35 27.nEiL- tHe CoNfEsSiOn

Aiyla PoV

Finally....Neil confessed after giving him so much pressure he said....Aiyla I fell in love with you the moment I saw you....

Wow! my jaw dropped....heart beating so fast like I ran a 1000 km marathon...

Shocked, amused.... tranced words could not describe what was going through my mind.....

chill ran through all over my body....

Neil was speaking saying things but I was so so lost.....not being in the state of understanding anything....

His words ringing in my ears....I fell in love with you the moment I saw you.....

That was the only thing I heard....turning deaf ear to his words I ran....ran as fast as I can.....ran from the cafe....

Ran from him....don't know where I was going....all I knew I had to go away from him.

He kept on calling me.....but I was gone, no place to go and hide.....

Without realising I was standing Infront of my house....don't know how and when I reached my home.

Still in trance....scared and chilly thoughts running throughout my mind....

Went to a garden nearby my home....started remembering our every conversation.


Neil PoV

Aiyla...I fell in love from the first time I saw you....

I was bitwiched by your looks, simplicity, innocence.....looking so pure and kind hearted....

Could not take my eyes of you....I was disoriented....all my brain was telling me to talk to you....

The moment I heard your sweet voice I was strayed....it was so enigmatic and I kept on wanting to hear you more....

Felt like I saw an angel....my heart throbbing so fast....mouth ran dry!

I knew that moment I had to have you in my life....I need to make you my girlfriend.

Kept dropping hints to you....sometimes holding your hands...

Sometimes playing with your fingers, hugging you....

Saying twisted words to you but you were so naive that you did not understand or you were acting....like not knowing anything.

But...I knew you were clever and smart, soon you started questioning me.....asking me why my friends called you my girlfriend!

Why I was getting jealous while you talked to other boys!

What was our relationship......why was I being sweet and loving to you!

Knew I had to confess to you one day!

But today you broke my dam and made me profess my love to you....

Aiyla: what the fuck! That was my last words before running away!

Did not even gave him a chance to speak further...

Flashback ends!

Gosh...why this was happening to me!

I thought we were best friends.....but this...

This was so fucking unexpected!

Somewhere deep down, I knew this day would come.

Now what the fuck was I supposed to do....

Do I listen to my inner sixth sense or give him a chance.

Though I know my heart only belongs to one and one person Ronin....

been 2 yrs....even in these 2yrs my broken heart scar has not healed....

Ronin still has my heart, body and soul...he is still the one for me....

Don't know how am I gonna forget him or will I ever forget him.

Does he even remembers me, misses me... Or has he moved on in his life with other girl.

Thoughts like this kept occuring to me.

Should I give a chance to Neil as far as I know he has only been sweet, lovable and wonderful to me....

Is it a facade or does he really care for me.... Should I trust him?

Afterall it's not been long since we met!

My mind screaming....running all over the places. The thoughts of what am I supposed to do now kept incurring.

I was so confused and astrayed....did not know who would give me the right advice....or whom to turn to!

Again...I started thinking what about the creepy vibe that I got from him?

What about my sixth sense sending alert signals to me?

Should I ignore them? Was I being delusional or crazy?

Oh my gosh! What the fuck was I supposed to do. Please I wish if someone could help me through this.

But I knew one thing that I cannot run away from this forever....he had my number and knew where I lived.

Most of all Pawana....Pawana would question why I stopped coming the cafe.

It's not only Neil I have the relationship with. Mr Apurva has been nothing but nice to me and have other friends as well who enjoys my company, cares for me.

Is it right to ignore and hurt them!

I have to man up and face the reality....running is not the solution to my problem.

I don't understand one thing...why can't my life be easy and once just for once why can't trouble leave me alone.

Why my life had to be this messed up! It's like me and trouble are best friends.

It follows me like a shadow....wherever I go trouble is there.

Ring...ring...suddenly my mobile rings, a Motorola ringtone Hello Moto.... comes in within my bag... I take out my cell and check who is calling me!

Oh! Fuck shit....it's Pawana we were supposed to meet today. How did I forget ?

Now what do I say to her....that Neil professed his love to me and I ran away...is that what I say cause I know she is not going to let this go.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

See double trouble is my best friend.... Kill me now!

If I don't answer she will keep calling me....but has Neil said anything to her...ahhhh this is so frustrating!

Okay! Okay! Aiyla cool yourself down and think..... think fast....again hello Moto! Rings comes.

Hello! I said...Hey ILa where the hell are you! We were supposed to meet.

We came here and find out you left what happened...even Neil is not here!

Oh shit! She is shouting.....oh, stop shouting Ana you are breaking my ears valve!

Will you listen to me! Sorry I left as I was not feeling well...I had a stomach ache u know that month of the time.

So I came back home to rest...can we meet some other day. Meanwhile you spend your alone time with your boyfriend Rishi, please!

Silent....no reply, hello Ana you there!

Yes! She said...mentally I was thinking....did she bought what I told her.

Oh god please make her believe my lie....please please!

Ana: I hope you are not lying to me ILa....I know when you are lying...

Me....no I'm not lying I swear and cross my heart.

Ana: fine take rest for now will talk later....bye!


Oh! thank god she did not caught me.

Not a second after...Motorola ringtones rings again!

Now! What the hell...how should I respond to Neil's call.

I guess, even universe hates me....that's why it's torturing me like this.

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It's better for me to ignore him for now but for how long should I ignore him.

Let's give myself some time and think about it....it's better to take a decision wisely rather than rushing to it!

Author...suspense hehe! What will be her decision be!

Hmmm....Evil Laugh! And smirking!

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