Sweet Dreams or Beautiful Nightmares
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Sweet Dreams or Beautiful Nightmares


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What is Sweet Dreams or Beautiful Nightmares

Sweet Dreams or Beautiful Nightmares is a popular web novel written by the author Gnaipafe, covering MYSTICALREALM, REINCARNATION, ADVENTURE, FANTASY, TRANSMIGRATION, EVILPROTAGONIST, ROMANCE, DOUBLEIDENTITY, INTROVERTFL, HIDDENIDENTITIES, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 151K readers with an average rating of 4.74/5 and 13 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 106 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"The balance of two worlds had been broken, and whenever there's an imbalance there is chaos." Who will ever think, that a simple, introvert, hard-working college girl, is fated to be the one, to untangle the turmoil and put both worlds back into stability? Timothea's used to be simple life was stirred by a dream. She started loving a man of her dream, literally. However, it seems her dreams aren't just simple dreams, and the imaginary love of her life is not so imaginary after all. But a manifestation of her extraordinary life of mysteries and conundrums. Not only to herself but also to the people around her. This is a story of reality mixed fantasy, a story of love, life, and war, between self-identity, good and evil, of witches and fairies. Shifting between two dimensions of the human world and Ayorko's mystical realm. A fight for power, a fight for love. Dare to read chapter seven onwards, and you're not gonna loosen your grip. I would like to acknowledge these girls, who helped me with my cover. The model, photographer, and production staff, namely Kyla, Carla, and Metch. Thanks, girls!!

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This is top-notch, I was literally picturing the surrounding. Hearing everything that was going on in the story just by reading I applaud you for such a great job, continue the great work.


The first 10 chapters is enough to lure me to read more. It's mysterious, it's unexpected and enjoyable! 🤩 I was not expecting the twist in the story but reading past Chapter 5, it gets more and more interesting for me. You readers should give it a try, read past the first 10 chapters and you will definitely get hooked 😍 Thank you author for sharing such wonderful imagination and creativity. hope you will keep it up ☺☺☺


There is the unique essence of the story that's make it alluring. It started, with some girly emotion fantasizing a man of her dream. Then, suddenly with an unexpected twists not just once but countless times that's making it more exciting. The farther you go to the story the more mysteries to unfold and with every revealation is another bigger story.


I'm the author, and I'm just so excited to complete the 10 reviews so, I'm just going to rate myself. What you're gonna expect from this book is an unexpected twist that would satisfy your longing for some adrenaline rush and cliche-free as much as possible. Note, the farther the chapter, the greater the trill, so beware.


Reveal spoiler


Hello, CodeW here. For those of you who are considering to pick up on this book, I suggest that you do so. Admittedly, the author's writing is improving. There will be a lot of grammar mistakes, but with the later edits, you can see the writing quality improve. The story really starts picking up steam at Ch.9. That's when things become really interesting. Give it a read. If you're not here for the romance (like me), read it for the action in the plot. You won't be let down. Sincerely, CodeW


OK so I'm just gonna say that the premise on which the story is built is quite entertaining as well as unique the fact that Thea's dream man is real is truly quite intriguing and their first meeting is also entertaining . Character development is OK as I can actually understand Thea but York still needs a little bit more fleshing out the main issue with your story is grammar. Due to the grammar used I found it very difficult to actually follow the book. the grammar needs a lot of work I do hope that the author tries to fix the grammatical issues of the novel so as to make it easier to read anyways nice storyline😊


These kind of stories are not my cup of tea but I have to say the quality of writing is excellent. As the story goes on there is a restless intrigue that I can’t stop within me. It stated slow paced but it’s appropriate for the storyline. Looking forward to the future chapters.


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I only read the first chapter and I'm definitely in! I could literally see and hear everything that surrounds the main character! Excited to read more!


I just read your other book that I just bumpin with this other one, and Oh, I found myself stuck in this one, I just didn't expect such unexpected twist. Keep on updating author. please.


This book is amazing 👏 once you have a peek at the first chapter you'll be so engross you do not want to stop from reading 😀 it happened to me so I know 😂 so if you want an escape from reality add this fascinating novel to your library and get lost in the wonders 😄😢


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