1 the island

Roland awoke to nothing but pain and sand, as he rose from what had almost been his death bed, he realized he was on a beach. It was beautiful and large, like the paradise getaway advertisements. There was an enormous jungle behind him, and as far as he could tell, he was on a huge, deserted, dangerous island. He tried to remember how he got there, he was on a boat, there was a storm, and his rowboat was in pieces behind him. He took note of his situation, no food, no water, no supplies save a wrecked rowboat, and a dangerous jungle. nowhere to go, nothing to use in, and an island that would most likely be his Deathbed. Just another day on the beach. He knew despite the dangers and how stupid it sounded he had to go in the jungle and hope that there might be other humans, or at least food and water. one foot in front of the other, he made his way to the depths of the jungle. As he walked, he searched for bamboo, he had never been more glad that he learned how to make makeshift weapons, and after an hour or two he spotted some tall thick bamboo, and used a rock to cut it into a bow staff. By the third hour, he felt the unsettling feeling that he was being watched. When he couldn't bear it anymore, he stopped and carefully observed his surroundings, that was when he realized he was completely and totally surrounded.