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Survival Zer0


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WPC #234 Bronze Award Winner... Inspired by Demon Slayer and Sword Art Online... Shade has lost the meaning that his life once held. Due to this, he bends to the temptation of the "Old Man" who promises to help him find the answers to all his questions. Unfortunately, Shade finds himself betrayed as he is forced inside of a death game called Survival Zer0 alongside thousands of other players. Now they must complete a total of 20 stages inside the game that forces players to kill one another for survival. With no other choice, Shade must now battle for survival, staining his hands with the blood of his enemies as he seeks to find a way out of the game. Little does he know that the game holds many dangerous secrets that will change his life forever. ***** Updates are at least one chapter per day. Bonus chapters can be given in accordance with the number of power stones or golden tickets received. Key (May be subject to change): 20 PS or 5 GT- 1 Bonus Chapter 50 PS or 10 GT- 2 Bonus Chapters 100 PS or 25 GT- 3 Bonus Chapters


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