Survive the apocalypse with a system
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Survive the apocalypse with a system


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What is Survive the apocalypse with a system

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What would you do if you had one month to prepare for the apocalypse? And where would be the best place to hide? Not a mall, a military base or your house, but an old factory. Why you ask? because of the Iron gate, fence, generator, the space etc

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The concept is great but the author missed out on a few things to keep it interesting. Prepping for the apocalypse is all fun but if you let a system do it for you that's pretty much a few chapters worth of creative thinking thrown down the drain. Creative thinking that would make or break the story. I also noticed that bugging in isn't that interesting. I live in a farm in the middle of nowhere and if a zombie apocalypse happened, things would mostly be the same for me. I imagined all the things I could do to secure my property and in the end, I'd just be bored as ****. As a result I would likely start zombie hunting or something just to have something to do, other than grow food, eat, sleep and repeat that cycle. Because really, eventually you will have seen all your movies, read all your books, played all your games, etc etc. Hense just like the author wrote as a system message, all bug ins endnin suicide. Most likely because of boredom. I think the story would be a lot more fun to write from the fire systems perspective as that person would always be on the movie and in the action. Bugging in is something you write about if you want to write an apocalyptic community novel. Think of things like the series jericho, the mist etc. The MC also makes stupid choices like buying things in bulk in person at the store instead of buying in bulk through the Internet. Horse racing is also rarely done these days, so it makes for a bit of an oldtimer vibe, in which case it's just more interesting to ditch the modern setting and go for something around the 1930s or some other iconic period. So all in all, the concept is fine, it's fun but it's entirely understandable for the author to have lost interest in writing it considering the choices made.


I love this novel already!!!! even though it has about seven chapter that are short it's definitely worth reading 5 stars all I will support this book with all my spirit stones. Only thing that would need to be upgraded is the number of pages per chapter


I'm not sure if you're pulling my leg here or if this will actually be something even so I will stick with you till the end if it is real hope I can get a good power


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This book keeps getting better and better I can’t stop reading it So please keep writing this book and please write the next chapters soon🙏📖🙏📖🙏📖🙏📖🙏📖🙏📖🙏


overall pretty bad novel 0 imagination the story makes absolutely no sense and u skip most of it the systems are trash and u suddenly merge another story with yours without context i couldnt even bear to read after chapter 10 but i still tried and i vomited 3 liters of blood




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