1 01 01 - The Girl in the Holy Forest

No matter how far you were from the main cities, all those who sleep and live within the lands of this continent know for a fact, the kingdoms all have one rule that stays the same. The Strongest lay in the top. Meaning, the kings of these countries, where the strongest within these lands, those who wanted more power tried to take over others lands, but no one has truly been successful.

Not all of the lands have a wise and strong ruler, many are blinded by their power, and take advantage of it and ruin the lands the residence in. Yet there is one place where no one can truly take over, the middle lands, the Holy Forest. Many don't even try to go in there because of the beasts and other creatures that live within the forest. The creatures within the forest felt the same though, they hated humans non the less because they wanted peace, but was instead hunted like wild animals. They never want to kill humans, but they do try to get them to leave the forest.

That is, other than one particular human child that the forest accepts with open arms. A baby girl that had come to grow up in the forest along side with its creatures, the elves and fairies were the ones she spends most time with though. It was a fairy and a elf that found her after all.

The world of Arfedeell was vast and large, a total of 4 large continents, the biggest being the Usuara, which also has the holy forest in the middle. The land was split into 5 kingdoms excluding the holy forest. Usuara is where our girl's beautiful story begins, the sadness and pain that brought her greatness, she is Aeras.




The forest was quite, the light of the sun seeping through as a soft breeze went by. Then suddenly the sounds of heavy footsteps then the sounds of rustling from each movements. "Aeras! We'll win the game of tag this time!" An elven boy shouted as he jump from tree to tree. Running after a girl with black hair and tanned skinned. She was fast and swift, almost as if she ran and flew with the wind. "We'll see about that!~" She chuckled and laughed looking back at the group, two elves and 2 fairies, before she noticed, one of the elves weren't there. "Oof!" She made a sound of discomfort as she had ran into the arms of someone. "Yeaaaahhh!! Melissa caught Aeras!" The boy shouted as the girl in-front of the human girl just grinned playfully.

"Didn't think I'd be ahead of you did you?" She grinned before ruffling the girl's dark long hair. She grumbled as she knew herself it was her fault for being so caught up in being faster than the rest. Soon the group caught up and hugged The human from the back. "See we told you we'd get you!" This boy was Jackson, the younger brother of Melissa. "You didn't catch me! Big sister Mel did." The girl stuck her tongue out before laughing. "Agh my wings hurt!" A little fairy sat down on top of Aeras' head whining, this little one was Talia. The other fairy and two elves soon caught up, but Aeras wasn't really close with them they were only here because they were friends of the Melvis siblings, Jackson and Melissa, and the friend of Talia.

"Let's head home for now, I'm hungry." Melissa spoke as they all agreed. The fairies and elves have always been living together, with both of the creatures powers, to keep their city hidden was strong and easier than to have two separate cities. They headed deep within the forest's heart, not many creatures or humans come this far within the forest. Aeras followed along behind Melissa and Talia as the older girl put a hand on a tree, which glowed then made an opening to the thick bushes. Then within, was the great city Malae Vei. It was large, as big as a human's capital, or so they were told. The housings were in the big trees that kept the city safe while the ground area was the shops and such.

As the others went away, only Melissa, Aeras, and Talia were together. Jackson went to spend time with his friends. "Can you believe it, Aeras is almost 18." The small fairy spoke as she flew. "I can't either, this would be exciting! I want to go explore the human world!" Those words that Aeras spoke made the two stop in shock. They knew this was coming.

Talia and Melissa were the ones who found Aeras in the arms of her dead mother who attempted suicide. Now the two have seen her as their younger sibling, and to let her go was hard, and it was dangerous too. "But Aeras, that's dangerous, and we have to talk to our parents!" Melissa spoke in concern, as Aeras just let out a small groan. "But I'm of age! I've been learning how to fight and control mana, I'm strong enough!" She spoke before walking forward. "I know I'm not meant to be here, it's not new to me, I want to be able to be with the ones who are like me, at least know them." He spoke with full determination, and this was when Talia and Melissa knew that they had no power in stopping the human girl. "Hah, alright, let's go home and talk to mother and father first, Talia you can come too." The oldest spoke with a sigh. Once they were home, the mother and father greeted them, Aeras told the two that Jackson has gone off to spend time with his friends.

At dinner, the human girl began to fiddle with her food, attempting to figure out the right time to tell her adoptive parents that she wants to head out, but Melissa got to it first. "Father, mother, Aeras want's to leave and go to the humans." This news shocked the couple as Talia just sat there somewhat awkwardly. "what?" the father asked before the mother suddenly spoke. "Aeras! The humans are dangerous people! they only know destruction!" the mother shouted her concern as the human girl winched at the words her mother spoke. "You don't know that! Plus I'm human aren't I?!" her father then butted in, in hopes it doesn't become a fight. "you're a different case Aeras, we've lost contact with the humans, but it's still dangerous, they only want to hurt us." the father spoke, which made the girl quiet. She knew that, she knew it could be dangerous. " but I've always felt different. I want to see the world where others are like me." She mumbled and then looked down quietly. This scene saddened the couple as the table went quiet. "fine, but you must stay until your 18th birthday." This news filled the girl with joy as she stood up and hugged the two. "Thank you!" she said happily before going to finish her food.




It's been a year now, tomorrow was the day Aeras would be in her womanhood, she was to be 18 years old. That day was to be the day she would leave the safety of the forest and to explore the human world oh she wished to see for so much. The past year ever since her adoptive parents gave their approval to leave the city of Malai Vei, the human girl has spent most her time within the city's library. To learn about the outside world even though most of the books were quite old, but it was better than nothing. She also found a somewhat old map, it had the capital cities so for sure those still stayed, but would the paths still be the same? She shrugged it off, she'll survive. The other times she had was to practice her skills, to fight by hand and by sword, but she always took the time to spend time with her family, even though she was excited, she didn't want to just ignore her family that she's been with and loved for so long.

The night before her birthday, Melissa and Jackson came into her room, looking sad and clearly worried. "Are you sure you really want to leave?" The elven woman spoke as Aeras nodded confidently. "Don't worry, I'll be sure to come back and visit, you know I'm strong." She smiled sweetly, but really she was also slightly scared since she didn't know what was of to come. "what if you miss us? what if you get lost? I should ask father to let me go too!" The elven boy Jackson shouted slightly as clearly in his eyes, he didn't want her to leave. "I'll be okay! plus, I don't think mother and father wants their youngest gone too. I'll have the ring, even though we can't talk, you'll see I'm alright!" The ring was a connection ring, Melissa made the girl wear it when she got lost within the forest, It felt stronger when the rings were close, and let both people see the other's pulse.

She knew for sure she'd be homesick on her travels, but she wanted to explore more than anything, to find out what people like her, the humans, live like and act like, and maybe, even the reason why her mother decided to jump of the cliff in the holy forest, and how she even survived. She had many questions, but for now, they didn't need to be answered. "I'll be okay, really." She repeated as the elven siblings stared at each other, before at Aeras and hugging her tightly. "Just know, we'll be here for you always." The girl nodded, hugging the two back tightly. The rest of the night, they spent staying up late talking about their childhood moments, their happy days and sad days, until they could barely keep their eyes open.

The sun shined through the light curtains of the black haired girl's room, it was morning. This was the day where she could leave the home she has grown close too, and explore the outside, the world she had only read from books. She walked downstairs, everyone was at the dining table, waiting for her, with an extravagant amount of food for breakfast. "I wanted to make sure you wouldn't get hungry on your journey.." Her adoptive mother spoke sweetly, the couple that took care of her, oh was she ever so grateful for her kindness. "Thank you mother, Let's eat before it gets cold!" The morning was like the usual, but everyone, even Aeras, knew after their last bite, the house would feel a little bit emptier.

Her family and Talia, her good fairy friend, didn't even want to let her go from their hug, but she had to go, she had no choice. She gave them one last tight hug. "You got your clothes?" Jackson spoke as the human girl nodded. "your sword?" Melissa spoke worriedly. "yup don't worry, I got it." Her father then walked over, holding her hand that had the ring. "Don't forget us okay?" Aeras smiled, hugging the father than thought her to be who she was. "I would never, I love you all." She smiled, she felt like she was gonna tear up, but she couldn't start her adventure with sad tears. "I promise to come back!" She waved goodbye, walking out of the protective barrier, she watched behind her, as the magic slowly covered the scene of the city she grew up in, Her family and friend's waving, and soon, it was only her breathing and the usual forest sounds that surrounded her.

With this, it was the start of her new life. She took a step forward and began to walk with the widest smile. She'll explore the world and make sure to bring back many things for her family! She suddenly stopped though, taking out the map from her pocket. "Am I stupid? I don't even know where I'm heading." She mumbled to herself, just happy that no one saw her little mistake before standing straight, now knowing where to head, as she walked in a fast and happy momentum. "Here I come, my world!"

To be continued...

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