Surviving the Apocalypse With My Three SSS Rank Wives

[WPC OCT&NOV 2023 [Fantasy] Entry!] Show love and support with Power Stones and by adding to your collection!!! In the year 3003, mysterious portals suddenly appeared all across Earth, unleashing devastating beasts and mystical monsters from another dimension, creating the first extinction level event in the history of mankind. In response to the appearance of the portals, humans were bestowed magical powers to combat the emerging threat. Our hero, Samael, was one of the unfortunate few who received an F-Rank ability and was deemed near-useless in the eyes of the real heroes and was forced to become a porter, a slave to the hunters required to collect the rewards dropped by the monsters. After an unfortunate demise at the hands of the three most powerful heroines, he finds himself waking up on the morning of his awakening, receiving a new powerful ability. Determined to change the outcome of his life and get his revenge, he plots to become the strongest Hunter. Chapters are posted daily 5 minutes after reset. Release rate will increase to 2 daily effective 12/01/2023. Vote for Bonus Chapters each week! Power Stones: 100 PS: 1 Bonus Chapter 250 PS: 3 Bonus Chapters 500 PS: 7 Bonus Chapters

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(XI) Hidden Effect

Samael worked meticulously, grabbing the crystals as he absorbed them. They unleashed a faint light as they started to melt before vanishing into whisps of white light.

He started with the D Rank Beast Cores, quickly absorbing the 47 crystals before moving on to the remaining 53 F Rank Beast Cores. 

Upon completing the absorption of the last F Rank Beast Core, his body was bathed in a warm light. He remained in the lotus position, breathing heavily, his breath coated in pure energy. 

Samael's muscles started to grow and grow more defined. His face grew more taut as he underwent his first evolution.

He had witnessed this many times in his past life, yet never experienced it himself, and could hardly contain his excitement as a smile spread across his face.

Vitani remained stoic and steadfast, ignoring the evolution behind him, his gaze fixated on the graveyard as hundreds of undead struggled to break through the soil.

Kaitlyn and Nathan sat beside Samael, watching him awestruck. Unlike the burly man behind them, the aura they felt coming off the young man was warm and soothing.

Suddenly, a crisp and clear bell rang inside his mind. He slowly opened his eyes, and they briefly emitted a pale purple light before they returned to normal as he read the window before him.

╔══Congratulations on ascending from F Rank Hunter to D Rank Hunter! Available Ability Slots have doubled.══╝

He dismissed the window in a puff of dark smoke and turned to Kaitlyn and Nathan, the notifications appearing for his [Soul Thief] Ability to activate, and he accepted.

╔══[Positive Covalence] acquired! Unable to copy Healing Spells from the Target.══╝

╔══[Negative Covalence] acquired! Unable to copy Offensive Spells from the Target.══╝

╔══Hidden Effect of [Soul Thief] triggered! Would the User like to meld the two applicable abilities? [Yes/No]══╝

Sam's eyes widened at the third notification, 'Hidden Effect..??'

"Yes." Samael replied, standing up as the notifications vanished; the two abilities he just received disappeared, being replaced a moment later.

[Unique Ability: Quasineutral created.]

[Rank: SSS]

[This Ability has numerous effects. Passive Effect 1: Increases User's reaction speed and movement speed. Passive Effect 2: Grants control over lightning, electromagnetism, and plasma. Active Effect 1: Can imbue objects with plasma. Restriction: objects unable to withstand the effects of the plasma deteriorate. Active Effect 2: Can launch metallic objects via electromagnetism.]

Sam grinned, unable to contain his excitement, thinking he had received his most busted Ability yet, but also unearthed something that would take him to never-before-seen heights with the discovery of the Hidden Effect of [Soul Thief].

He turned and looked at Vitani, his smile disappearing as he pulled out both of his combat knives. He stepped forward before turning to the twins, "You two need to stay here and out of sight, understood?"

"B-but..." Kaitlyn started to protest before Nathan elbowed her in the ribs and shook his head.

"Okay." The young boy answered, grabbing his sister's hand and dragging her over to a nearby dead tree as they hid behind it. 

Samael nodded to the twins before turning around and approaching Vitani, standing beside him as he watched the undead slowly sauntering toward them. 

"You ready?" Vitani asked, rolling his shoulder as he unleashed his aura again, and his eyes and hair glowed orange once more. 

"You bet." Sam replied, spinning his knives in his palms as purple lightning started to arc from his fingertips, dancing up his arms. 

"Let's riot!" The burly man laughed, rearing his arm back, balling his hand into a fist, and taking a step forward as he unleashed another shockwave with his punch. 

Samael smirked, lightning dancing around his feet as he dived in front of Vitani's punch, utilizing the explosive wave of superheated air to launch himself forward. 

He flew through the air, zipping between the dozen Skeleton Soldiers as if he were lightning itself, his blades slicing through their skulls as he passed by them, causing them to explode. 

He landed in the dirt thirty meters away as he dug his heels into the soil, spinning around as he stared at Vitani, smirking at him. The burly man returned the grin, throwing his arms out and unleashing a loud and primal roar. 

He jumped in the air and twisted through it, slamming his fist into the ground, and spun his foot around him, creating a massive wall of flames in front of him, spinning around once more as he reared both of his arms back, slamming his palms together.

The shockwave of his clap launched the wall of flames forward, incinerating everything in its path for ten meters in front of him, causing Sam to click his tongue in frustration. 

"No time to rest..." He muttered to himself, turning as he dashed forward, slipping through the skeleton's attacks, using his knives to destroy the undead's heads with each counterattack. 

He quickly dashed through the graveyard, destroying each undead as he made his way back over to Vitani. He wouldn't be able to complete the quests if he competed fairly. 

He dashed next to the burly man, attacking the skeletons before throwing one of his knives forward, powerful lightning being expelled from the blade as it crashed into the temple. 

Vitani turned toward him and grinned, but it quickly vanished as Samael raised his hand, a massive lightning bolt cutting through the black clouds above and crashing into his palm. 

The lightning jumped off the young man's hand and created a massive shower of lightning around the two men, instantly defeating the remaining Skeleton Soldiers around them. 

╔══Task Requirement of Kill 50 Skeleton Soldiers has been completed.══╝

"Don't get too cocky, boy." Vitani declared, breaking the silence as he stepped forward, "That was just the warm-up..." 

He turned to the twins, motioning them to come and pointing at them as they ran over, "You two... You're Porters."

"Porters..?" Nathan asked, confused. 

"Hey!! We don't have to listen to you!" Kaitlyn proclaimed, huffing as she placed her fists on her hands. 

Vitani turned and glared at her as she yelped and nodded. 

"You guys just need to run around and pick up the crystals that dropped; remember what I was doing outside?" Samael explained as he knelt down and picked up a nearby Beast Core, holding it out to the twins. 

They nodded their understanding and started running around, picking up the crystals and putting them into the backpacks. 

"What's next?" Sam asked, turning around as he stood, stepping forward and standing next to the mountainous man. 

Vitani didn't utter a single word as he pointed ahead to the temple. Skeletons had started to walk out, covered head to toe in thick, sturdy metallic armor, some carrying swords and shields, others carrying massive two-handed weapons. 

He then raised his finger above the temple as transparent and pale gusts of wind started to combine into spirals as ghosts, banshees, and spirits began appearing above the temple. 

"I see..." Samael muttered as he looked around the graveyard, noticing hundreds of small broken objects littering the ground as a large grin spread across his face. 

He raised his hands, closing his eyes as he unleashed his aura, a wave of excited air shot throughout the graveyard as the hundreds of tiny objects started to vibrate, slightly at first but then faster as the young man gritted his teeth.