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Survival to Godhood


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What is Survival to Godhood

Survival to Godhood is a popular web novel written by the author killermniko, covering ACTION, ADVENTURE, Eastern Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 730.1K readers with an average rating of 4.31/5 and 16 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 165 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


When one God tries to fight back, his goal actually dooms his planet to war and destruction. Now the inhabitants can only survive and learn to use mana. If one cultivates and survives long enough they might be able to take back the planet. If they survive longer maybe the solar system. If they can become a god maybe the whole universe. ---------------------------- “To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche This quote is what inspired me to write a cultivation novel not about being the strongest or most talented. It's about the sacrifice people around you make, and the hardships people live through. ---------------------------- I can't keep a schedule anymore. I will release a chapter once I am finished. Thank you everyone for checking out my novel. It means a lot.


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What I like about the story is how it’s different from the others. Instead of a typically asian setting, we have english names and greek gods. There are myths from the real world, mixed with some fantasy, which is quite interesting. Another thing that I like about it is that the grammar is very good. There’s are no sentences, where the meaning is not understood. The characters personally are not my cup of tea, but I will not dive further on this topic, as that is my personal opinion an der should not define whether the novel is good or not I think that this is story is definitely one to check out, if you are interested in something different and something that’s takes you to a journey.


Something about the story just rubs me the wrong way. It took me a bit of time to hit on it but I think I have identified a few things that made me dislike this. 1) The dialogue. There are a couple aspects to this. First would be simply how the characters speak to each other. Too much of the dialogue is communicating information with very little fluff. It is like two computers have to communicate information using English, very stiff with little emotion. 2) Sprite. Honestly this portion is a bit absurd to me for a couple reasons. Why would no-one try to steal Sprite when Leo is knocked out? Why would Sprite risk endangering Leo by telling everyone who listens that he exists? What is the point of Sprite's calculations if when Leo ignores them he comes out on top anyway? Leo's over-reliance on Sprite leads to plot holes as well. There are times where Sprite calls out an attack for Leo. Since they seem to communicate vocally his usually more powerful enemies should be able to hear this as well. Why do "the bad guys" NEVER react to Sprite in combat? 3) Why is the story listed as 'General Audiences'? It has rape, torture, forced pregnancy, death, gore, etc... This is misleading. The rating should reflect the content. In a similar vein the story is under Eastern Fantasy but the eastern fantasy elements are lacking and aren't a driving force where they do exist. This seems like it should belong under Magical Realism instead (especially with the heavy post-apocalyptic story). I love the idea behind the story but it isn't working for me.


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Hey this is really well written! I love Greek mythology and cultivation is a pretty cool concept. Though I love the two alone I don't know how they would work together. It's cool how you did just that but I think it needs a bit more time flesh out the details because as of now it's a little confusing. Love Leo so far! Great character, but other than that Hiro is a little bit confusing. I think you need to just take a bit more time develop where the story's headed in general but it's great!


With a mix match of author's original thought and a mix of existing myth this story have managed to create quite a vast world background. While some of its borrowed author have managed to integrate the element of existing myth to the story at the right pace. writing itself contain a mix of conversation and exposition as well as background exposition which i personally enjoy.


Writing Quality is good, there are little to no errors at all. Althouh there are rough sentences, it can still be understand if read twice. Stabilitu of Updates is good, I guess. Though you should state under the synopsis how much chapters you release in a week. Story Development is good, normal pace, or maybe a li'l fast pace but still good. The concept is unique because there are many elements mixed in. Character Design is great, some greek gods, and normal humans who uses mana to attain Godhood. World Background is also good, set in Earth(?), but with mana and monsters.


Man this is great you have to keep writing this just those three chapters got my blood boiling! So I command you to write more! Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiuuiuuuu


Hey there! Good day for writing! If you wanted to see whether you can get paid by distributing the current work or getting financial support by writing new work, you might want to contact avarohm_review@outlook.com. A brief introduction, some sample chapters or links will be appreciated when reaching out.


*Remember, this review is based on the first 5 chapters* Constructive Criticism: Updates are not quite stable, but you do better than most... you have more gaps than many, but they are much shorter... I suggest at some point purposefully making one large gap to stock up on chapters then keeping it as regular as possible from there on out.;,;. Positive Feedback: Well written and well executed plot... Good work.;,;. Personal Feedback: at a later time I will continue reading this.;,;. Score: SoU 4/5 Rest 5/5


I'm really liked the idea in the history but the mc just survive and everything in his around die, and this robot don't make any sense, why the beastman don't steal the robot? They leave the robot with him even in a jail? The climax in the history is totally forced, if he survived a encounter the author trow another powerful beastman that is a lot ahead in cultivation and with 0% of escape


It’s a really good novel with a great plot thus far, I saw a few grammatical errors here and there but these didn’t affect the over story that much. The setting is super interesting, especially with the mixtures if different religions and such as the gods of this world. Personally, I still feel uncomfortable at how all of he cultivation levels and such were given right at the beginning, but this is only my personal taste and everything was still easy to understand. The character are relatable(in a nonrelatable way since this is fiction) and I can really feel actual emotions for some characters, esecially Zeus and that guy is dead! Overall the novel is great and I am looking forward to future updates. if I’m to say anything that is bad about this novel, it is that it is not being noticed more!


The story has a very rich premise. I don't think it could ever run out of things to explore because of how much material was invested in the first few chapters of setup. The writing quality can be improved, but the ideas are easy to understand. I preferred the writing style used in the "Prelude" because it was like a page from a history book (except for the sudden dialogues, you don't usually find those in real history books). If this is your genre, this novel would be a promising read for you.


This Greek mythology novel is really different from the novels I've read earlier but different in an eloquent way because of the names and the story development of the background design. keep writing! ^^ x


Writing Quality: (3/5) - The very second chapter throws me off. You DO NOT put an action like *sniff* WITHIN a dialogue. Put it after or before to indicate that Leo is doing that. Otherwise, an okay grammar and I don't have to read sentences twice to understand it. Story: (4/5) - Cultivation. Enough said. Character: (3/5) - Need more description on the characters for the readers to imagine how they look. Please, author, give each character's enough description when first introducing them. World: (4/5) - A world where its all survival to the fittest. Oh I forgot to mention the MC has a system, so there's that. Need more background descriptions.


Writing Quality: there were a number of spelling mistakes and grammar issue but overall I could still understand the content if I read it carefully. E.g. in ch 14, u said he caught he breathe... I was thinking u wanted to say he caught his breath. Stability of updates: Perfect! I saw u released regularly. Story development and the world background seemed fine. Could be better. However, I was having a hard time following up with unit numbers. I still give u 4* as I think that's probably just my personal issue. Cheers and well done :)


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