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Hello, readers! I'm just writing this review to give a little more insight into my book. It gets into the story quickly so it's not bad pacing-wise. However, the first few chapters might feel like it's lacking in meaning. Like it may feel as if the characters are simply just in the game to survive. But I urge you to continue past this as the plot gets very interesting further down. You'll be able to feel the drive and the direction that I want the story to go in. And there's a lot of foreshadowings as well so pay attention to them. Lastly, if you like this book after reading then please check out my other book called The Mind World And The Outcast Hero. In some ways, it's even better than this one. So please give it a try as I'm sure you won't be disappointed. I appreciate the support!


When it comes to storylines about survival whether in movies or novels. I will definitely be among the top readers but what makes a story a different one is the author. With such a great author, I'm sure this will make one keep begging for more. Keeping going author 💪💪you can do it.


This book is decent, The grammatical errors look non-existent and the story is starting at a good pace, The starring is quite mysterious, U think The reader who likes to read some mystery and gaming novel they would love this novel However, there are fewer details about the surroundings and characters


Writing Quality: Good writing quality that is rare on this app. Could be better with more realistic/mature dialogue, but I guess that is a personal preference since some people are into characters who act like ten year olds so still five stars. Updating Stabibility: Good. Story Development: Interesting plot. Bad world building that throws you in without proper build up. Character Design: Horrible characters. Attempts to make a cold main character, does this extremely poorly. Main reason I dropped this. Would be better with a shounen tag and a more generic shounen personality as author’s style seems tailored to shounen. World Background: Interesting, needs better buildup Overall: Interesting plot, poor execution. Recommend making a shounen protagonist for future novels. Would recommend to people interested in shounen type novels, just not my personal taste.


. diving in, wish me luck .


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....Good soup... . . . . . . . . . . .


Hoho, 10th review. Excellent.


The plot is interesting. The writing quality is good, but still needs some work. Story develops nicely so I had no problems with that. I would like to see how Shade's character goes on in the story(the way he thinks etc.) Over all good work author!


Great story so far. I really like Shade's character, his qualities are unique to say the least. His suspicion towards people might actually be a good thing in this survival game. Can't wait to see what happens inside his mind as he goes on playing for his life. The writing quality well... I didn't expect such clean pages from a writer here in this site. There are some paragraphs where active voice could be used to reduce the word redundancy, but that's just me nitpicking. The reader can expect a smooth read without being interrupted by errors. Story is unfolding through a third point of view. I have no complaints about the pacing of the book as well. I can't really say anything about the world building yet but this novel has the potential to keep a reader hooked. The author has smartly used the trending elements here (death game, unsocial mc, game world, etc). However, I believe the author will make a difference which hundreds of other writers fail at doing.


I may be wrong but It's like a Death game or Squid game theme.. But I know it will be a different plot and a nice story shall keep me hooked. The Story: √ The writing style: √ The Character: √ It may not be the best but It could turn out great! I will be back on this novel and waiting for the next chapter! Keep out the great work, Mr. Author-san💕


Really giving me Squid Game vibes here, what with the old man and all. I have zero complaints about this novel, as I very thoroughly enjoyed Squid Game. This isn't a rip-off or anything though, as it comes with it's own unique twists (you can read it for yourself to see what I mean). Only thing that I would recommend to the author is... well, writing more. Daily updates are critical to gaining readership. Keep up the good work!


There are only three chapters so far and it is really great so far. The first chapter really brought me the trust issue when that old man did something like 'that.' And for Shade, he is a pretty much realistic character except he decided to buy the 30$ chocolate. Haha, to sum it up the plot is great, the character is well-made and it gives me thrill since the story is really enjoyable. Read this if you enjoy the survival and thrilling stuff. P.S. Great job, author!!! Keep writing, I wish you well in your contest, I would vote for you if I have some spare powerstone.


Okay I'll admit. This is actually really nice. The grammar is good enough to flow with and the premise is quite good. Give this a go, you might like it.


Recently, I have seen many movies about death games like 'Escape Room' and 'Squid Game', and so on, and this novel is really good if you are a fan of mystery and thriller in my opinion. And the male protagonist, Shade, is quite realistic to be honest and it honestly surprised me when he helped the old man though at first he was quite adamant on not helping the old man. Moreover, the grammer of this book is really good! All in one, this is a amazing novel for you to read :) Keep up the good work Author-Sama!