1 The Note

oday is Friday the 13th, the time where teens -Gab, Nix, Danielle, Hadleigh, and Hadrein- do some paranormal activity. They do this every time Friday the 13th comes. They've decided to enter the old abandoned house, it's 9 pm they started to walk towards the abandoned house. They stopped at the gate of the abandoned house, a letter soon catches their eyes written in a red ink ballpen.

"Do not enter the house full of midsts of miserable happenings!

I have warned you"

"Ohhh! A great start!" Gab said as a happy yet creepy grin crawls into his face. "I agree. I like the smell this" as Hadrein soon open the door as he started to walk towards the house. As they reached the front door of the house. A letter soon catches again their eyes this time it's not a red-inked ballpen it's some kind of blood it has the metallic smell.

"Be aware"

They open the squeaky door and entered the mansion soon the smell of blood enters their nose trills making them cover their nose.


The door slammed behind them, making them startled. "You should close the door quietly" Nix whisper shouted at Hadrein "I didn't close it" Hadrein fought back "then who did?" Nix whispers at them looking at each of one of his friends but they just shrugged it off and continue to walk. They walk towards the living room and wandered it all.

"Hey, guys do you see what I'm seeing?" Hadleigh asked as she glanced at them, she walks towards the table with the creepy looking doll on it. Her friends soon come beside her as she sees a note.

"If you yourself will read this piece, she will come and you can't release.

- Suzie"

"Guys I think this is a bad idea" Danielle spoke out with a shaky tone. "We went too far and we-" Hadleigh cut Nix "Gu-Guys? Where's the doll?"

"I seek revenge who trespass my place. Nix. Danielle. Gab. Hadrein. Hadleigh. " they hear a recorded creepy doll voice made them jump their skin off.

A tiny footstep was echoing on the entire room with a laughing sound of the doll.

"You read the piece I'll come and seek revenge" the voices soon continue making them shake in fears

"Look behind you." The teens didn't do what the doll said and that made the doll lose its temper.

A scream soon enters the scene making the teens scream. Chills running down to their spine, skin hair started to stand. They look behind them seeing Nix crying blood in his right eye without his eyeballs making Nix unconscious, blood scattered in the floor as the doll approaching to Danielle one hand gripping a knife on the other tossing up in the air the eyeball of Nix, grinning bat Danielle.

" I have warned you didn't I?" The doll continues to walk towards Danielle as soon it 'accidentally drops' she hardly grips its knife. In a split of a second, she was in front of Danielle making Danielle kick the doll, the parts of the doll got scattered and That made her grew mad. Slowly the parts were coming together while coming again in Danielle's way. The others were just standing there stunned and don't move an inch.

"if I were you I wouldn't d that cause that made me angry as hell!" the doll shouted at them that made the doll grew bigger and running towards Danielle attacking her eyes.

"The deeper it goes the more pain it goes" she aims the knife below her eyes that made Danielle scream as there's no tomorrow. the others look at the terror in the scene in front of them they started to run as fast, as they reach the door Suzie, the doll, was behind them

"The play is not over my friends," she said creepier and followed by an evil laugh echoing in the house.

"it is so much fun playing with you guys, but it hurt didn't it?" she said walking towards the three teens shaking in fear. Suzie, the doll, slam her hand into the wall making the three they jump out of their skin, shaking like a terrified puppy, hearts pumping like it wants to go out.

"who should I play first?... you" the doll pointed at Gab behind Hadleigh and Hadrein. The doll soon held Gab up high with its pale, bloody hands cutting the breath of Gab. while the other hand of her still gripping the bloody knife.

"This is how I felt when I got abandoned by my owner" the doll smile as she saw the condition of Gab kicking his feet as his hands are in the cold bloody pale hands of her. She throws him on the wall beside the door making him unconscious. She soon approaches her target, Gab.

"we're not done yet Gab." she soon kneeled beside him " Poor you. Your eyes are beautifull, a blue color. it will be more beautiful if we made you cry with blood, right?" she soon aims the knife below his eye socket, Suzie hears the doorknob trying to open by someone. She looks who it was, Hadleigh and Hadrein, she throws the knife towards them and goes towards the head of Hadrein. That made Hadleigh drop herself in the floor hugging her knees. The knife slowly goes towards Suzie and begun to remove the eyes of Gab.

"It's just you and me Hadleigh" smile soon creep its way toward the face of Suzie, as he laughs while walking towards the way of the shaking teen in front of her.

"on behalf of us, We are so sorry for breaking in please spare me"

"Spare you? huh? no... NEVER! do they spare me? no... NEVER" Suzie runs towards Hadleigh, Hadleigh scream like there's no tomorrow as the doll stab her at her chest.

Suzie returns to the living room as she sat on top of the table smiling with a bloody note beside her, she giggles as she saw the bloody bodies of the teens. " I warned you and you didn't listen"