1 Chapter 1 Awakening

The warm streaks of bright sunlight, slowly peeked over the tips of the giant craggy peaks of blue colored mountains. The warmth of the rays of sunlight spread throughout the new morning. The sky in the west, still had yet to succumb to the bright golden rays. The tops of trees glittered as the golden hue descended upon them, releasing them from the hold of darkness. Clouds scuttered across the vast sky, causing shadows to scurry slowly across the ground.

A barely noticeable breeze drifted through the trees, stirring the branches and ruffling the leaves. A faint smell of pine drifted along with the breeze. Leaves and pine needles, created a barrier between the air and the ground. The leaves that were fluttering rapidly from the breeze, made the silence in the air, turn to sounds of a dense forest.

Plants and bushes of all kinds were growing between the trees making the ground look to have a thick layer of green, that made the ground look more lively. A squirrel skitted across the ground rapidly, stopping every little while to gather a nut into its small mouth. Bugs of many kinds lived here, treating the undergrowth as home.

In a clearing, covered with wet grass, and many dry leaves, that were most likely still here from the year before, a boy laid in thick grass, soundly sleeping. The boy had dark, completely black hair, that glistened when the bright rays of the morning sun, seeped across it. His face had sharp, handsome features, and high cheekbones helped with adorning his face.

The boy's eyes flipped open rapidly, only to have a glare of sunlight flash through them, making him close them just as quickly as he had opened them. He sat up and opened his eyes again, his hand was placed above his face to filter the sunlight out of his eyes.

"Where the hell am I, what happened?" the boy blurted loudly.

His shrill yell made even the sound from the blowing trees, seem quiet. He had a confused look on his face, but it soon turned to a look of anger and surprise.

"Those b*stards, what have they done this time." he said exasperated.

He jumped to his feet and looked around.

"The trees and plants look quite realistic, they must have hauled me out here while I was asleep."

"Looks like I have to make another revenge plan to get them back."

The boy smirked, and then lied back onto the wet grass and pretended to be asleep.


The night before...

Kegan Wood, the boy from before.

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It was his 16th birthday, and his friends were at his house partying. The party had close to around 30 people, that were all from his school. Most of the girls were swimming in the giant 30 foot swimming pool. Most of the boys were loitering around just watching the girls swimming. Their was flirting and kissing and all other party activities. Kegan and his closest friends were having tuns pranking each other. They all determined that the final and biggest prank would be on Kegan, because it was his birthday.

2 hours later, Kegan was half drunk, and the strong odor of alcohol, which was emanating from his breath, went into his bedroom. He had already forgotten about the pranking, so he fell into a drunken sleep.


Back to the current timeline...

Kegan had already thought of a plan on how to get back at his friends, that had most likely done this to him. He figured that for their prank, they brought him into this forest, an make him scared, thinking he was lost. He also figured that they were watching him, and videoing him, to see his reaction. So he decided to keep pretending to sleep, till they gave up. He guessed that as soon as they didn't get the reaction they wanted, they would come out.

Kegan never expected them to do this, considering that he had never been a outdoor enthusiast. He had never hiked before, he had never went camping, or anything very much outdoors for that matter. So he just figured that they thought that he would get scared, by suddenly waking up in a forest, with no cities or people in sight.

Kegan laid on the ground pretending to sleep, for 1 hour, before he started to feel tired, he expected them to have come out by now. He could smell the enticing aroma of mint and pine blowing through his nostrils. His body was starting to stiffen, and he could feel the soreness seeping in. He gritted his teeth and forced himself to remain in the same position. His body was telling him to move, but he was stubborn, he had to make them show themselves first.

"Maybe I can just move a tiny bit, they shouldn't notice."

He thought as he slightly shifted his muscles into a more relaxed position. He waited a little longer, but still nothing happened. His body couldn't take it anymore, so he sat up and let out a sigh of relief.

"Hey, guys, you can show yourselves now, this isn't funny." he yelled loudly.

A slight fear started creeping into his mind. " What if they really didn't bring me here?" Why won't they answer me?"

He tried to reassure himself that his friends were really just playing a prank on him. He had to last longer then them, but something was gnawing at him. "What if he had come out here himself in the night?" "What if his friends didn't know where he was?"

The questions shuffled though his head, but he just shoved them all out. This was just a prank. But what if it wasn't a prank, what would he do?

He suddenly started listening closely to the surrounding sounds. The rustling of dry leaves across the ground, the birds chirping through the treetops, his imagination started taking over for a split second. He heard the sound of a wild animal sneaking up on him.

His eyes shifted open quickly, he looked around himself carefully, half expecting to see something pouncing at him. But he couldn't see anything out of the ordinary.

"If those guys are playing a prank on me, then it is working." he thought as a slight shiver of fear traveled through his body.

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