Hearing some noises and gossips, Qing Le woke up. She couldn't remember when she fell asleep.

Suddenly something didn't feel right.

"Hey look she opened her eyes!" unfamiliar female voice spoke and she was speaking in English.

She didn't notice there was somebody beside her. And she felt hard against her back. She thought if her bed was ever this hard. She sat up and saw she was on the ground.

Her hair became smoother and silky then before. What's more as she remembered her hair was short, rough. She saw her hair was no longer short and brown. The long, obsidian black hair astonished her.

Another unfamiliar, calm male voice spoke, "Hey… what's your name?" He also used English.

Qing Le looked up and saw a girl looking at her. A handsome boy was beside her.

"Are you alright?" the girl was worried, "Hi I am Julia. What's yours?"

"Where is this? And who are you?" Qing Le was confused.

She looked around and found nothing familiar. She remembered she was in her room before sleeping. Also she never met these people.

She found there were six people including herself. Another one was still lying on the floor, unconscious. She thought perhaps she was also like that women a while ago.

After talking to the other four, she realized none of them knew how they got there. They also didn't know what that place was or the location. Their appearance also changed after getting here.

One of them talked, "How the hell we came here?" She was frustrated.

Qing Le stood up and approached the tomb that was on her right side. Julia sat down on the ground. There were some bold words curved on the huge tomb.



"Ridiculous, right?" a cold voice spoke.

Qing Le turned and saw it was the unconscious women. She was beautiful with hazel eyes and had the shiniest blonde hair but kept a poker face since she woke up.

"Before getting here I was still beautiful with a fair skin and a slender figure. I had beautiful black eyes with a small mole below the right eye and a sharp nose. I got married to a handsome man. He had a stable job with a good amount of salary. As there was no money problem I quit the idea of getting a job. Everything was peaceful until my husband, he went overseas for the business tour. There he lost his life in a destructive earthquake_" She stopped. Her lips twisted into a wry smile.

Qing Le took a glance at her and saw her eyes were filled with tears. She felt sympathy for her but didn't say anything to console. Because she knows, consoles only revives the old scars. She kept quiet.

The women continued, "I thought I had nothing in my life anymore that I could hold on or adore. At that moment I asked myself if I would spend the rest of my life alone. But then I met a young boy, age twenty two. Three years younger than me. He had the warmest smile I had ever seen."

This time Qing Le saw a gentle smile showed up on her beautiful face. She had an alluring aura. It felt different than her usual state. She understood the women was in love with him.

She was curious, "Then what happened? Did you confess?"

The women looked into her curious, bright ebony eyes and letting out a sigh she shook her head and said, "I was scared. I was a lot older than him and also a widow. He was a kind person. My confession might disturb him."

"What the…. Just being three years older is not that bad alright? Also this is 21st century ok? Even a cripple can marry then why a widow can't? I have seen many widow getting married. So what's wrong__?"

Qing Le stopped realizing something, "Wait. Did he felt the same as you? Did he loved you? "

"Yes. He loved me."

'Wait. Why does it feels familiar? But I can't seem to remember where did I heard this…' Qing Le thought.

"But I got to know about his feelings only before opening my eyes here. He confessed to me and before I could give him my reply I chocked and had problems in breathing. Who knew I would die for something so simple… and when I opened my eyes I was already here." She gave her an amusing smile.

'This time I am sure I definitely heard this somewhere…!!! Isn't it exactly like the one that happened in Mei Xing's previous life? But how come their story are same… not a single information is different. Wait! Who is Mei Xing? Anyway! ' Qing Le thought once again.

To confirm whether her suspicion is right or not she asked the women's name.

In reply the women said, "I can't exactly tell what my previous name was but when I think about my name I can only remember 'MEI XING'. Perhaps this was my name…."

Her reply shocked Qing Le. She wasn't expecting to hear this.

"Y- You are Mei Xing?" She stuttered.

Mei Xing nodded and said, "What about yours?"

"Mine is Qi___" she stopped and felt something wrong. She felt hard to remember her name. As if some forces were stopping her. She realized she was starting to forget everything one by one.

As she stopped in the middle, Mei Xing asked, "What?"

Qing Le closed her eyes and tried to remember what her name was and where she lived before. But she remembered nothing but a laptop screen in front of her. She saw herself typing something on the keyboard. She thought it was perhaps from her memory. She tried to see what exactly she was typing. But the letters were vague except some bold words. She then saw a name on the screen. It was quite vivid and clear.


She immediately came to her senses. She was lost in her deep thoughts. She saw Mei Xing asking her if she is alright or not. She replied softly, "Jian Yao." Mei Xing was confused at her answer. She said again in a loud voice, "This is my name. JIAN YAO."

She didn't realize she was sweating a lot.

"It seems you really tried hard to remember your name," a male voice spoke. It was Chen Yuan. One of the guys that don't remember how they got here. His light brown hair gleamed in the sun.

She stared at his dark brown eyes blankly. "You are Chen Yuan. Right?"

He was confused at her question, "Didn't I say so a while ago? You forgot so quickly?"

Qing Le sat down and kept quite. Mei Xing came forward and bend down, "Are you alright?" In reply Qing Le gave her a nod. She again asked, "Was it Jian Yao? Well. Nice to meet you."

"So that's your name?" a familiar voice spoke. It was the first person Qing Le saw after coming here, Julia Zhan.