Suzuki Never Stops on Teasing Me! (rev 1.0) Book

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Suzuki Never Stops on Teasing Me! (rev 1.0)


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"Love starts with a tease." An ultimately competitive middle school boy named Tanaka dares to retaliate against Suzuki, his current seatmate, as he is being teased by the girl like it’s her routine. His idea of payback is by putting his sweet yet sly rival into an embarrassing situation that she will never forget. He remains stubborn, even if his plans are always being read by the cool and collected Suzuki thus, marking his defeat. Will he be able to succeed on his plans? Or will he abort the mission once he finds out the reason behind Suzuki’s antics? This is a manga-like flow story greatly inspired by the Anime "Teasing Master Takagi-san", but of course, there are numerous differences including the pacing of the story. (c) @tyoiri428 Photo link : https://twitter.com/tyoiri428/status/1042091886674968576


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