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Sweet Oleander


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Please take note: I am sorry I have not been consistent in my updates. It will be occurring at at least thrice a week. Thank you for understanding. SYNOPSIS A lonely lad who is in search of hidden truths is bent on crossing boundaries to uncover his controversial and little known relatives. Secrets lurk in many corners. Will he discover them? On this path of self discovery, he encounters love. He feels it's passionate and thrilling. How long will it last? Will he focus on his mission? He gets entangled in a love web. His uncle's fiancée's daughter caught his eye. What would happen? Will his uncle let go of his relationship for him? Will he have to forfeit his feelings for his uncle's sake? Why not find out how it turned out by embarking on this reading journey. I hope you enjoy reading this. (Please scroll down) A little Note from the Author. Hi there. I am most grateful to have you read my book. I will really appreciate your opinions. What do you think about the book so far? Thank you for your time. Best wishes. POETICIFI... Dedication This book is dedicated to all who are or have been oppressed. This book is dedicated to all who have lost someone especially to a disease and this pandemic, Corona virus. Sending love and light your way