Survival for the Throne to be the Queen Book

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Survival for the Throne to be the Queen


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A world with magic that originated from the grounds of the earth, Living creatures that seemed only to come out in fairytails, the world that let humans gain the strength to use magic themselves. The strongest of the humans in each regional continent would take the crown as king. Many knights and mages sought to be the one to take the throne, but in this time, the difference between men and women's privileges were still greatly apart. One young girl, growing up in the forest by fairies and other mythical creatures than seem to hate other humans, except her. Thought to fight by the elves, but she had always wanted to be part of her own kind, but even the creatures of the holy forest knew how dangerous it would be but she had so much hope they couldn’t stop her. She was strong anyways. When she left, she met a kind couple who helped her when she had no more food, she stayed with them for 3 months, learning about the human world that she had never gotten in contact with. But then one day, a group of knights wanted money, calling it tax but it was obvious they wanted it for themselves.They killed the couple off, but blinded by their lustful thoughts, the girl was given an opening and massacred the group of knights. In anger, aches for revenge, she went off to the city, she had now cut her hair and began to act like a man, as she knew only men could go into the contests. There were many things that were wrong in this world, and maybe if she were to win this, she could change the wrongs, even if it meant to hide that she is a woman.


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