road in front of me .I was stunned when I saw a familiar animal from the game I was playing .I just smiled when I thought that even in my dream I brought the Land of heroes I played I played An mmorpg that made online gamers go wild.

"If I were to make a metaphor to this world maybe I have a status apraisal like in the game that I used to play" I smiled to myself.

"Eh !!!" I shouted suddenly a screen appeared in front of me.

"This is .... My Status Screen !!" I shouted as I stared at the one in front of me.

"Why suddenly showing me this ?? Did it respond to my words?" I stared at the blue screen in front of me and noticed that something was wrong.

Creed Silver








Sword Magic: A skill that sword manipulated by magic.

"Is this just my imagination or this is fucking real!" I was still staring at the system in front of me, until now I still could not believe what I saw.

"Well it doesn't matter, I guess Since this is just a dream I must believe in what I see" I leaned against a tree and closed my eyes for a moment but I woke up again and looked up I could see the blue sky.

"This is dream right? It should be a Dream but this tree seems so real" I stopped thinking when I suddenly heard a loud growl coming from the other side.


"Those are the helldogs from earlier ...

"Growwwwllll !!"

"Even this is just a dream a scary things are really scary i must be run before that things eat me"

I ran fast and so did the chasing helldogs obvious in his eyes the anger and hunger certainly by the time he reached me I was sure he would be my dinner.

"Those dogs are really fast, I can't out run them!"

I quickly jumped on the high branch of the tree.

"I glad my jump power get boosted too" I gasped staring at the underside of the tree and almost them were looking at me and the hunger was obvious to them .I just swallowed while looking at them.

I wonder if i have any usefull skill that i can be use "

I just frowned when I saw that only one skill was placed inside the status screen in front. I just sighed.

"Sword Magic"

I just closed my eyes when the status screen in front of me suddenly lit up and when the light was removed I was very surprised to see two large swords floating in front of me.

"Growwlll!" I looked again at the helldogs below. Maybe I can use this two sword but the problem is I don't know how to use this fucking sword. I looked at the two swords in front. I moved my hand pointing to a helldogs. Suddenly I jumped and my eyes widened when the two swords in front of me suddenly moved and it pierced the helldog that jumped towards me I just smiled. I quickly grabbed the remaining sword in front of me and I jumped. high and quickly collapsed. The other helldogs were still retreating and the rest were moaning obviously angry at my cold killing of their companion.


A blue screen appeared opposite the helldogs.


Rank F

Hp: 100

Mp: 52

Agi: 32

"I don't know how strong the rank F but from now on i can easily deal with them"

The first sword that ended with the helldogs that surprised me earlier came back to me and I stopped when I suddenly remembered a skill I had read in an online game. I don't think I would try badly.

[Seven Heavenly Sword Art]

My eyes widened when suddenly the two swords in front of me shone and with the loss of light it was immediately replaced by seven golden swords and shining it was also replaced by its size and is now twice its size.

I just smiled when I saw the rest of the remaining helldogs retreat before they escaped I quickly waved my hand and at the same time the seven swords flew towards the other helldogs left and with each flight of swords at the same time it hit the rest of the helldogs. Every helldogs hit by the sword turned to ashes until there were no signs left. I just sat down because I was tired. I looked up at the sky and just smiled.

This is not a dreams, looks like i transferred into another world like the story that i read.Even i know that this is another world i don't know the way to return to earth If i can't go back then i might as well just live in this world and have fun.

I stopped thinking when I suddenly heard a scream.

"Ahhhhh !!!"

"A scream is there someone nerby here!" I quickly got up and ran to the source of the scream. From the flat place I immediately saw three men fighting helldogs like I had fought before.

It was obvious to them that they were tired of fighting.

"I need to help them"

"Sword Magic"

The two swords quickly came out in front of me again. I ran quickly and immediately flew towards them. Even though I felt changed, my body already knew what I was going to do, probably because all my status was already max. When I arrived right away of the three men I immediately noticed some of their deep wounds.

"Let me take care of it first"

"But you are alone!" I just smiled at a man who was already sitting and holding his stomach with a deep wound.

"I can handle this trust me"

I moved quickly holding two swords I quickly ran into the bunch of helldogs.

Slash "

Several times I heard my sword hit the body of the helldogs and their blood hit my body. I jumped quickly when I saw a helldogs that was three times larger than its companions.


Helldogs Boss

Rank A

Hp: 2000

Mp: 1500

Agility: 500

Page: 1000

I just smiled when I saw the difference between him and his teammates. I noticed that his mouth was emitting a black smoke and my eyes widened as I recognized the skill it would use.

"Dark lightning bolt"

I quickly avoided the black energies coming out of its mouth every bolt coming out of its mouth explodes every time it hits the ground.

"I need to end this"

I quickly let go of my sword and it floated in the air.

[Seven Heavenly Sword Art]

My sword lit up again and it became seven again I quickly waved my hand towards the opponent and at the same time my swords plunged into the air towards the helldog the others were able to avoid it but because of my ability to control the sword even not approaching it it was easy for me to overthrow it and with another gesture of my hand the seven swords stabbed in its chest and it immediately knelt down for a while before it disappeared.

"You obtined a pecular things"

I heard a voice at the same time the blue screen suddenly appeared in front of me.


Helldogs boots (Common)

Healing potion (Rare)

Helldogs Arms (Common)

I just smiled before I walked closer to the three men next to the carrige. I noticed their serious condition. I felt pity for them I would have helped them if I only had healing magic there.

"Healing magic casted"

My eyes widened when I heard a voice and I looked at the three of them when suddenly the light enveloped them and when the light that enveloped them was removed I immediately saw that they were no longer wounded but they were unconscious probably because they were too tired they are already asleep. I just sat next to them.

Status "

The blue screen appeared in front of me again and I noticed a change in it.

Creed Silver

Title: Helldogs Slayer

Race: Human

Age: 21








Sword Magic: A skill that sword manipulated by magic

Side skill: Healing magic

I just smiled and stepped aside to the three sleeping and closed my eyes.

I just woke up when I heard a noise and when I woke up my eyes were dark and only light was coming from the bonfire in the middle and there were the three men I helped.

"I am glad that you are now a wake. Thank you for helping us and at the same time you saved us, My name is kaede and I'm a merchant" I looked at the man and noticed that he was a little old.

"Nice to meet you my name is Creed Silver" I smiled at him before I reached out his hand.

"I heard from them that you came ot from the forest why you were in the forest may i ask?" I looked at him and averted my eyes.

"I don't remember so much, I don't know why I am here, when I came to I was already in the forest" I just averted my eyes so that it would not notice that I was lying to him.

"You said that you have an amnesiain that case I can help you, Do you have money or something that can be used as your identity?" I looked up slightly and looked at the sky.

"I really don't have anything" I smiled at him. I noticed someone took it from his pocket and I was just surprised when he took my hand and I immediately felt the weight on my hand and when I looked at the contents of it reaches the container it contains a lot of gold.

"Wait what is this for?" I asked him a curious question but he just smiled at me before answering.

"Without an Id you won't be able to get intown take that gold coins you could use that for the security deposit and for the guild registration" This language smiled at me.

"Are this really gold coins"

"Is it not enough?" I looked at him before speaking.

"Oh! No! I didn't mean that way" I laughed at him. The old man smiled at me and before he could speak again a woman came out from inside the carriage I saw earlier.

"Hello My name is Sally, Kaede Can we bring him along with us into the town, I feel bad for leaving him alone here after he saved us" smiling woman of the name named sally I would have wished I would have suddenly spoken Kaede .

"Well i don't mind" He called his companions before he got inside the carriage I did not even refuse because I also need to go to the town they say so that I also know what is there.

"I heard you lost your memory let me explain everything to you. First of all we are here forest road near Aurora, were currently near the forest sout town of the aurora."

I looked out the carriage window and noticed that the moonlight was strange but it was nice to watch because the moon seemed so close. I just closed my eyes and started sleeping again.

I just woke up when I felt our car had stopped.

"Up to here we are just Creed but the town I say is close to here I hope you understand -"

I did not finish Master Kaede's speech because I said goodbye to it and got out of their car. I also thanked them and when they got away I started walking the path Sally taught me. I just smiled when I saw Aurora town that Sally told me last night.

"Please show me your Id" the sleepy man stood on the side of the road.

"But i don't have an id?" I spoke nervously to him.

"Is that so, then it'll be 1 silver coin for security deposit" I quickly took a silver coin from what was handed to me last night.

"And I want you to touch that" He pointed to the magic circle engraved on the wall. I quickly touched the magic circle engraved on the door and it opened quickly I just smiled I quickly entered and started walking towards the guild said by sally that I can join.

Adventure Guild

I quickly entered the guild I quickly looked around the place and I immediately saw a man sitting in the front I quickly approached it.

"For your information when you register as an adventurer you'll receive a guild card and the guild card will be your access to each town you go to and you will be able to take the quest because you have a guild card and the registration fee will be one gold coin do you want to register as an adventurer? " It asked me I smiled at him.

I need to make money to be able to live in this world.

"Yes please" I smiled at him. Someone took it under the table and when he took it out he took a black book.

"Please touch this book" This language smiled at me when I touched the book it suddenly shone.

"Eh?" I looked at him and noticed his astonished expression.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked him nervously.

"N-nothing" I looked at him curiously but I just ignored that by removing the light in the book immediately came out a black card and from the card there were bold letters.

"Well now I'll explain about the guild card its quite important so please listen carefully" I looked at him before nodding.

"This is your guild card and also your Identification card from top to bottom it has your name, race and your gender and below is your rank.The lowest rank is G and the highest rank is S"

I stared at the card in my hand telling me I was in the last rank. I just frowned.

"Don't worry your rank will rise after some quest you can do, rank promotion is determined by the guild based on the completion of the request and the history of the monster that you defeated" I just nodded at what it said.

"In the forth Line is your history of completed request and the fifth line is your history of defeated monster. The moment you completed the request it'll appear automatically on your card, Duel are also request" I just smiled at what it said.

"Thats all explanation about guild card do you have any question?" He asked.

"No I'm good from now" I told him.

"Well from now on you'll be an adventurer and the request board is in the side of part of guild you can choose what you want to do."

"Thank you" I said here before I turned around. I have no plans to take a quest now I want to go around first. I left the guild to be able to tour all over Aurora Town.

Guild Card

Creed Silver

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Rank: G

Completer Quest: Not Obtained

Defeated Monster: Helldogs.

I'm currently resting at an inn the recommended by the soldiers at the gate this is quite nice room for the price .I looked at the ceiling before gasping for breath.

"I'm so tired"

I'm not physically tired tough its just so many happend today.Although everything went well I could 've died from the night It never occured to me not to help them at the time I guess I was a bit reckless, i need to do things more carefully in the future.

"There are bandits and there are even duels in this world, Can i really survive in this kind of world?"

I just closed my eyes and let myself fall asleep. I woke up early I decided to take a quest but first I need to eat. I quickly got out of the inn where I slept and went to a food resto near the inn I quickly my eyes widened and widened when I saw the familiar face.

"Elf maids!"

After eating I also immediately left that place and started walking back to the guild.

I want to explore the outer area of ​​the city .Though i can rest few month or years in the inn using the money i have.

"I'm lost!" I look at the place I door it feels like I emtered in an abandoned area this place is kinda creepy .All I have to do is to ask someone .I stopped walking when I saw a place quickly I entered a store without a sign so I do not know what kind of store I entered.

"Excuse me, Can I ask for some direction"

"Eh!" I shouted when suddenly someone spoke to my side.

"Who introduced you to this place ?!"



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