1 Broken Engagement and Swapped Bodies

"Eve Ambrose! I am breaking my engagement with you and I shall be marrying Diana Asteria! " Darian Alinac , the king of Edrutia Empire said to his political marriage partner . Not only was he cheating on his fiance , he also pointed out the misdeeds Eve committed against Diana . "Fine...I understand His majesty's wish." the dismayed Eve said as she went out of the banquet hall. Ignoring the whispering of the noble ladies .

Many noticed the tears in her eyes that threatened to fall down any moment...it was the day when someone's love was celebrated on expense of others.


Darian woke up with an unfamiliar ache in his body. His head felt groggy however he did not remember drinking last night.

"Wake up Darian Alinac." Someone called out to him, it was man's voice .

'Who is it ?'

'A steward perhaps?'

"I don't have all day dumbass…' the man snorted.

"How dare you say this to me!" Darian's voice roared with anger or that was what he thought would happen.

"Huh?...what?..." he touched his unfamiliar body. It was smooth and deathly pale , with thin twig like hands. His hair seemed very long or light shade of silver. It was a woman's body.

"Awake now?" the man spoke again. He was tall and muscular , with well defined features. His crimson eyes and black hair.

Darian was looking at himself.

"What kind of sorcery is this ?" Darian cried…his shrill voice echoed in the sparsely filled large room , so loud that it hurt his own ears.

"Its not sorcery but Voodoo, I casted a spell on you." The person in his body said proudly.

"Who are you ?"

"Take a guess…"

Silver hair…thin hands…high voice

"Eve Ambrose ?"

"Yes…your fiancée . Remember how brutally you humiliated me yesterday ?" Eve said with a smirk.

'Yesterday?' Darian thought…

It was yesterday , his twenty sixth birthday banquet where he proclaimed his love for Diana who was his childhood friend and condemned Eve for her wrongdoings.

"Is this revenge ?" He whispered , looking dejected .

"No, in fact I never even loved you ." Eve clarified.

"Then why ?"

"Because this is a political marriage between two Empires and you have no right to break it so carelessly when you are nothing but a stupid puppet. Since your stupidity caused me so much problem I decided to take matters into my own hands."

Darian was shocked to see this side of his ex-fiancee. Eve Ambrose , the first princess of Astaseul empire was sickly and quiet , almost like a porcelain doll. She never raised her voice or used such words even to the servants.

"I am sorry. I have learnt my lesson so let us just return to our original places." Darian said . He knew Eve was mad at him.

"You weakling…I am not returning you this body until the marriage between 'Eve Ambrose' and 'Darian Alinac' is finalized. Stay still like a porcelain doll and get married to me." Eve smirked showing a devious grin that Darian did not know he was capable of showing.

"King Darian…Eve must be sleeping right now. Ah…she is awake, please talk to her." It was Eve's caretaker Miss Runa. A old woman in her fifties with benign blue eyes and whiting hair . She had been living with Eve since she was a toddler .

"Yes…sure." Eve in Darian's body said as she kneeled in front of the bed where Darian sat.

"My dear Eve…I know you have been hurt yesterday. But I had no choice but to grab your attention this way . I asked Lady Diana to help me with the preparation and we staged an act to see how much you loved me . I am sorry for hurting you this way."

Darian saw his own face smiling at him while speaking such nonsense, he felt so irritated that he wanted to punch his own face ….did he really speak like this when he was with Diana?

Thinking about this sent chills down his spine .

He leaned down to the kneeling Eve and whispered.

"No one will believe your excuse." He said .

"Since you are such a dumbass everyone will believe me." Eve hissed in his ears as she embraced him tightly.

"Let us cooperate till our happily ever after."