Surrender to me
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Surrender to me


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What is Surrender to me

Read Surrender to me novel written by the author _Chickennugget on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering comedy, r18, mystery, beauty, ceo. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Hazel Bae had been looking for something for years but before she could find it she ended up in a strange situation where she got caught after trying to steal from one of the biggest mafian clan's boss, Valek Vincenzo. *** "Hey!" I yelled but that was all I could say before he slammed his hands on the wall behind me and trapped me between them. "Since you think my kiss sucks." He looked down at me, "Let me show you how good I really am at it." "Uh- that." I began to panic. What the hell! That was not the plan. Valek moved his face closer to mine and crashed his lips onto mine. I tried moving him away with my hands but he grabbed my wrists and slammed them on the wall next to my head and continued his act. At first I was angry and wanted to just pull away but I couldn't. My legs started getting weak and butterflies churned in my stomach as he kissed me deeper. His lips moved in an artistic manner, such that it was captivating me. His slow to fast movements were perfect to lure any woman in the act. I was wrong. Very wrong. He was amazing at it. His kiss was so good I ended up giving in and kissing back. He let my arms go and placed his hands on my cheeks while I grabbed his wrists. He explored my mouth with his tongue, in places that felt so good I felt my knees go weak. Oh God… This is bad… This is very bad.


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I think this novel and the sold novel deserve more attention the story is really good, Im really hooked now with this one, please continue the good work author i really enjoyed reading ur novel. Emilio is really cute^^


Highly Highly Addictive Story!! The Characterization is brilliant, The perky lines adds the humor, the story is at good pace, FL have captured my heart ❤💙 And you all know, when you are reading _Chickennugget Author Stories, you will automatically wait for the updates Everyday ❤❤❤❤


It's a beginning and I'm already hooked to this book like all of your books Dear Author!! You're so Talented and Creative everytime you write these amazing stories ❤💕💜💖


I really hope the author finishes writing this book. I want to know what happens next. If Hazel Bae falls in love first or if it's the Mafia Boss who falls for Hazel? Don't waste time and continue writing. I'm eager to continue reading this book.


Big fan of the story and how the characters are progressing. Great writing style and very creative. Can’t wait to see how it plays out and more updates


Tis is my second time reading book from Chickennugget author. I like everything in this story, how to state it? You cannot miss this story. Refreshing, Mysterious and Keep u on ur toes. ML is not like usual hero, he is anti in the beginning, but we understand why is he like this later. FL is cute, and strong unlike other female leads, I become fangirl of her, She makes readers laugh many times. The little kiddo melt my heart,, eagerly waiting for next volume 😊😊😊😊


so so so highly addictive just can't enough of the twist and plotting this is so so good i surely record this the characters are sooooooooooooooo 💗❤


Really loving the story so far. I can't wait to see the progress you make with it. I've been hooked since sold and I'm not disappointed here either. love your writing style!


I know ur busy author, i will cheer u up by voting for this beautiful story of Hazel and Valek with their son Emilio continuously.. Good luck on ur thesis. and i will wait for the continuation of their love story.👍👍👍


I can't wait to read more of Hazel and Val with lil Emilio Story, and what mission Hazel is talking about. i wonder if Emilio and Hazel are related to each other? maybe she is the real mother or it is her sister which is Emilio real mother? ❤❤❤❤❤


Reveal spoiler


Okay, good, very good. 😌 Really I don't think I can ever find any other person who can write mafia story better then you. Sold already got me hard but now this seems to be into another level. I really like it. And I really want to know what Hazel is searching for. Waiting for more chapters aurthor ❤️😍😍


I just love this book (like all your other 📚 obviously) and the story is just great👍, I love how all the things are slowly unfolding and going on between Valek💜Hazel and I would love see more of their cheesy selves ❤🧀♥


I love the story and all the twists and turns it has thank you for the story. It really keeps you waiting to see what will happen next and how it will all come together.


I love this story so much. I’m hooked! Our illustrious author is a master at spinning her stories and developing her characters. I love ❤️ Hazel and Valek ❤️ Their story is mysterious and slowly unfolding and It’s clear that there’s more to these two than what meets the eyes. Stick it out. Support our dear author and You will probably find you’ll be reading one of the best stories you’ve come across. Yes it’s a bit quirky but believe you’ll love it 🤗😉


Nice story!😍😍😍😍It my first time reading this kind of mafia type story I thought will be like crazy but is different and better from what I expect!So please keep updating author!!!Lots of support from me!!


Such a great story! I have loved everything this suthor has written so far, but ‘Surrender’ is my favorite. I am so excited to read the new upcoming chapters. There is definitely never a dull moment.


This book was outstanding. I can't wait for the next volume...[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


Love this story love the storyline and the plot twists i cant wait for volume 2. this story has everything romance mystery drama mother and child story which i love also hamdsome male lead love hazels story too and her back story can connect a lot with her love female characters that i can relate too


I can say this again and again, if you are not reading "Surrender to me" carved and written by CN than you are missing everything!! From the chapter one, the story makes a grip upon the mind and it made you addicted and you won't put till reading the last chapter ...and assumptions or predictions not gonna work here ... A masterpiece created by Author-nim!! Eagerly Anticipating to read the next volume of it 😍😍😍😍😍


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