1 The Legendary Swagger Saiyan (Prolouge)

"Whis" Beerus asked while gazing at the different moons of his planet. "Yes my Lord?" Whis replied. "Do you think its true? What the Oracle fish prophesied?" Beerus asked. "Well my lord, If I want to be completely honest, Im not sure if this...Super Swagger God even exists. But if you truly wish to find out then you will have to wait 35 years as said" He replied. "*sigh* If it will cure my boredom then I will gladly do so. But Im not going to sit on my ass all day and wait around. I will go to sleep for 35 years and search or this Super Swagger God once I awaken." Beerus said while yawning.

"Man, If I knew being a God of Swag and Destruction would be such a boring job, I probably would have never took this position. I would just sleep till death" Beerus said again. "I can always find a replacement for you my lord~" Whis joked. "SHUT UP WHIS!" Beerus yelled.

As Beerus was preparing for his 35 year nap, There was some others things happening in the galaxy far far away. There was boy on a vacant planet who had just killed a monster and was currently eating it. His Total Power was 100,000. Although being a mere 5 year his power was at a level that would be considered impossible for someone his age. The reason why was because of his Power x Swag = Total Power. His power level was 10,000 while his Swag was 10 and 10,000 x 10 is 100,000. Just to compare, Beerus Swag level is currently 1,000 which is the max. Can anyone have max swag? Yes they can! But different clothing gives different attributes that can effect a persons ability and can give them the advantage against another max level swagger.

If someone has lvl 1,000 swag with +30% Speed, They would have an advantage over someone with +30% Attack unless the person with +30% Attack has speed that matches or is even faste than their opponents speed +30% or If they have an accessory that also gived +30% speed and allows them to match or be faster than the opponent. You get what Im saying right? So basically swag makes you stronger and the max percent you can go up to is +50% which will be counted as legendary swag.

The Main Character of this story, Broly (He's named broly since I dont have enough creativity to make a good one πŸ™ƒ) is the Legendary Swagger Saiyan. Although his swag is only 10, Through various training and collection of different types of swag, He will eventually not only be legendary in power but in swag as well.

If your wondering about stuff like transformations, dont worry because Im about to explain it now! Say our current Broly with Total Power of 100K went super saiyan. Not only will his power be multiplied, His swag will too resulting in a change of appearance. His hair and swag will change and be enhanced but If he gets legendary swag with max percent (+50%) then the percentage will also change. I know, Kinda OP. SSJ + Max Percent Swag = +50% (+30) or LSSJ + Max Percent Swag = +50% (+100).

{Please comment on any dumb mistakes or just really stupid stuff I did. I want as much criticism as possible because I can't improve if no one tells me where did bad. Im still new to this stuff so I would also appreciate any Ideas for the story. Thank you for wasting your time reading my book πŸ‘}