Sweet Wife in My Arms
novel - Contemporary Romance

Sweet Wife in My Arms

Xia Ranxue

Ongoing · 3.2M Views

What is Sweet Wife in My Arms

Sweet Wife in My Arms is a popular web novel written by the author Xia Ranxue, covering Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 3.2M readers with an average rating of 4.49/5 and 295 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 605 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


For his sake, she was willing to abandon her career as the best actress and be his wife. With her own network, money and unscrupulous methods, she helped him rise to the top of the world. He, on the other hand, held another woman in his embrace and kicked her away with no mercy. It turned out that all he ever wanted was her rare blood type, her six-month-old child's cord blood. It was her life... When she opened her eyes again, she returned to her 20-year-old self. Time repeated and her life rewound. In this life, she would live well.

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I was quite hesitant to read this story since the author is the same author who wrote 'Love In The Midst of Mistaken Identities'. I mean it was too angst-y for me that's why I can't have the courage to actually read it. But this novel is different, apart from the first part of the story which is in her first lifetime, in her next life, so far the development is good and there is no angst scenes[yet(?)]. The FL although experienced so much heartache in her first life, she still chose to embark on the road to entertainment industry. She isn't actually arrogant and her character development and the way the story was written was really well. I can't actually judge the story so much since I only read a portion of it. But it's really great.


The story is amazing ❤️❤️❤️ it is like every rebirth novel but I really love fl. The story development and character description is so good. Each scene is described so vividly. And the ML is also very good. There is hardly a ml who feeds cats and is so caring. I actually fell in love with him❤️😍😍❤️


Honestly, the novel is starting out pretty good since FL is getting a 2nd chance through her rebirth. She’s walking the same journey as her previous life but making sure to avoid her past mistakes and striving to be at the top using her own strengths again. As for the ML, its hinted at the beginning of the chapters but his presence seems to be mysterious as their encounters are brief but marking their entanglements meaningful. How the story develops or continues, whose to said since we haven’t encounter the white lotus and her ex ..


Oh god...another fricken novel that involves the entertainment. Seriously, where did all the professions go? Like is being entertainment the only job out there. I am so sick of reading the same story over and over. Nothing is different. The fl is reborn blah blah, gets revenge to sister/husband..blah blah meets another man who gets interested in her...oh my god. Can you please get these novels out of here. Give us something different other than being an actress. It's not even a powerful position. Dont read this if u dont want another entertainment novel.


A criticism, from a reader of the raw material. Usually the biggest problem of a Chinese novel is its extension, they extend the event to the level of a DBZ fight, where the arcs are cyclical, therefore repetitive. But this romance is not. For those who think this is a good thing, don't get confused, I even read chapter 459 of the novel and I can say that it is basically complete, anything else would be filling. The problem is that it goes on to chapter 2059, in other words, they fill a novel that should end in chapter 700 tokrno up to 1300 more chapters. Another point to remember is that, most novels have a diversification of cities, due to the majority of the protagonists living in the capital of China, but this novel although it has a national perspective the scenes of the films are brief and little described and the locality is an important city without much emotion. So if you want this novel to be in the capules around 700 ~ 800 and imagine an ending for them, otherwise you will be tasting filling for several days.


暖妻入怀:禁欲老公,放肆宠 ch-2529cmplete For him, from the back of the film, she was willing to be a wife, using her own connections, her own money, and her unscrupulous means to hold him to the highest place, but he embraced the beautiful girl and kicked her away. It turned out that all he wanted was her panda blood, her umbilical cord blood, which was only six months old, and her life ... When she opened her eyes again, she returned to her twenties. The years will come back and life will repeat itself. In this life, she will live well and live well.


A beautiful storyline so far, that is building the foundation for the characters. I was reluctant to read as I had started reading the authors previous book, but after the constant FL character abuse I have up. So glad this one has a different style and the abuse is not there at this stage. Hoping it stays this way


Done reading this book. All I can say is, don't read it if you have a weak heart. Lol S P O I L E R Who says her first life is painful? Come awn! Her first rebirth is much more painful. MC experienced every conspiracies she had to experience. Plus she's the only one who remembers their past life so she suffered a lot even rebirth. She died early. But her 2nd life introduces many characters like her new friends, her triplets and their future (who they married and how many children they had). She died early. I thought it ended there but they had a lot of regrets. She suffered a lot. It took while before she accepted that she's old... So we have 3rd life. Both MC an ML knew their past this time. So they didn't suffer much. Plus, in the third life, she was reborn earlier and saved her mom (and her husband, MC's stepfather but doted on her like a real daughter) and grandmother. She even had a brother. The story ended when she had her triplets again. In short, 1st life is like trial. 2nd life is the longest part of the book. Most painful. 3rd life is short yet satisfying for me. Well, the reason she suffered much in 2nd life is eliminated earlier in the third life. And that is the death and suffering of her mom.


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The start was a bit weird and painful. I hope that the bad person will regret, to the highest degree, loosing a treasure like her because she deserves to be loved. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ 🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰


It's a rebirth story but not just any rebirth story. You can feel the character being alive. There has been no mentions, no thoughts of revenge as of now, and I've read 60 chapters. The current focus of the female lead is on improving herself. The male lead, I think he is the male lead, has made a few appearances, in passing, woth the female lead. And those appearances were more than enough to give a glimpse of his character. The best thing, that I like, about this book is that there is no outright or exaggerated mention of any character's qualities. You can draw a character sketch with the way the character holds themselves, interacts with other characters and/or props in the scene. So far I love the progress of the plotline & hope to read more.


I love how the female lead changes for the better, she does not focus on taking revenge to those wrongdoers but on improving herself and take care of her sister and of course returning the good things to those people who help her in the past life


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Its an amazing story so far I haven't finished it yet but when i do ill read it again until I get bored of the story.


Pretty nice been reading it at work when I have free time and i have been enjoying it, I dont know what else to say tho except I recomend it.


I really enjoyed this trial read! I hope it continues in the future. I was completely immersed in the story line, in my personal opinion the story is developing in a very comprehensive way. Can’t wait to keep on reading!!


Incredible book! Normally I’m not super into books without heavy romance present, but her character and plot line are enough to keep me entrapped! It’s incredible! The MC/FL is numb and calloused after what happened in her previous life. It was the definition and painful and tragic. However, her regret turned to determination while still keeping her politeness and a caring heart for others. Even stray cats 😉 The ML, or so I believe, appears cool and heartless on the outside. However, we’re slowing beginning to see his true character. I can’t wait for more of his scenes. This book gives such an in-depth view of the hard life beginning actors are put through. It’s truly eye opening. I’ve truly love this book and can’t wait for future updates.


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