Sweeter than Fiction Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Sweeter than Fiction


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Liu Yang kept her distance from men for a reason, as far as she can remember. She does go on dates but it does not go beyond that. At least her career is successful and she is blessed with good friends. She doesn’t need that many more men in her life, or so she thought. Then, there’s Niu Guan Ning. He is rich, handsome, enigmatic, and of course a chick-magnet. But he has a secret – he is in love with his brother’s wife. *sigh* What will happen if the man is curious with the woman who believes she is already contented with her life? With their world getting smaller and smaller, what fate will they have? Will curiosity kill the cat? Or will it enlighten them? TWITTER: @bitterlouise2p0 FACEBOOK: Bitter Louise

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