3 -Venturing Outside-

"This matter is very strange…for now, grandpa, it would be for the best if we secretly investigate this matter." Long Jun said. He currently had no plans, and with the enemy still in his blind spot, he didn't know what steps he must take.

"What about Duan clan?" the old man asked. He wanted to personally march there and uproot that clan down to their 18 generations of the family, but he refrained.

"Let them be for the time being. The one who used them would surely think of another plan, seeing that this one failed. If I am not wrong, this time they would attack our reputation. Be prepared to hear rumors about us being weak to the point of not daring to even fight against a small clan when humiliated in the near future." Long Jun said. Being insulted like this will have no effect on him. He was quite shameless, moreover, in the 21st century no one takes such insults seriously, so why should he?

He had other plans, that was to test the capabilities of the system and if possible, to level up. After bidding the old man goodbye, he searched his cupboard and found a pair of pure black robes and a cloth mask. After wearing them, he checked himself on the mirror.

"Damn, I look like an assassin!! Cool!" admiring himself in front of the mirror, he grabbed an unimpressive saber from the weapon stash and tied it behind him. After that, he went through the secret passage to get out of the sect undetected. His goal was to explore the outside while leveling up. In the meantime, if possible, he wanted to gain a few Merit Points.

After coming out of a secret cave in a jungle close to the sect, Long Jun scanned his surroundings for anything dangerous. In the memories, this forest contained many devil beasts, creatures that were corrupted by devil qi, transforming them into devils. But these creatures were too strong, the weakest them was a rank 2 beast, which was equivalent to a Martial King cultivator.

Long Jun, required someone to grind against to get used to this new body as well as the strength that came with it. Back on earth, he had practiced normal kung-fu, which was for keeping the body healthy. After fusing with the memories of this world's Long Jun, he had gained too much strength and even knowledge of a few martial skills. He wanted to train on them, or precisely, he wanted to see them.

Getting superpower was actually every earthling's dream.

Long Jun filtered through the forest in search of a few monsters that he could kill. Thankfully the system had a map function, which let him see the map he traveled. Otherwise, he would have been lost in this vast world.

Just as he was about to turn right, a beep was heard in his mind.

[Quest triggered]

[Save Crystal Horn Deer from Long toothed tiger.]

[Rewards: +1 Merit point]

"Merit points? Quest?" Long Jun's excitement was triggered as he started to run through the forest at the place where a blinking yellow light was shown on the map. His cultivation base as a Martial Elder allowed him to run like the wind. Long Jun realized that his speed had surpassed the speed of a motor vehicle, hi surrounding had already become a blur.


Long Jun finally arrived at the place and heard a tiger roar. Stopping immediately, he peered through the bushes and saw a huge tiger was slowly stalking at a similar sized deer with crystal-like blue horns. Those horns were so beautiful that if he sells them on earth, they will fetch him a fortune.

The tiger was huge, black, and furry. It had two huge teeth sticking out of its upper jaws, and a red stone glowing on its forehead. The deer, on the other hand, was golden and looked beautiful with red designs on its body. Since he was facing the back of it, he couldn't see the eyes, but Long Jun was sure they must be as beautiful as gems. But what made Long Jun startle was the huge belly it had.

"It's pregnant!!" Long Jun muttered. And then realized why he had triggered the quest as well as such generous reward as a merit point, which was noted to be very hard to gain. "Saving a life that yet to experience the world can be counted as a way to satisfying heaven's will. No wonder the reward was a merit point." Long Jun mumbled and prepared for battle.


He came out of his hiding and ran straight at the tiger. He knew tigers were strong and fast, as such, he had no intention of dragging along this fight. This animal was clearly a rank 2 demon beast, its strength and speed could be comparable to a Martial King realm expert. He will die if he gave it time to counter-attack.

The mission wasn't to kill it, but to save the deer. So even if he couldn't kill the tiger, the mission would still be a success as long as the deer runs away from the clutches of the tiger. Long Jun was intelligent enough to read between the lines.

"Fire Saber Qi…attack!!" Long Jun shouted and used the martial skill. A saber qi purely made of red fire emerged from his fingertips and headed straight for the unprepared tiger's opened mouth.

*Critical hit success. Target will receive 200% of the total damage and will be stunned for five seconds.*

*-23,000 HP*

Current HP: 177,000/200,000

As soon as the tiger received the damage, a red bar instantly appeared on its head in Long Jun's field of vision. He loudly gulped a mouthful after seeing such a huge HP bar. 23,000 damage wasn't small, but this tiger's HP bar was just too large. He looked at the deer who standing motionlessly and shouted, "What are you doing? Go! Run!!"

Hearing him, the deer startled awake. Giving Long Jun a bow, it ran away a different direction in a zigzag pattern. Long Jun didn't stay there either, opting to run away as well. He was not prepared to defeat this kind of enemy currently. He would come back after becoming stronger.

Using his agility based martial skill, Light Wind steps, he also ran away. The tiger would remain in that position for five seconds, within that time, he had already a few hundreds of li away from it.


When Long Jun stepped out of the forest, he heard an angry roar which belonged to that tiger. And soon after, the complete mission notification popped.

[Quest Complete]

[Quest Score: A]

[You have received a special reward for completing your first Quest. You have received Earth ranked Martial Skill 'One Stab.' Do you want to cultivate it?]


[You have cultivated Earth Ranked martial skill 'One Stab.' All saber attacks, saber qi attacks will receive a 200% boost to their strength and speed.]

[One Stab Lv 1][proficency: 0/100]

- 200% boost to attack power when using saber qi or sabers.

- Consumption: 200 profound qi/use.

[You have received +1 Merit point.]

[Total Merit point: 1]

[Merit Store is now available to the host]

A cluster of notifications appeared on Long Jun's field of vision. But he gave them no mind, except for the new martial skill he had obtained. It's an Earth ranked skill which gave him 200% boost in power when used. Martial skills were divided into 4 categories in Divine Lower Realm.

Yellow, Earth, Sky, and King, with yellow being the lowest to King being the highest. All the martial skills available in the library of the sect was yellow ranked, even the cultivation technique he was practicing was a yellow ranked. For him to receive an Earth ranked skill, it was a good thing.

As for the Merit store, he had already seen it this morning. Basically, he can do anything, from healing himself, increasing his cultivation to killing someone way stronger, anything was possible with enough Merit Points. He can even buy weapons, armors, Martial Skills, Cultivation techniques, and even warp reality to his will with enough Merit Points.

Above them all, the thing intrigued him most was the option at the topmost corner of the Merit Store. It read '+1 Save/Load Slot,' which costs 2 Merit points. If it was what he thought, then he might really become a god one day.

Right now, he only had a single Merit point, with another one, he could buy one of these slots and can test it out if it was really what he thinks it was. Unfortunately, he didn't trigger quests anymore along the way to the nearest village.

"Icey Town. A place which is located to the west of my sect. The city lord is rumored to be a disciple of some 2-star sect, making him the overlord of this place." Long Jun recalled everything in details about this town as he entered through the gate.

The real reason for coming to this town was to do two things, one to pass through it and go to the forest beyond, which was the best location for him to level up with all the Rank 1 demon beasts there. Two, he wanted to see if he can trigger a few quests which can help him gain Merit Points.

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