41 The Wilderness

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There was a military camp a few hundred miles away from the northern part of Jiang-Nan city.

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[RUMBLE~~] The train slowly came to a halt at the military sector's station.

Fully armed fighters got off the train one by one, for a total of twenty. These twenty people naturally formed four squads.

"Luo Feng, usually when we fighters go out to hunt monsters, we enter the military sectors to resupply" Chen Gu pointed ahead of him, where a tall, steel tower that was around 50 or 60 meters high was, "See this tower? Across China, and even the world, the military cuts out a special sector of the wilderness to serve as a base for fighters to rest and resupply. These resupplying locations are marked with these lighthouses. In other words, it shows us fighters the way home".

Luo Feng nodded.

In the resupplying base in the military sector, there was a solemn, small building, which had a good environment.

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